Sibu: It was HIGHER voter turnout


Most news reports are talking about a lower voter turnout in Sibu. But actually, the turnout was higher than 2008.

In 2008, the turnout was 67 per cent. But this time around, 70 per cent (or more accurately 69 per cent) of voters cast their ballots.

The confusion arose when the Election Commission announced the turnout at 59.86 per cent soon after polling centres closed at 5.00pm. That caught me by surprise as I was expecting a 65-70 per cent turnout based on the estimated figures reported at around 3.00pm.

How could the Election Commission get it so wrong – they were out by an incredible 10 per cent! It was only a couple of hours later that they sent an SMS to Malaysiakini, correcting their earlier figure.

Again, that doesn’t help their credibility.

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To all Malaysians out there who have registered as voters, please start a VOTERS-GET-VOTERS campaign by getting at least 10 voters to get register every month to get them ready for this coming GE13 beginning NOW,YES NOW !!!!!!!!


Well Done people of Sibu! Through your courage you have shown the path to the rest of the Malaysians (especially to those in West Malaysia enjoying the free-rides)to emulate i.e. if they do have the same forth righteousness as you.

A long time ago, there was a Hollywood film titled as “The beginning of the end of the Roman Empire” which depicted the crumbling of the mighty Roman Empire. Let us fervently hope that this is the beginning of the end of the BN / UMNO Empire, especially that of the white haired empire and the cronies clinging on…


There is some confusion the EC part, sorry they can’t count… register postal voters… That is what cause the delay because they got caught. If the election is so close, win by less than 1% of the register vote, do you think BN won’t force a recount. At 8.30 pm, DAP person inside the Dewan told us that they leaded by more that 3000+ vote, and all the BN big shot already left the building. They know the result already even with the postal vote. …. the EC change the turn out to 70%… how to miss calculate 5000 votes.… Read more »

ghazaly idris

What has the EC to say about all this.Please say something to protect your integrity (if you have any left).


Do you all wonder why the postal votes which were voted first but counted last. EC & BN was (allegedly) trying to manipulate the postal votes, but luckily DAP PR majorities was leading by more than the postal votes. If the majorities was slightly less than the postal votes, they (maybe) could then have manipulate it into a win for BN by maybe ten of votes. This shows the deceit of Najib and UMNO which have so blatantly use money to buy off the people, (entice) aduns to jump ship etc. WHAT WE SHOULD DO NOW IS TO CONVINCE THE… Read more »


I suspect EC was setting the scene for something funny. It was probably the eagle eyes of experienced PAS and DAP election workers carefully watching every move for anything underhanded that save the day. I would say never trust the EC. They should be last to be trusted.

It is such a sad day for democracy when the people running the election process had to be watched.


No respect to EC but a salute to all PR campaigners and highest respect to all rakyat at Sibu…. keep it up and get the tsunami effect in East Malaysia…


total vote swing by majority compare to GE08 is quite great, ~3.5k.
so, this is really a shocking start for Sarawak political future.

it’s perfect slap to BN face, eventhough razor thin majority. but the message are clear than BN defeated and heading towards demolition.

this EC also a joker. got no other better news than blaiming DAP for delay. really sickening.

whatever, we proof it, be it direct or/and indirect.

anil, it was a superb live coverage. bravo to all peace loving malaysians.


We cannot expect much from EC. Everyone knows.


Past 8.00pm, on that thrilling Sunday night, i was watching TV 8’s mandarin news and the site reporter “hesitated” to give the number DAP was leading, then, after 2 seconds she reported that DAP was leading with 500 votes… Actually, past 8.00pm, it was already reported on the internet that DAP was leading with more than 3,000 votes (to those BN supporters, you may refer to Joceline’s Wake-up Call on S’wak politics, 17 May 2010, the Star). TV 8, what were you up to ??? Why gave the public the false figure??? Mr EC, why was the delay in announcing… Read more »


Another interesting statement from PM and DPM. So DPM telling PM “Who’s the Boss?”
These are the 2 headlines in Malaysiakini May 17, 2011

: RM5mil for BN win: PM rethinks ‘deal’ – May 17, 10 3:40PM

: BN to honour pledges to Sibu folks: DPM – May 17, 10 7:27pm


EC is busy taking down PKR and PAS flags instead of learning how to count votes.
EC my …


A HIGHER voter turnout? That would surely have meant a routing for PR so said a Gerakan cheerleader? Credibility of EC? Seen none of that in their handling of the postal votes! Thank you to PAS and PKR for assigning experienced workers to oversee the counting of postal votes. That was where the battle was ultimately won! A truly handsome win and truly deserving win for PR. Just reward for hard work against all odds, sincerity and telling it as it is! Honesty pays, God answered the prayers of the nation and of the honest and hardworking, against the machinery… Read more »


What has happen to your Gerakan K.


Yang, I think he is busy preparing his strategy for the next by election, Kota Si Puteh. But, then again he cannot do much, at best, just being another resident arm chair critic. Understanding the impotence of the EC, just like the impotent Gerakan,that only knows how to kowtow, well, only God knows how the EC can override the State Assembly Speaker? It had been holding on to this issue for far too long and certainly it will not do their reputation any good, but, do they care? Just like the postal votes issue in Sibu, if not for the… Read more »


How is it that in all elections, the postal votes are (nearly) 100% for UMNO or BN? Where is the logic?


Have you not notice that every time there is an increase in remuneration and salary, it is the police and army that get the biggest slice. And most postal votes are from the army and police.


Earlier the EC said it was 59%. Now it said it was 70%. I wonder whether they will come out and say the votes was the other way round.


Make sense. A higher turnout favours PR always these days. Come GE 13, it will be interesting as the turnout will be even higher. Zaid would have won if the turnout there were a few more returnees to HS.



can you bring my idea to pakatan leader to prevent this voter turnout fiasco in the future. can pakatan suggest to ec to have some mechanism on counting every voters at every polling stations. the panel could be one each from party contested and ec reps. so at 5pm the panel should have the EXACT voters turnout at each polling station. every concern party and ec will not dispute this figure and everybody will happy 🙂


Thats the problem when you hire a bunch of lunatics to run the show.


The question we should ask is:

What could the EC or BN gain by depicting a lower turn out?


It is obvious that the EC cannot count. Remember it took a long time to tally the Sibu postal votes.