Sibu: Battle for the postal votes


In Sibu, the DAP team had to struggle long and hard for the postal votes when they were being tallied. It’s time we take a long hard look at postal votes during elections.

Even in other countries, postal voting has been open to electoral abuse. In Birmingham, a judge found rogue Labour activists and candidates tampered with forms.

In the Malaysian context, postal voting certainly doesn’t inspire public confidence in the electoral process.

The Malaysian Insider reports:

The opposition party wrested BN’s Sibu fort away with a mere 398-vote majority.

Zaidi pointed out that this would not have happened if the 208 postal votes were not declared spoilt and the 170 ballot papers for what he claimed were “phantom postal voters” were returned and added to the tally.

“If you add up the two, you get 398 votes… the exact number of the majority that DAP won with,” he said.

Zaidi said the 208 postal votes were rejected after discrepancies were discovered on many of the Form 2, which contains information on the identities of the voters.

“These forms state the names, identification numbers and information about the voters and are supposed to be signed by the voters themselves as well as their witnesses.

“However, we noticed that there was something wrong with the signatures — the same witness would sign differently on different forms and on some forms, the voters themselves did not even sign them. This means that others had signed on their behalf,” he said.

Zaidi said that only after persistent complaints from the PR’s election agents, Election Commission officials agreed to consider 208 ballot papers from the postal votes as spoilt votes.

Of the 2,827 ballot papers issued for postal votes, BN won 2,323 votes, DAP won 70, the independent won 36 while 208 were considered spoilt.

As such, during yesterday’s vote-tallying process, the announcement of the results was delayed because of arguments over the discrepancies.

By convention, the tallying for postal votes is usually conducted earlier.

“In actual fact, there were at least between 700 and 800 postal votes that had discrepancies but the EC disallowed these from being considered as spoilt,” Zaidi claimed.

He also pointed out another discrepancy in the polling process when people posing as EC workers attempted to cast their votes on polling day yesterday.

“The EC workers have already registered themselves as postal voters and the postal voting was supposed to have taken place on May 13 and 14. It was suspicious that they appeared on Sunday to cast their votes,” he said.

He noted that this meant that the ballot papers had been taken out and sold to “phantom voters”.

“We stopped 170 of them because we how they were dressed and we knew that they were lying.

“Some of them fled when we asked for their identity card numbers and they never returned,” said Zaidi.

He said he even had incriminating photos of the purported “phantom voters”, adding that he would post them up online soon. Full report here.

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20 May 2010 9.45am

BN can only win with postal votes. This is not something new. Got to be more careful next time. These (people) will do anything to retain power.

20 May 2010 9.29am

People don’t get it. If you take out gerry meandering and postal votes, BN would be out of office by now. BN is NOT a rightful govt. Lets not kid ourselves the legitimacy in this country means much with laws and institutions that are completely screwed up.

anak sarawak
anak sarawak
20 May 2010 6.00am

Should the election commission doesnt want to admitted the weakness and rectify it immediately I shall purchase them in the next general election and show to the Election commission 2 days before the actual polling begins.

anak sarawak
anak sarawak
20 May 2010 5.52am

Postal vote should not be at all.I had seen postal votes have been circulate around like a tender document where everybody can be purchase. It should not be taken out. I remembered in the early days of election all election workers voted at the same polling station their discharge their duties on the same day if their constituency is the same. If not the same they vote earlier as now been practice by the army and not the postal vote been taken out.

20 May 2010 2.41am

So many thing just does not work out with the EC whenever BN loses big. Remember Permatang Pauh? From a report of I think 65% voters turnout, and finally it was above 80%? Just to reduce the margin of victory in order to save face? The fiasco in Sibu is not good, and Anil, I am so sorry for not conveying my heartfelt thanks for your superb coverage and yes, I remember one comment from you that perhaps assisted, ” Come on EC, this is the electronic world and the whole world is watching”. It is certainly not good when… Read more »

Ho Ho Ho
Ho Ho Ho
19 May 2010 9.35pm

Ho 😆 Ho 😆 Ho 😆
😳 You help me & I help you 😳
➡ So all the puppets like EC and G’ment servants must listen like YES man to their puppet master or no gaji $$$$$$money for them 😳
PEOPLES POWER will change this type of dictator Goment 😆 😆 😆

19 May 2010 7.18pm

From what we can deduce, not only does BN & UMNO with their coalition partnerS use the most despicable method of buying votes, (enticing) adun, … the EC workers (actions are highly questionable). THIS IS THE MOST …. LOW DOWN pm najib AND umno and their coalition partners.



19 May 2010 6.58pm

Postal votes should be the first to be counted by virtue of being the earliest to vote !!!
By being first to be counted I mean it should be the first box/stream to be counted on polling day !!!!!!

19 May 2010 6.36pm

OK… So are the good people in the Elections Commission going to do something about (this)? Black and white evidence in hand. What more do they need? And surely there has also been enough evidence that the postal voting system is patently being abused – 6 postal ballot slips, 24 returned in one saluran… ballot papers taken home and returned the next day… and the account in Anil’s posting about the singatures and such… So pending concrete moves to batalkan the postal voting scheme sama sekali, will procedures be tightened up properly to ensure there is no cause for accusations… Read more »

19 May 2010 4.10pm

Totally unsurprising. Postal votes in Malaysia is (appear to be) just legalized ballot stuffing….

19 May 2010 3.10pm

… How can you trust these … (EC) people to work there? This is abuse of the trust.

19 May 2010 2.48pm

I’ll bet my last dollar/ringgit that the EC will do absolutely nothing about these discrepancies.