Shopping in Australia – updates


A couple of updates on THAT shopping expedition in Australia.

As Sydney Morning Herald columnist Andrew Hornery says, the New Year’s Eve Sydney shopping spree has proved to be hotter than a Penang curry. His latest write-up: ‘Designing the truth’.

The Frockwriter blogger also has an update at the bottom of her original post ‘Carl Kapp’s couture capers in KL’.

Of course, we are told that all these are wildly exaggerated claims and the purchases were actually meant for the Islamic Fashion Festival chairman’s London shop, “which will be a platform for designers of different religions and races from around the world”. Oh-kay.

Meanwhile, many Malaysians are accustomed to a far more different life-style and have to tighten their belts with food prices rising amidst uncertain economic conditions.

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Phua Kai Lit

Strengthening economic ties with foreign lands —– through shopping sprees !


Strengthening economic ties with foreign lands —– through shopping sprees !
Plus customized fitting of bio-spherical specification!
Size XXXL, Imperial XO shape?
Curly Kept must have exceeded his usually modest material budget!


Unless there is another FLOM on the way!
Imperial XO v2! Urggh!
I am getting drunk over this!
Where’s my Kopi-O kau kau in this crazy hot afternoon?

ong eu soon

I need donation of designer’s clothes, any potential donor? Rosmah, can buy me a piece or not?


USD20,000 a night penthouse at the newly opened luxury hotel The Darling. USD20,000 = RM60,000 divided by RM1200 price tag = 50 units of school-grade computers for anak-anak orang kampung. ONE NIGHT of ‘narcissistic delirium’ to usher in the new year in foreign land is an opportunity cost of a teenager’s LIFETIME of quality digital education for young Malaysians of potential talents. That amount can also afford me a thrifty, sensible habit of Kopi-O kau kau for 205 years, counting RM0.80 constant per home brewed cuppa @ one cuppa per day! If only I can live as long as in… Read more »


The plot thickens! After news of the the A$100K shopping spree broke, Rosmah has issued her denial (without anything to back it up as far as I have read), and assorted statements have been issued by the various personalities involved in support of her denial. And as per frockwriter’s 26 Jan update Carl Kapp now has deleted his own Facebook posting about Rosmah’s puchase of 61 pieces from him as well as the link to frockwriter’s piece on the same matter. Which begs the obvious (ahem!) question: Why? And again per frockwriter’s 26 Jan update, Kapp is now denying that… Read more »

Andrew I

Gherkin K: Gila!!! Belt also fashion accessory. So who say rakyat not fashion gila also??? Belt no need to be so long if you are thin.