Shopping in Australia: The plot thickens


Australian journalist and fashion blogger Patty Huntington has come up with her latest riposte on that Malaysian shopping spree in Sydney.

The emails that she has reproduced in her [frockwriter] blog are pretty damning.

See what you make of them in her latest blog entry ‘Close encounters of the KL kind’.

Still wild exaggerations?

Somehow, the accounts by the various ‘actors’ in this fashion drama don’t gel together. No prizes for figuring out who is or isn’t telling the whole truth.

While the rakyat struggle, some people are living it up, eh?

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2 Feb 2012 10.14am

Oh fat mama! You go shopping You go for the price You don’t think twice The brands on the windows You can’t forget it glows You can’t sleep as you remember The way fashion drills into minds Oh fat mama! The models show how The fashion world will know It isn’t for the slim and curve Now you shop and smile The world you hope to dream Living in style in fashionable trends You are giving a chance to fashion designers The world isn’t of one shape and size You give others a chance to shine As you walk admiring… Read more »

2 Feb 2012 8.30am

1FLOSS (1st Lady Of Shopping Spree) tried the “I bought it for an Islamic Fashion Show in UK” or “…for the UK store..” fables.
Seems that all the initial damage control lies back-fired.
Now, its time to hire a BIG USA (read: Jewish-run) Public Relations Co to handle the and come up with the best excuse, and reduce the impact. A MYR30million alloaction would be appropriate for this & can be immediately approved by cabinet

2 Feb 2012 4.37am

The plot not only thickens, Anil… it sickens!

1 Feb 2012 8.27pm

I hope some smart alec does not come up with a spoof of one of the great songs from “Evita” and end up with “Don’t cry for me, said Big Mama”…

Whether that spoof materialises or not, there are a lot a lot of parallels which may be drawn between Evita Peron’s tale and that of Rosmah Mansor.

High Flying Adored

1 Feb 2012 5.59pm

Rosmah should just admit her spending overseas on luxury items.
Just say she made money from Amanah Saham Bumiputera.

1 Feb 2012 2.36pm

All this CNY, past legendary tales of Rosmah’s shopping was regaled again and again over each meal I went to..What is a couple of hundred thousand ringgit worth of clothes. There literally have been millions in London, NY, Hong Kong. China, Paris, Middle East AND (perhaps) even in just a SINGLE shopping center.

Andrew I
2 Feb 2012 1.32am
Reply to  bigjoe

MAS Kargo: Helping to keep businesses local. Eat that, HSBC.

Syiok Syiok
Syiok Syiok
1 Feb 2012 1.40pm

She shops for the under priviledged like the Permata children – charity act lah.