Shocking revelation in Sarawak


Sarawak Report has come up with a stunning revelation exposing who it claims owns Royal Mulu Resort.

See the report here.

Meanwhile Baru Bian, the State Liaison Chief for PKR Sarawak, has brought the revelation to the attention of MACC Sarawak.

Baru, Baru, don’t waste your time with the MACC.

What we need now is a response from the Prime Minister. What does he have to say about this latest revelation. Is this in line with his 1Malaysia concept?

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On the issue of governance, what about this?
Securities commission Audit Oversight Board


…hahaha…..the sabah/sarawak natives/bumis, you think that they CAN’T “”””open their eyes and see the white haired devil in front of them””””….of course they DO, each time By-Election/General Election (after each unfortunate DUN death/after every 5 years or less term finishes), when General election beckons, the white haired … WILL NOT FORGET TO duly/cleverly send his ‘mahchais/party -supporters’, to all the interior long -houses, bearing gifts of heavily ‘tersirat'(other cheapo things besides)the much desired/’coveted’ salivating red packets…, so much so that they feel happy to remain forever in SERVILE mode…for that MEAGRE/PALTRY contribution , once in a while, which of course… Read more »


Honestly, i am very tired reading into all this… Over the past, DAP dug up so many ugly things re BN govt. But do you think they care about the people? Do you think they are scared of their misdeeds? If they are scared, they would not have said they wanted to build more tall buildings, ya? My concern is how to wake up the natives??? They are so naive … they have been fooled by their very own leaders and yet they cant see. How sad !!! They need someone who is genuine to rise within them to lead… Read more »


…shocking, dear anilnetto……not so it IS the norm as far as greedy politicians are concerned…what is REALLY SHOCKING, is that every 5 years or so, these ‘white-haired’ … are voted in, because we still HAVE SHOCKING SHOCKING low mentality of the Sabah/Sarawak bumis……..and some very very stupid… wasalam……


SAD huh?
It’s illiteracy and poverty of the rural folks living in the interior of Sarawak, mainly the native Dayaks.

Pakatan Rakyat must seriously address this problem. They must send in their their politicians to reach out and speak to the these people, to help create an informed society without which the ‘road to putrajaya’ will remain only a dream.


The Sarawak Bumis know but there are many factors.

Headman – paid by BN
Before polling – they receive gifts and thus bonded to BN
Simple minded – why upset the system
In fighting among themslves

From blue collar workers and rubbish collectors; from students to graduates; from office Boys to corporate captains; from ordinary members and grassroot leaders of political parties (even Barisan Nasional component parties), they all know (who) is one of the most corrupt head of a government joining the Hall of Fame or Shame amongst the likes of Ferdinand Marcos, Mugabe and Shuharto. In coffeeshops, watering holes (pubs) in most major cities and towns in Malaysia (especially in Sarawak), almost everyone talk about his dirty hands. Ironically, amongst those who gossip and talk about it are YBs and Ministers in Sarawak Barisan… Read more »


The only thing that is shocking is why so many Sarawak people are yet to realise such abuse of power that has taken place for so long.


If it is true that the guy and family have so much investment outside the capital outflow is mind boggling. With all that money flowing out don’t tell me bank negara don’t know anything about it. Isn’t there a currency outflow control in place and what does the Bank Negara have to say about that.


It is most frightening that MACC is not only a reactive organisation but also one totally skewed to the ambitions of the ruling BN gomen. Nothing like Hong Kong’s anti corruption agency but one that it thinks what it sees in the mirror.


MACC is an interesting organisation. It is either incompetent or lacking in any will to tackle corruption seriously in Malaysia. But most of the time MACC chief Abu Kassim sounds like the aggrieved party, accusing the public and media of not supporting his joke of an outfit. The Teoh Beng Hock case is not the only episode which has exposed the partisan nature of MACC. The mere fact that the powerful organisation has not charged senior government officials or government leaders for living well beyond their means is a daily reminder that the MACC continues to be an instrument of… Read more »


Thinks MACC not aware of the goings-on in Sarawak? What do you expect PM Najib to say – that he too is unaware? Comeon, the guy (or his family) has a finger in (so many) major business and practically owns half of Sarawak yet no BN lawmakers in his state dares to speak up, or ‘jantan’ enough to expose him, why! They must be having their good time ‘kongxi raya’ every month, eh? For someone his age, so near his grave why does Taib need so much wealth for, and at the expense of the rural poor? Saw video clips… Read more »


1malaysia ok juga for taib.

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, It’s really very sickening to see such leaders abusing their position to enrich themselves, their relatives and cronies! With such clear black-and-white evidence, I’d hold my breath to see what the MACC is going to do about it!! What can the PM say? After all, there’s no way that UMNO and BN leaders would go after this Sarawakian or any (other) clearly corrupt BN leaders since if one is to do so, then the ‘victim’ would open up many cans of worms! The only thing that the rakyat can do is to opt for an entrenched 2-party system… Read more »

Gerakan K

So what ???

It seems that PKR is trying to use diversion tactic so people will forget about its infamous election allegations raised by Zaid and others !!!

For decades, majority people of Sarawak have given strong mandate to the same BN leader and still going strong for now and foreseeable future including the impending state election.

If that issue is very SHOCKING then just use it as the theme of the state election.

I predict BN will retain Sarawak with zero opposition in upcoming state election.

Lawrence Jayaraj

Don’t allow … UMNO and BN to continue to rob Sarawak…..!!!


If Gerakan/UMNO receive the mandate, Gerakan K can say they can … plunder. Might as well close the mata2, judges and MACC. Or Gerakan/Umno is very rich can create smaller jobs o that those mata2 and judges can have the kacang putih.


The PM’s mantra: See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. So it’s also a waste of time asking him for answers!