Wife of Taib’s son wants RM400m


Well, well, well, what can I say? Shahnaz A Majid, the estranged wife of Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib, the son of Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud, is seeking RM300 million as her share of assets in a divorce settlement and RM100 million in compensation.

Detailed information about the couple’s assets will very likely emerge during a court hearing on 15 March.

I wonder what impact this will have on the Sarawak state election, which could be held in late April or early May.

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Bako Boy
telur dua

She doesn’t look like Ms Universe to me. LOL.

Anyway, Bekir should give her the $$$. There’s plenty more from where it came from. Sarawak Boleh!

Then she can use the $$$ to membantu ekonomi negara. LOL.

maniam m

Mahmud Senior’s wife can be mistaken as his granddaughter. Imagine how his soon to be daughter in law address her ?

russian n

Good luck to her. And because of her case, we may get to look into some of the assets of Taib’s family.


400m huh? It does not need a rocket scientist to figure out how much is the son worth, does it?. But thanks to the pek moh’s “foresight” in keeping the rural areas underdeveloped, this piece of news will never get to 90% of the rural population where the majority of pek moh’s votes lies. So Anil, there will be no impact whatsoever.


How true when they say, “A chip from the old block” ….


The circle comes
You can’t hide or pretend
When the sins keep piling up
The cap of a bottle has to burst…


… This is the Creator way of seeing an “empire” crumbles slowly with their own doing! God works in a mystery way!

Kamal B

Tales of … Taib family is mentioned in this article:


Sarawakians should be malu to have such kind of leader.

Double Standard

This article shows how double standard Anil Netto is.

He censored out the mention of two DAP politicians who are (allegedly) on the take while putting out the name and identity of persons who are related to BN.

Censorship is censorship, Anil Netto. Stop hiding behind your “editorial policy” because there is no such thing.

Andrew I

When in doubt, check the dna of your child.
Simple as that.
After all, our court likes dna as evidence.

Andrew I

One gets married, the other gets divorced. Life is one merry go round, isn’t it?



Do you have a list of top divorce settlement/payment in Malaysia?

Gerakan K

Anil statement: I wonder what impact this will have on the Sarawak state election, which could be held in late April or early May

No impact at all. BN will win the state as usual. That is what I gathered from a very reliable source. You could place your bet now on BN.

As for Pakatan, they are just not good enough to be an alternative choice for the people of Sarawak.

They need to be more *local* and their presence must be ‘permanent* & just not during campaigning.


The chances of PR in the Sarawak election now look brighter than ever. The impact could be very great. It could be the Waterloo for Taib and the PM, Najis. A tsunami in Sarawak would provide the opportunities for kicking out both white hair.. PR must use more locals and co-operate with the local parties to work out an amicable pact to realise their dreams in Peninsula. Do not gauge the result of the last 2 by elections. Sarawak is where it should be, the fall of UMNO and BN.


Smart woman!…


Wow. And this is just his son. Imagine.