Seri Tanjung Pinang: Less than four weeks is all it took for DOE approval


14 March 2014 was the closing date for submission of feedback on the draft Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment for Phase 2 of the Seri Tanjung Pinang project, involving 891 acres of land reclamation. According to E&O, the DOE issued its approval letter on 10 April. That is super quick – less than four weeks.

It takes much longer to approve a building plan. In some cases, it takes longer to get a licence to operate hawker stalls.

But for Big Business …

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10 Aug 2014 5.10am

Dap …has good relations with Umno bkt bendera … Many Chinese don’t know this … Latest lge hugged that botak Umno minister….

SH Tan
SH Tan
16 Apr 2014 11.34am

Woody Wood: we are not surprised but totally disillusioned that this Pakatan led state is in cahoots with the UMNO controlled GLC over this project. The state govt has a 21% share in STP2. The CM, when asked if the state govt will scrap the project, answered “let’s wait for the DOE approval” just weeks before the approval. And exco Phee Boon Poh who is in charge of environment has also said that the STP2 will go on even before DOE’s approval. So is this Pakatan led state govt “by the people”, for the people or for the 1%? Looks… Read more »

16 Apr 2014 10.31am

E&O is owned by BN cronies or BN GLC . The people in DOE are ‘controlled’ by the Federal Government @ BN. Why are we so surprised???

najib manaukau
16 Apr 2014 7.44am

What more proof do you need that Malaysia is in a shamble ?

Aisay man
Aisay man
16 Apr 2014 7.02am

Maybe we should also have a look at the island’s scarcity of lands ?

Not like the case of some larger states e.g. Johor or Selangor can just easily sell their lands for revenue. Penang island with only a paltry of 290 sq KM and worse, half of it is hilly(central and north), land reclamation is inevitable for further growth.

15 Apr 2014 10.39pm

Yes Penang for the rich and famous while the poor will have to go to the ulu in Batu Kawan

15 Apr 2014 6.58pm

What a joke! Penang Island for the rich, and low cost flats for their servants, who will, in the future, travel by special buses from special fenced in enclaves (well hidden) to ensure they will not roam freely and mess up the area. I think the special buses are blue right now! The Malaysian version of 1984.