Freedom of Information Act for Selangor by year-end


The Selangor state government has taken the lead again. It is hoping to pass a Freedom of Information Act by the end of the year.

“For a country that practises democracy, oppressive laws like
Printing Presses and Publications Act and Official Secrets Act used to keep media in line and prevent ordinary citizens from exercising their full rights to access information, should not be allowed to remain in Malaysia,” said Mentri Besar Khalid Ibrahim in a statement this evening to mark World Press Freedom Day.

Acknowledging that the powers to abolish such draconian laws lie with the Federal Government, he said the Pakatan government in Selangor has tried its best to promote Freedom of Information (FOI).

In early 2009, the State formed a taskforce on FOI consisting of State Assemblymen and civil society. The taskforce’s first project is to study the possibility of legislating a Freedom of Information Act.

“The State hopes that an act that promotes FOI in Selangor will be tabled and passed in the State Legislative Assembly end of this year,” added Khalid.

The state government will be organising a public consultation themed “Freedom of Information: A Right to Reclaim” on 19 May to discuss the intended FOI Act with the public. All discussions and comments will be collated and duly considered when the Bill is tabled.

To mark World Press Freedom Day, the state government will also be holding FOI training for its civil servants especially those dealing with members of the public at the local councillor level. “This is to promote awareness among civil servants to be more responsible and to understand their role as trustees to public documents,” said Khalid.

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hamid ibrahim

Congratulations Selangor as a first step but it has to be improved


Khalid is an entrepreuner trying to grasp the complexity of political governance.Give him some space to breathe..Selangor will thrive under him less Khir Toyo’s recurring attempts to shake Selangor.
Selangorians has the mentality of the Perakians, who gives out lands to the people…..not like the Johorians who gives lands to Singaporeans.


Khalid is doing a fantastic job as the CM of Selangor. The people will continue voting for PR government in Selangor. We also hope that BN becomes a responsible Opposition here. If not because of the present economic slight downturn, Selangor would progress faster. Anyway, despite all the odds Khalid is facing PR and the Selangor government is performing well. The people are no more for oppressive politics. Nobody should oppress the Selangor government which is voted in by the people.

thinking light

And then if Khalid won’t walk the talk, you’ll vote for BN in the next GE eyh?????????


Dear CM Khalid,

A Freedom of Information Act is good. But please walk your talk. Or else you are going to sound like an empty barrel making lots of noise. To this end, please gazette all Orang Asli reserve lands and grant them secure land titles. Further, meet your earlier commitments to publicly declare all your assets in detail.

We the people are watching you and expecting much more than empty talk. We want action and we want it NOW.!