Second Scorpene submarine arrives


A second Scorpene submarine, the KD Tun Razak, has arrived in Malaysian waters.

The submarine, named for PM Najib’s father, is heading for the Lumut naval base for an official homecoming ceremony today, reports Bernama.

The subs were jointly built by France’s DCNS and Spain’s Navantia.

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raja saya

Second hand stuff what to shout about…it is already an obselete stuff fit for junkyard, we need more surface ships and vessels, if only they listen to the RMN and its requirements..

Biasa lah mana nak dengar Pakar cakap, mereka mau buta buta buat duit untung…

Let the country rot for all they care….


The french newspapers dont give news since they related the suaram investigations in June .


Protecting the countries at less than 4% of national budget for all of armed forces you people complain like government wasted all the people money. Education get abt 22% and Health got abt 18%.

If this country fail to defend herself from any incident in the future, I bet you people will be the first one to ask for head to roll too. Again … TYPICAL.

Anyway, thanks to people like you all, Ive now decided which way to vote next GE.

The lesser of two evil – BN.


2 big submarines + new palace for beloved king = no more subsidy, UPSR and PMR. MALAYSIA SEMUA PUN BOLEH!!!

telur dua

Remember, we the Rakyat paid top dollar for those two bath-tubs. Therefore we have to make do with no scholarships and no more subsidies.

You can’t say we didn’t @#$% ourselves.

Make sure we correct the wrongs in the next GE. Lets finish what we’ve started in 308.


Hi my fellow friend from accross the causeway I am truly encouraged by the strength of the comment made both in the media and the net. I hope it can bring the government of the day to realise how frustrated the people (rakyat) are…. Corruption is like an institution in Malaysia. I remembered an incident in Penang many years ago renewing a visa for another week. There were not many people in the department but I was told that it will take 4-5 hours. Later on a clerk came to me discretely and offer an express service for a small… Read more »


what we need is all the BN and PR to sit and come to some thing good for the people or eles we are going to the drain then God too cant help us


Penang can emulate Singapore to be successful without BN.


N… addressed Altantuya..”Ma Cherie”(?)
Sorry, that is the only French I know.


Anil,jaga sikit oooi! Najib and Rosmah may invite all opposition journalists for a joy ride in his latest water toy, minus their presence.Refuse at all cost! I hate loosing a brilliant journalist like you to keep these …. honest!


then we can call it KD Razak Baginda… hehe coz the purchase … enrich him….?

BTW.. for those who cannot read French.. you can use online translation at : or


Go ahead and borrow some more or shall I say make hay while the shine shines before the country goes bust !
Why do Malaysia need submarines for in the first place other than the commission it offers ? Who is Malaysia going to attack ?


Dear Iron, The crux of our problem in Penang (& Malaysia) is not with the state government. It is with Putra Jaya. Unless and until Putra Jaya changes, little will happen to our lives. Dr Toh Kin Woon (exco member in the BN state cabinet) often commented that you could remove the state government from Penang and life here would still go on normally. If fact, few would miss it. That epitomises the limitations of state power in the federation. Few recognise that it is the civil servants who do the daily running of the state government. They are the… Read more »


Cancerous Disease: Benefit Personal Interests of UMNO BN Rogues first, Rakyats last or never ever. Kill the cancerous disease and the patient will survive, likewise get rid of the root cause and the Nation will survive and thrive. It does not matter what they do because whatever they do will be to no avail. Like RPK said in London, it is no good attempting to treat the symptoms because it just simply will not work. It is the cancerous disease that should be treated. So therefore as long as UMNO is in the driver seat then absolutely nothing could be… Read more »

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi Anil,

What is the progress of the French authorities probe into the deals and commission given to Perimekar?

I understand lots of news and publicity in French mass media about the investigations and some discoveries they have made. Just too bad I can’t read French for I would then access the French online media.

Can anyone out there can enlighten us on the discoveries made by the French authorities?


There isn’t such a probe, is there? I thought I saw an article quoting one of the lawyers involved in the DCNS investigations (re withheld commissions/kickbacks on Pakistan sub deal = 20+ French engineers killed allegedly in retaliation) saying that it wasn’t relevant. No money nor French lives were lost in the deal with Perimekar, I don’t see why the French would even bother. There does seem to be the occasional ‘optimistic’ news report in Malaysia, maybe you read one of those? I tried to find a Mongolian source for the recent announcement that GovMon would fund the case for… Read more »


Tax payers will have to foot the bill for this sub.
While those will fixed up this deal lived like kings and queen. To me this sub is not welcome at all.


Got engine kah? Can submerge or not? Or just a overpriced sardine can?


Okay, Anil, few hours from now I’m off to China. Dunno for how long, weeks maybe months I won’t be in Penang. But anyway, please do re-consider what I said, Anil. If you want Penang to be better, and I mean, to be REALLY BETTER, please re-consider what I said, and take action on what your believe in. A blog is fine, but it is not enough. Words may be strong, but it is still not strong enough to force those political … into action. It’s time somebody do something and make the Penang state government *DO* things for the… Read more »

Gerakan K

Another extra tool to safer Malaysia.