Second bridge concession period not yet decided


It looks as if the concession period for the second Penang bridge hasn’t been decided; it will only be finalised in the first quarter of 2010, says Nor Yakcop.

In that case, why did the Malaysian Highway Authority state it to be 45 years in its Annual Report for 2008?

Keep an eye out for this and monitor the total cost carefully. It has already escalated from the time it was first announced in the media. In this era of climate chaos and concern over greenhouse gas emissions, it is also not the most environmentally friendly project around.

Bernama carries the following report:

Decision Likely On Toll Period For Second Penang Bridge By First Quarter 2010

BUTTERWORTH, Dec 20 (Bernama) — The government is expected to finalise by the first quarter of next year the toll concession period for the second Penang Bridge, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2012, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop said on Sunday.

“There are many methods of setting the concession period and deciding on the amount of toll. We will consider all these and decide what is best for the people, especially those in Penang,” he said.

He was asked to comment on Anil Netto’s remark in his blog that the concession period for the bridge would be 45 years as per the 2008 annual report of the Malaysian Highway Authority.

Nor Mohamed, who heads the Economic Planning Unit (EPU), said the government would conduct research to determine the amount each motorist would have to pay for using the bridge.

“We must approve an amount which everyone is able to pay so that it gives everyone an equal opportunity to travel on the bridge,” he told reporters after a meeting of the Pokok Sena farmers organisation authority, here.

He said some toll concession periods allowed the concessionaire to raise the quantum of toll annually while some retained one amount for several years.

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21 Dec 2009 8.16am

How does the contractor estimate the cost without knowing the toll amount and concession period? It is definitely a recipe for cost overuns.

20 Dec 2009 11.51pm

Ho !!! Ho !!! Ho !!! … Santha is out of town till
next General Election. And depends on returning back unless you vote them back. Ho !!! Ho !!! Ho !!!.

No vote no bridge … ha ha ha no money no talk maa.
Sorry for those who buy property at that location , just wait another 2 more years and by the way dont forget to kick out those clowns out of the town forever and ever.

20 Dec 2009 10.59pm

Ya lah…how can decide so fast…first must decide and agree on all other concessions, then only we know final cost and then can calculate the toll and concession period lah.

Biasa lah……We just pay like slaves lah…..