School still without a principal?


From what I hear, the Tuanku Abdul Rahman Putra Secondary School in Johor has been without a principal on duty for over a month.

School principal Siti Inshah Mansor has been away since 16 August after she was alleged to have uttered racist remarks to pupils.

The school is now being administered by a senior assistant, according to the parent of one of the pupils at the school. On 23 August, this notice appeared on the Kulai District Education Department’s website.

On 3 September, the Star reported that the Public Services Department was going through a six-inch-thick report (six inches?!) submitted by the Education Ministry. If there was a case, the disciplinary committee would deliberate and a show cause letter issued to the principal, who would be given the opportunity to defend herself.

How slowly things are moving in this case. One way or another, the authorities will have to reveal – and reveal soon – what action they are taking. Malaysians are watching.

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Well done Tanjong Bungah and AUS for flying the flag, high and proud.



Firstly, let me educate you with a bit of etiquette, you demanded from Anil in his blog what you want him to write. Pity he is too much of a gentleman, if it was me, I will tell you to … off!!
As Chinese, being racists is far from your thinking. We have no religion, we adopted which ever belief one found appropriate. Chines are engaged in the most inter-marriages among Malaysians. As for myself, I am putting my hand up! I have 5 children, 4 married outside my race, so am I a racist?…


Thank you for your kind pointers.

And no, I won’t call you a racist, since you definitely do not think that you are one.

But I do not have to call you anything, Sir. You are what you are, not what you think you are.

’nuff said.

PS. And oh, btw, you think Anil thinks like you?

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, Iron has missed the point that this principal has openly declared her rascist stand! No one would disagree that there’re rascists amongst all ethnic groups. But in this case there’re many, many witnesses to confirm she had uttered rascist statements!! Is Iron suggesting we condone her actions? In the case of the principal in Johor, is it so difficult to confirm that she had uttered rascist statements, especially done in front of the school assembly (ironically a Merdeka Assembly!), i.e. in front of all teachers and students? Why is the govt dragging its feet in deciding on action… Read more »


So the principals have openly declared their racist views. So what?

Are you telling me that you never, ever, even once, in your life, saying something racist?

Oh, I am sorry, Sir. You must be those of the rare breed that never say, do, and even think of anything bad.

Me bad !



For the love of god. She did not admit it and trying to twist and turn the story. If a person own up to their mistake, the chances of forgiving is higher.

We may all be racist somehow or rather but we would definately not utter these remarks towards the person or the public for the matter.

Uttering these words shows a person has no respect, manners, and moral capable towards one person or religion. Please think for a minute what you are trying to say here.


We must NOT return to the dark days of Mahathir where racism was encouraged in so many aspect of Government employment & opportunities and the minorities discriminated against. Biro Tata Negara Courses BTN and … Racist Principal must be checked to ensure the poison message of ‘KETUANAN or SUPREMACY of one race over the minorities do not harm or damage the good relations of all the races esp young minds at school. Syabas to Education Dept for taking early step to suspend her. … racist Principal a by product of Mahathir should be sacked as she is not fit to… Read more »


………….in indon means TST….meaning “tahu sama tahu”….haha


Who is not a racist amongst us please raise your hand !


Bet you, action will be taken against her.

Another … let loose.


Why do the school need such a racist principal. No principal is better than a bad principal.


Tell you what … Please show us ONE school in Malaysia which has a principal who is truly NOT a racist.

I only need ONE. Just ONE.



Mr. Mak, He has retired. We have indians, kadazans, malay, cacausians, chinese and maybe some ibans students in the school. So give me a break, not everyone is like you or your defending principal in johor. Geesh, which reminds me it was quite nice to have all this classmates around without thinking of race.


Hasn’t the racist being sacked? What is the Ministry waiting for? Transferring her to another department is not the solution. Sacking her is!!!


It is better, the school has no principal than a racist one!
A school is a place where young minds are educated to be future good citizens and not, tainted minds that will create trouble in a mult-racial society like ours. Perkasa do you dig?!!


Yet another one who spout their “Holier Than Thou” gospel !

So you are not a racist?


The UMNO led govt’s method of letting … go off the hook by delaying action so that the Rakyat forgets everything that has happen…
Just look at TBH and Kugan cases..
But if Umno’s NGO..Perkosa makes a report ..the Police are very quick to investigate and take action!!
Throw out this Umno led BN including MCA,MIC and Gerakan…send them to Timbucktoo FOREVER!!!


I think it will be more peaceful without this racist principal. Absence is not missed.

One wonder why such racist is not hauled up and sent to Kamunting camp for reform.


I am tired of this type of hypocricy, Anil.

Calling others “racists” while they themselves are also racist as well.

I am a Chinese, and yet I am appalled at my own Chinese folks who have acted so racist towards people of other races.

How many of you Chinese speak Tamil? Why not?

How many of you Chinese know the Malay custom? Why not?

How many of you would agree that your children marry an Indian or a Malay? Why not?

Until the day you guys become non-racist yourself my suggestion is to avoid calling others “racist”.


what is there to do with racicm whether chinese speak tamil, understand malay custom, marry indian/malay…? You mean chinese must speak tamil..married indian/malay to be non racist?? What are you talking?