Sarawak’s disappearing rainforests


For a long time, activists had believed that rainforests in the vast northwest Borneo state of Sarawak were being logged unsustainably, rapidly making way for tree (acacia) plantations, oil palm plantations, dams and secondary growth. But few listened.

Their position was confirmed when the country’s auditor-general presented to Parliament in October its 2008 annual report criticising forestry management in Malaysia’s largest state as “unsatisfactory”. The Sarawak state authorities have denied the auditor-general’s findings.

The report produced a host of findings to back up its conclusion: depleted permanent forest reserves had not been replaced while some proposed forest reserves had not yet been gazetted. There was also no compulsory requirement for all logging license holders to obtain approved environment impact assessment reports before proceeding. Annual cut rates had been exceeded, if all forests were taken into account.

It noted that poor enforcement and monitoring had led to illegal logging and contributed to environmental degradation, especially river pollution, erosion, landslides, mud deposits and floods. Full article here.

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sure the BN sarawak will deny because as we all know, all timber concessions are fattening up their cronies. ‘Wang Ringgit Didahulukan, Rakyat Diperbodohkan’


Turn Sarawak into a desert. Only then will the people appreciate what they have got. I wish this will really happen.


There is nothing you can do about it, if there people there boh chap or indifferent or gullible and stupid.
If they had care enough and not easily being bought or CON, there would have a change in gomen!
Every thing there has a price!
The White Raja there is just too powerful.


Reading of the exploitation of Sarawak’s natural resources, especially the destruction of ancient rainforests, and most of all the disgusting attitude to native rights and land shown by the Sarawakian government over the years makes my blood boil. If only East Malaysia had as much of a blogosphere as the West, or as much popular influence, then something may have been done to help the people there. At this rate, I can only see the fall of BN as heralding such respite for Sarawak, but how? Pakatan better realise how grave the situation is there for many, and how noble… Read more »


That is so true. They even go for the small trees nowadays that is as big as 2 fists.