Sarawakians lose out from political-business nexus


Part One of Al Jazeera’s 101 East first screened last night

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Uchu Labi

hey Bens, as if only the Dayak electorates voted for BN..shame on you lah.. why must everything, every blame directed towards these people, where majority of them are so politically naive? come on la, doesn’t mean that you voted the Opposition make you holier than others. why not blame yourself? Well, I guess you have nothing in mind other than only ‘cari makan’, but when the BN is still in power and which is not something that you expect and favour, you simply blame the Dayaks, rite? The Dayaks need to survive even if they have to take that tiny… Read more »


Exposed all their greeds to the longhouse folks out there.


i’m afraid Fauziah wont be able to enter sarawak again after revealing the truth to the world to watch.


these things happened for many many years already. in sarawak, all the BN minister & assistant minister are using BMW, Benz & other luxury 4wd as they official car… in Perak & Selangor, PR Gov. bought Camri Umno already make noise but what to do, it all the Dayaks voter fault. they cordone Taib & the gangs by keep voting for them. we need u guys to create awareness in KL so the whole malaysia know about this sad sarawak. dont hope MACC or the authority to save sarawak because, as long as the Dayaks keep voting for BN and… Read more »

lizzie wong

I am utterly shocked, and disgusted that such practices can escape the iron claws of ACA or MACC. To think the Anwar was convicted and jailed for abuse of power those many years ago, that was child-play compared to this. I weep for the people of Sarawak, and for the hardship that awaits the displaced people…. the lives they once knew shall forever be changed for the worst, I’m afraid.


I saw all 3 videos on YouTube and I was utterly shocked. PKR and DAP should play all the 3 videos in all their ceramas.


I’m sure these excellent Aljazeera reports were recorded and transferred on VCD so people in the Sarawak interior with no internet access can view them in their own longhouses. The younger ones will understand enough English to translate for their elders.


We need this info and maybe distribute the copy to rural area.