Sarawak: Where has all the $$ gone?


Those travelling for the first time to Sarawak might be shocked to discover the poor condition of roads, even in urban areas.

And if you venture further away from the cities and towns, you might find folks without proper piped water and regular electricity supply and people still using pit latrines. And all the while, some of the political elites and their business cronies in Kuching enjoy ostentatious life-styles, their families having accumulated millions.

Venturing a little further out of Sibu, one such visitor was shocked to discover the reality in Sarawak and shares the experience with us on the Aliran website here.

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Gerakan K

One sentence to sum up what the opposition lacking now as a worthy opponents:

Failed to understand voters’ mindset

And for that mistake, those top leaders of opposition parties must resign ASAP.

p/s: Andrew I, check your pocket now. Your 10 cents already gone.

Andrew I

I haven’t done anything yet. No credit for you.

“Failed to understand voters’ mindset.”

And what mindset is that?


Enforced on election days mindset: you better scratch my back first, I scratch yours’ latter.


So, whose fault is it that both Sabah and Sarawak’s Orang Asli voting for BN for the past 30 years ???

Is it because Orang Asli themselves are naive… bodoh???

They are definitely naive but as i understand most of the Orang Asli are Christians, so they go to church and are they told to vote for BN for all these years by their pastors/bishops???


Gerakan K

With your high connection and kangtau to Gerakan/Umno Government what is your opinion as where the money has gone?

Gerakan K


you miss the point. You have to ask why majority of people for 3 decades supported Mr Taib ???

Do you think “where $$ has gone” is important question to win the election ???

Do you think people of Sarawak so naive that don’t even know what is corruption and those involved in corruption ???

It is mutual benefits that work like magic for decades. Still want to play “I am a angel games” in politics ???


When the Rakyat suffer is magic! When there is no proper development is magic! When massive erosion takes place as last year’s flood is magic!
Government by magic!
And you mean magic of Rakyat’s money gone in a twinkle of an eye?


Gerakan K,

Yes its important to ask. Why else would you spend time to respond to it if not!?

I like reading your comments, makes me feel superior everytime. Great stuff.

Phua Kai Lit

Dear SunnyOoi

Gerakan K’s comments are
what one can call
“trying to defend the undefensible”

Gerakan K says “Do you think people of Sarawak so naive that don’t even know what is corruption and those involved in corruption ??? It is mutual benefits that work like magic for decades. Still want to play “I am a angel games” in politics ???”

There you have it! Gerakan K remains a die-hard BN supporter because of the “mutual benefits” he/she gets from BN. Shall we ask Gerakan K what these mutual benefits he/she receives from BN are?

Andrew I


Gerakan K

Freedom. Free from concert banning, gaming banning, beer banning.

Andrew I

You forgot freedom to show porno to journalists.

Gerakan K

You need to thumb up my comment. That will boost my motivation to write more.

Andrew I

You write anyway.


The word ‘leech’ the Rakyat’s coffer high and dry is morally correct to these species of subterranean moral ground. The words kang tau is another business term learnt and translated here from some business schools in Kerala.


And the … favorite past time of ” you scratch my back, I scratch yours’ ” has been adopted by some elected as monkey business made mandatory and legal for mutual ‘understanding’.

Andrew I

All this skratching is making me itch – Buffalo Girls.


Part of the money could possibly go to ‘NGOs’ that offer goodies and freebies only before election to make you vote BN.

Take whatever that is offered to you (it’s yours anyway).BUT just do not vote BN.

Shiok Guy

Dear Anil

My entry on 2008 about how we feel in Sarawak: –

Shiok Guy


If the electorate did not use their votes wisely…they got themselves to blame. They are no better than the specimen, unfavorably known to us all as Gerakan K, who appears regaularly in this blog…a typical political “gold digger” UMNO boots polisher!!
We all have a formidable weapon to deal with corrupted scumbags, our votes to discard these….


Hundred years old trees don’t uproot and walk away by themselves without leaving any trace of inheritance or prosperity for the rightful Sarawakians.
Looks like the ‘money trees’ are continuously stolen under broad daylight under the watchful eyes of the world communities.
While the below poverty indigenous people struggle to live with 3 meagre meals and under continuous threats of rapes and violence, the white haired … continues to live ostentatiously like nobody’s business….

Gerakan K

Yesterday, I watched a replayed analysis of Merlimau by-election video. Most of the local people that interviewed by the host indicated that they just satisfied with current environment. They are happy with BN government because they got a place to stay, school, water, electricity and jobs. And yes, nobody mentioned about foods because foods here are cheaper and they can adjust according to their income. That is all and as simple as that. Nobody mentioned about the things like anil and opposition love to mention. Of course nobody mentioned about CAT or new acronyms under 1Malaysia. CAT or new acronyms… Read more »


It needs federal $ and thus “people tolong federal, federal tolong people”. What an atrocious JOKE of Tolong! Helping the Rakyat is not a beggar business for the Feds to reap high and dry. Rakyat don’t have to resort to begging for development, what with an elected government by the people for the people. The gomen of the day should be the one with a high moral responsibility to carry out the promises and not to short change the voters’ trust. Not even to think of nor ask this Along-mentality favor: “You scratch my b-back first, I then scratch yours… Read more »

Gerakan K

Whoah !!!

What a naive statement: “moral responsibility”

Be practical lah my friend in this practical world.


Then what the … is a government for? You tell me! Makan gaji buta or asked to be begged?

Andrew I

The only responsibility you can expect from Gherkin K is the immoral type.

Pinang Boy

What do you expect? Even MACC staff has admited watching porno on internet in the office, and the boss said OK so long as after office hours!!!


Yes, if you visit Kucing (no excuse not to as the Airasia fare is quite low nowadays) you will wonder why there is little development there despite tonnes of natural resources being upearthed/uprooted each day from the land of hornbill.

(They) must have installed an undersea pipe in the South China Sea, one that sucks up all resources from Sarawak to enrich the cronies in semenanjung.

This is happening while the people in Sarawak are still sleeping in slumberland (in peaceful mode as Gerakan K has pointed out).

Andrew I

Oh dear, it looks like my thumbs down put your comment in the drawer. Out of sight, out of mind.

Really, if you stopped waffling so much and be a bit more reasonable, people might actually consider your point of view.

But then again, what can you build on thin air?


Kucing city centre itself did not even have a proper sheltered bus terminal. Enough said!!!