Sarawak leaders get fat pay hikes – Janji ditepati?


A bill approved today will result in fat pay hikes for the leaders of Sarawak.

The Malaysian Insider reports:

The remuneration of the chief minister will rise from RM13,000 to RM39,000; deputy chief minister, RM11,500 to RM35,000; senior minister and state assembly speaker, RM9,000 to RM30,000; ministers, RM9,000 to RM27,000; assistant ministers and assembly deputy speaker, RM7,000 to RM21,000; state assemblymen, RM4,500 to RM15,000 and political secretaries, RM3,000 to RM9,000.

As if that’s not jaw-dropping enough, the increment will take effect from 1 January last year!

While they enjoy fat salaries, many ordinary Sarawakians live in poor conditions.

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Gerakan K, a well-run country is not run by money alone. Justice, fairness, equality, commitment, some sacrifices, courage to do the right thing (not boh hoot-ing ala Gelakan), telling the truth, hands off the media, empathy + respect for the citizens (they are the king makers + boss), accountability + strategic, prudent management of nation’s resources (including human resource + education) – these are the prerequisite for any nation aspiring to progress, unite + prosper. Giving out cash on the 1st day of work, though an incentive is very bad for the feeble minds who may think running the country… Read more »

Gerakan K

Better service after pay rises. Why not ???

p/s: The legendary leader, Mr. Taib still is the man of choice by majority of Sarawakian. Radio sarawak can close shop now !!!


Idiot, while the rural people lived in poverty. Yes the choice of the poor and naive that were suppressed and powerless to do anything

Pok Kai Rakyat

Gerakan K. You truly need a cane-lesson from Grandma on wealth management.
I hope you don’t have a pok kai kia in your family!

Gerakan K

If I were PM/CM/MB, I will amend the law to ensure each ADUN and MP will get RM1 000 000 during his/her first day in duty. With money in ADUN/MP hands, people problems can settle instantly.


And as if the massive pay hike is not nauseating enough, there is a report today that the hike is backdated to Jan 2012.

Alamak… that’s like getting more than 2 years’ bonus all at once.

get your puke bucket ready, and go read for yourself at:

Reps increase own pay three-fold


Salaries should commensurate with qualifications and experience. Do they deserve the HIGH pay rise? And why backdate when many were not even serving the Govt yet? They get backdated arrears for not doing any work from January 2012 till now…!!?? Nation would pokai sooner than Idris Jala’s prediction.


Backdated. That mean on an average they will be getting RM 350k each. Nation is not pokai. The suffering poor in town and ulu will be the real pokai.

Pok Kai Rakyat

Grandma, you have good teachings.
These Pok Kai Kia @ Putrajaya only know how to leech Ah Kong’s wealth & assets ( nation’s wealth including the Rakyat’s).
Too bad we have pok kai kia as leaders of this soon to be pok kai nation.
If only we have the cane to teach these pok kai kia a lesson on wealth management!

najib manaukau

Malaysia do not have to wait till 2019 it is already in big trouble, you only go to borrow when you are in need and that is exactly what the government is doing. Regardless of what excuses you give, once again you only borrow when you have no more money and need to borrow in order to survive. And that is exactly why the present watchdog is doing ! Even a primary student knows that, why is Singapore has not the need to do so for the last since 1980, I repeat since 1980. How is that possible, when Singapore… Read more »


najib manaukau

Don`t worry Malaysia won`t be bankrupt as yet. Najib will be milking 27 billions from the rakyat soon through GST. On top of that you will see subsidies being slashed which will results in the increase of petrol, cooking oil and gas, flour and so on. That will bring in another 10 billions or so.

The rakyat SUFFERING will help to pay for the deferment of the country bankruptcy


Yesterday, The Star published an article, “MPs can earn up to RM10,000 per month” which has a chart listing the monthly salaries of the PM, DPM, ministers, MPs and so forth. URL: And the basic salary of the PM is RM22.8K, the DOM, RM18.2K, senior cabinet minister, RM14.9K, dep.Cabinet minister, RM10.8K, and the ordinary MP, RM6.5K. There are some allowances and other perks, but still there is no way Taib can justify the grossly bloated paychecks for Sarawak state leaders. Even Sarawak political secretaries earnmore than MPs! Then again, Taib goes around in his Rolls Royce… what do Najib… Read more »

semuanya OK kot

The report was to show how much our bloved leaders are “sacrificing” by getting only about 5% compared to the Little Red Dot. Not mentioned:
– Only MPs of the regime get to disburse millions in development funds.
– There is absolutely no control over election expenses. It is in the 10s and 100s of millions. You may remember the case where one printer alone sued for100s ofmillions. Now, why would these saints want to spend so much?


Tempawan,but why the 3fold increase? What justification?


About time these guys got a pay rise, especially the elected state reps


Its not Ah Kong that will be pok kai.

Its the poor that will be pok kai soon


Is that what GST is all about (to secure another 5 years of you help me from Sarawak, I help you from Perninsular)?
Ah Kong’s monies looks like a perpetual spring for the splurging until 2020 Pok Khai!


Idris jala’s rsport on 2010 stated country will be pokai by 2019.