Sarawak Hansard tampered with?


The opposition in Sarawak have accused the state government of tampering with the state assembly’s Hansard, the recording of the Dewan’s proceedings.

See Free Malaysia Report here.

An independent source told me the episode is accurate as he was unable to download the fourth day’s proceedings. “The fourth day proceedings were mainly opposition speeches. It has not been uploaded. If Parliament can upload opposition speeches in Hansard, why not Sarawak? Or is the Sarawak Chief Minister beyond reproach?”

Where is the Hansard for the fourth day (4 November 2010) on the Sarawak Legislative Assembly website here.

This amounts to a a travesty of democracy that is reminiscent of totalitarian regimes – to even deny the existence of any record of proceedings instead of allowing access to information. How then to trust the government would not misrepresent other realities in Sarawak? Already, Sime Darby got burnt. How many more will get burnt? Can investors really be impressed with the state government’s approach to doing business?

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Hansardise everything. Presenting – Concept : The People’s Hansard Distributed and openly accessible live feed cams that are openly accessible via a public website, Voluntary to be used by ANY person, but promoted especially for use to enforcement personnel or RELA type groups. The voluntary enforcement users of P.H. will be the safest to be around as any abuse/sedition/bribery/corruption would be caught live on web and with many keeping an eye on persons, it would be the PEOPLE monitoring big brother, not the other way around. 1) Use during roadblocks 2) Use on patrols 3) Use by legal practicioners 4)… Read more »

Bako Boy

Taib had just returned from his pilgrimage to Mecca where he had an inspiration on the date for Sarawak state election.

I wonder why his pilgrimage did not make him insaf of the wealth he had accumulated…?

Gerakan K

I’m getting boring with opposition now.

Everyday, oppose, accuse, speculate, element of surprise ???

Do your work as ADUN now and serve the people !!!

Let’s voted them out in next State election and GE.


Gerakan K,
Yes they are doing their work. Exposing UMNO and BN tampering of event to deny us the true facts unlike you who is presenting half truth and true lies in the forum. Yes vote out that Najib together with BN & their weaklings.

Jalil Din

Gerakan K is a typical BN cybertrooper, … discredit anything that Pakatan has done.


idiotic statement you definitely a dumb … and you have been long with BN even rotten … also you can figure out….


ok…let vote BN out from the federal……if BN loose i think it can be havoc…