Sarawak’s grand pay hikes: When the fat get fatter


Here is the grand pay hike scheme in a state where many are struggling to earn a living. As blog reader Andrew I noted: “Amazing, isn’t it? An employee who gets to write his own paycheck. I want that job.”

Source: The Borneo Post
Source: The Borneo Post

Think also of the rampant corruption and cronyism in the state. What have these people said or done against the blatant corruption in the state? Do you think they deserve a pay hike?

If previous allowances were not enough to run service centres, why not provide additional allowances for service centres rather than massive across-the-board pay hikes? You could have higher service centre allowances for rural constituencies.

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Gerakan statement is just most idiotic. Yes they have been given the mandate but not to do as they like. And if Sarawak govt and Adun cheats, then it should be deduce that Sarawakian has also given them the mandate to do so. Just simply a mrornic fool giving a stupid comment

Gerakan K

BN Sarawak got mandate from Sarawakians to do what is necessary. The Star also reported planned remuneration increase by Penang gomen for ADUNs. Any news, anil ???


Why complain when the rural Sarawakians voted them in?

It is their reward for being Naj1b’s fixed deposit?


It is an incentive/bonus from Najib to protect the fixed deposit.

semuanya OK kot

An apologist newpaper broke this news by comparing the pay of our national leaders and MPs to the pay in the Little Red Dot. What was not mentioned was that these “humanitarians” in Bolehlend spend 10s and 100s of millions of RM for their election campaigns, apart from misusing public facilities. Now, why would they want to spend so much?


The fat get fatter while the thin get thinner This is the “`I help you you help me“` concept by N… I help you RM500x2 = 1000 and you help me back 7% GST not including the slashing of subsidies for essential goods such as cooking oil, sugar, petrol etc. Sugar is now 2.50 per kilo compared to 1.20 before the takeover by UMNO crony from sugar king. Bread in Sabah & Sarawak increased by 60cents. It will come to Peninsula soon, don`t worry. You have to help your N… He help you isn`t it LGE GST RM1,000 per person… Read more »