Sarawak election campaign: Here’s how it should be done


Look, no splashing of money during election campaigns.

Now, why can’t the Malaysian Election Commission ensure the Sarawak campaign will be like this?

This is from the Times of India:

Chief Electoral Officer bans fund allocation from MLAs, MPs
PTI, Mar 5, 2011, 08.38pm IST

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: With the code of conduct coming into force in Kerala following announcement of the assembly polls on April 13, the Chief Electoral Officer has banned allocation of funds for developmental work from MPs and MLAs.

Work on projects for which funds had been already sanctioned but are yet to begin should not be started, an official release by the Chief Electoral Officer said.

However, it said work on projects that have already started could continue.

The parties in power, both in state and Centre, should take care that there should not be any complaint about them misusing their official positions, the release said.

The Chief Electoral Officer also issued guidelines to be followed by the political parties while engaging in the election campaign.

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We’ll never pass any law like this in Bolehland lah! Or that EC will ever decree such rules. :sigh:

But it better be if PR gets to rule.


In today’s Star “Govt to disburse funds of more than RM73mil for schools” Why announce this when the Sarawak state election is round the corner ? Isn’t it obvious that this is part of the campaign. Oops I forgot. PM said before that this is not bribery but for the sake of education

DPM was in Kuching to announce it. Who paid for the trip ? Was he there campaiging as the BN no. 2 or as the DPM ?

Foo Mee Har

Already we are seeing goodies being given up in Selangor (e.g. for Chinese schools) by dpm along with his bold/boastful claim that BN will recapture Selangor.

We will accept any goodies from BN that is derived from the tax we paid. But we must be wise when casting our votes.


That shows what kind of crude mentality our leaders possess in matter concerning scarce financial resources that they can still happily splurge like drain water in the name of shiok-shiok Rakyat for votes. Imagine such money being channeled for rural development or much needed educational resources on a regular basis, how happy the Rakyat we will be. Now the ostentatious display of generosity is false and insincere by all measures of trustworthiness and responsible leadership.


This is exactly what I heard from a school teacher in the 1970s on election in India. In Malaysia, those in power will find every reason to do something like open this, open that, launch this and that, etc. But have not heard of anyone having a official opening for a longkang yet. Maybe someone will do it if they are desperate enough. In fact during non election time, I always think that all these ceremonies are a waste of money. I remembered even the short stretch of flyover linking Scotland Road and Green Lane was officially opened by our… Read more »

Andrew I

Talking of flyovers, never quite understood why the next flyover wasn’t built the same way, i.e. a continuation of Green Lane.

Andrew I

The one next to CGL.


There was supposed to be a underpass at CGL and a flyover at Scotland Road/York Road

Don’t expect fed government to give us the money. Maybe we should start a donation drive to collect to build them


Here’s how it should NOT have been done during Polling Day: This is the NOT the first time that I heard that during Polling Day, some Officers in charge would (allegedly) scribble on the ballot paper before giving it to the voter and I dismissed it as ‘hearsay’. But now more and more people mentioned about it, it’s better to be informed. It seems that the Officer act above (if true) is HIGHLY IRREGULAR and in essence , is ILLEGAL ! So, if next time this happens to you, you have the right to BANTAH! As mentioned in the video… Read more »


We at DAP predict this Sarawak elections to be the ‘dirtiest’ in Malaysian history.
By the way, we did a small survey and it appears DAP is going to make some definite inroads in Sarawak.
UMNO is going to be in for a shock!


Do you want to interview the Chief Electoral Officer Of Tamil Nadu. Real close friend of mine. A total No-Nonsense guys. Very honest and Fair, and anyone crosses the line, he comes down hard.
In his office he regularly monitors the news and ensures he is upto date.
Totally opposite of what we perceive about the Indian Government.


Hahaha! maybe we still don’t get it, I shall repeat it again!


Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world, political prostitutes … equally,have the honor to share the infamous title!

Do it the true democratic way,in bolehland, it is only possible if the sky is without a sun?

najib manaukau

The money to be used guide lines issued by the EC is meant for everyone except the ruling regime. Just like all the civil services in this country their very existence is to ensure that the present regime is at an advantage, otherwise they wouldn’t have a job, got it ? Have the EC ever indicted anyone for this or other similar offensives ? So really what are they here for ? So don’t try to preach to the ruling parties not to give away money during the election. … After 53 years the one thing Umno has become very… Read more »


Transparency International Malaysia has savaged the Election Commission (EC) for falling down on its job of ensuring free and fair elections in the country. The EC has failed to show that they were “independent” in carrying out their duties even though they were guaranteed autonomy under the federal constitution.

Chris Murti

Investigation must be conducted to find out the source of funding to the ‘1Malaysia NGO’ that goes around giving out goodie bags, free dinner and lucky draw.

Otherwise, many will suspected that the money comes from income tax paid by rakyat themselves.


Anil, You are dreaming indeed. Such examples cannot be used to ‘lobby’ in Malaysia, especially when it is not in favour of BN. But see how Kamalanathan quickly puts up a link on FB today, while he is still in Parliament session? His link – That kind of news will be used a fodder in Malaysia by the BN to champion its cause. And thats how Kamalanathan and the rest who owe it to BN, Rocky Bru will move on. India and its examples are never on the BN radar. Otherwise why should this EC in Malaysia buy the… Read more »

Andrew I

I’ve never dedicated a video to you, Anil. I hope you’ll watch it, unlike sour grapes, Gherkin K. 🙂