Sabah CM in the spotlight now


Sarawak Report has trained the spotlight on the Sabah Chief Minister following revelations in a court case in Singapore.

See Sarawak Report here.

Meanwhile, Bruno Manser Fund reports that the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland has confirmed that Switzerland has given legal assistance to Hong Kong investigators.

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An election song for all to enjoy:


Just had lunch with my associate whose company was involved in the total purchase of Sabah Shipyard and Sabah Oxygen many years ago. The deal was almost inked until one proxy came along to inform that a certain politician (allegedly) wants a piece of the action. However, this politician want his share for free and without condition. The company gave him the middle finger and cancel the deal. This free-riding politician is (allegedly someone from Sabah).


Hi Anil,

Understood your omitting the person’s name. I’m sure who most knew who I was referring to.

najib manaukau

Just like the brother, the foreign minister, all these Umno morons can do is utter nonsense but the end is near for them. To make sure that will be the case remember to cast your vote for the opposition in the coming GE. That will be the final nails in their coffins.