Ali Rustam out; does it really matter?


With Ali Rustam now out of the running, the coast appears to be clear for Muyhiddin to claim the Umno deputy presidency with his only challenger now being Mat Taib.

The thing is, does it make any difference who the No. 2 is?

If anything, this move will only worsen factionalism within the party.

It is not any single individual who is the real problem but the whole system of money politics: the close ties between business and politics, the system of patronage, rent-seeking and cronyism….

That is much harder to uproot – for we are talking about a whole culture, the motivation for entering politics, vote-buying (not just during party elections but also by-elections and general elections).

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Shouldnt he resign or be asked to from his CM post as well?
Or is it acceptable for him to remain in CM post????????????


Reform in umno?????? Do they actualy know the meaning of reform??????

Mr DPM,please change yourself first lah.Go take a clear look of yourself. Without changing yourself ,how are you going to change others????


Ali has call on the PPP sometime back to pull out of BN if they are not happy with the coalition.

Maybe it’s time for him to pull out from umno if he is not happy with the decision of the displinary committee.

Ha, Ha, what goes around always comes around.Remember.

Ghifari X

BN/UMNO … attempts a clean-up yet the puss keeps surfacing. This is a corps that needs amputation after all; the anti-bodies are all dead even the operating courts Ops! theater is infested and insanities’. Here’s the remedy: MIC has to be chopped off PPP warrant some serious dosage of antiseptic and viral flushing and the MCA beginning with its tongue eye ears … could do with some strict bandaging and isolation …. As for UMNO quarantine without exception, don’t even announce it, and decapitate this syndrome like scabies and anything (One) near IT. We got rid of polio TB typhoid… Read more »


Muhyiddin, Ali Rustam et. al…..all swimming in the same cesspoool.

Reminds me of the power struggles within the Sicilian “Cosa Nostra” Mafia

Andrew I

You’re welcome, sword of justice. Actually, I’m using this pseudonym since there hasn’t been an Andrew I yet, unlike Henry VIII, George II etc. Prince Andrew is no. 4 in line so there’s only a slim chance he’ll get to be Andrew I. Unlike me…only kidding! Yes, thank Anil for the space. We really need a sense of humour to deal with the verbal compost that is being heaped on us daily. Nothing irks me more than having my intelligence insulted. I know we don’t live in a perfect world, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t stand up to the… Read more »


guilty but still in power. just because he’s an umno man

sword of justice

Dear Andrew I, (Your name takes after the patron Saint of Scotland, you know that?)I learnt about the Union Jack (I was in the most famous and prestigious school in Penang and taught by expat teachers from Old Blighty.real imported stuff!) As a member of a scout troop, we had to learn about the Union Jack (a booklet which can be opened in three flaps..One says (with the red Cross, right in the middle ..St George of England, St Patrick of Ireland and St Andrew of Scotland..there you are Andrew) Anyway, coming back to “Pink Lips”…yes, I remember reading somewhere… Read more »


Whatever happens the rusty the smiler will take with a big smile .


It’s really bother me with this UMNO thing… It’s funny when u barred someone cause he is guilty but can still be the CM of Malacca? If he’s guilty then he is.. he has to resign from whatever post he’s holding now.. can we report this to the MACC and can the MACC take any action based on the finding from UMNO? Don’t tell me that UMNO is now even BIGGER than MACC or PDRM? So UMNO decide what action then that’s it? We never forget that PENANG … who was banned for 3 years and the POLICE took no… Read more »


Like I give a … about a party which will be lead by a piece of ….


It does matter. This will split UMNO. Factionalism will make it weak. “Civil war” in UMNO is even better. Infighting will cause it to implode.


Why do I care? UMNO is not interested in doing anything for us ordinary folk. My Streamyx does not work well. My Celcom broadband dongle does not work well. My food bills remain high. My siblings are losing work and their salaries are falling. Life is getting tougher for all. But does UMNO care? Does Najib care? Does Muhyiddin care? Does Ali Rustam care? No, they don’t give a damn. All certain Umno politicians apparently care about is how to continue enriching themselves and how to entrench their power in UMNO so they can continue enriching themselves. So, no. It… Read more »


Ali should be removed from all posts ASAP as he is guilty in money politics…nuff said


Business as usaul. Come April , just another launching
of new shop and it’s just another day.

Johnny Cheah

So KJ is given a severe warning but was he involved in money politic. If he is not, then call him before the displinary committee for what. What about the Toyo guy, acquitted? Because he is so good in going after the PR people? Damn … joke!


If Muyhiddin got the 2nd spot it will be under the sufferance and patronage of Najib. Tun will now have to depend on Najib to get his beloved son through for the Permuda Umno head.
(He) reigns supreme…with the 5 Institutions firmly under his grasp, the course is now completely clear … to enjoy the spoil without hindrance.

Andrew I

Yes, those pink lips, sword of justice. The TV cameras used to focus on them and, together with the lip gloss and moustache, kinda reminds one of a talking feline.

CL Wong

People, its all a show. This is to pls the opposition that something is done about corruption. Nothing has changed.We have seen much of it already.Status Quo.


Please waitlah BRO,from crack now the ship has broke into pcs,Ali is the first piece


Ha, ha. Dollah must be very sad now since his people are being axed one by one, even before he retires.

He should have reformed his part, the judiciary, the police, the ACA etc in 2004.

Too late now. What to do?

Another strong evidence that this party is corrupt to the core and it will never change.


Congratulations!! This is the will of the Almighty God.
He doesn’t need the support of the Chinese and the Indians to govern Malaysia. Kayveas will be having his last laugh. Ha! Ha! Ha!


Rustam can do one thing. Just sabo the Malacca state government. Give it to PR lock, stock & barrel

peter sng

The Witch hunt is on. They (appear to be) trying to implicate pro-AAB faction.
Actually AAB is to be blame for he is always complacent to leave the actual running of the adminstration to NR. AAB just enjoy himself travelling around the world so NR just plant his men around those Key posts. So now they (seem to be taking) order only from him[NR] to (allegedly) exterminate those pro-AAB faction contenders.


Who cares Anil….the whole party is corrupted and they stink a mile.We really need a very big hole to cover all this s*** guys. The very best was the Jawa fellow came out smelling nice after all the s*** he has gathers…