Rolls Royce received two data reports from MH370: New Scientist


New Scientist has learned that “the maker of the missing Boeing 777’s Trent 800 engines, Rolls Royce, received two data reports from flight MH370 at its global engine health monitoring centre in Derby, UK, where it keeps real-time tabs on its engines in use”.

“One was broadcast as MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport, the other during the 777’s climb out towards Beijing”.

But under International Civil Aviation Organisation rules, such reports are normally kept secret until air investigators need them, the New Scientist noted.

Full report
in the New Scientist.

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Shakirin AlIkram

My apologies for the opening sentence error. `the merangkap’ should precede MoT and not as written above..

Shakirin AlIkram

Anil. for themerangkap past 7 days we are getting mere ding-dong from the three agencies MAS/DCA & MoT spokespersons, oft times barely intelligible responses to the over-hungry Press. The answers are either evasive, inconclusive or just outright denials. The bottom line we are not told if Malaysian satellites got any images (putting a nonsense on PM’s statement that images cannot be done if plane is at the bottom of the GoT. China got images BUt later claim its a mistaken release. Came up instead now with seismic actions from the MH370 location @1:22am 080314. Viet Authorities notified Malaysia of MH… Read more »


Malaysia, our once beloved country will be off radar soon…

The world’s leadership has been condemning 1kangkong land if you read the international news…

I wonder the government of malaysia under BN feel the heat and shame now !!!

However thick they are, you can sense that they are panic now…

Indeed, One1derfool Malaysia !!!

Andrew I

Now you can also visit through international media.


What has this go to do with the missing plane?

Kita rasu

This is a test for Najib’s leadership capability in crisis situation. Look like he is losing it badly. Time to ask all those hanger on why are you kissing up to him? You hang on amy longer, you’ll get stripped naked as well. Time to cut him loose and get a new PM, like Razaleigh or Anwar.

Don Anamalai

Failure to manage MH370 crisis exposing Malaysia’s leadership limit, say analysts


Visit Malaysia 2014 campaign can save up plenty of its budget for overseas promotion now that the whole world know where’s the location of Malaysia as the result of the MH370 tragedy.

Sincerely hope Malaysia don’t screw up on transparency in right and true info sharing otherwise we shall get even not favourable publicity after Anwar, Karpal …….who’s next ….

najib manaukau

Now you know why MAS is loosing by the billions ! When you have Air Asia targeting the same population is doing better than MAS. I am not here to say that Air Asia is doing very well, especially when they are using all kinds of misinformations on their flights to lure the million of passengers. How long more can these … go on ? Or should I say how many millions more can Malaysia come up with ? Is that why this Tony is shifting his focus to Indonesia ? I know of one passenger who flew with Air… Read more »

Don Anamalai

The ticket price of Air Asia is cheap if you purchase only ‘one-way’ ticket during its promotion.
However, the online ticketing system will charge you high for the return flight, thus the overall cost is not cheap at all. Once bitten, twice avoidance!

ps : MAS share is only worth 24 sen.


MAS share 24 sen to become RM2.40 upon governmental market intervention to boost national ego ?