RM525m donation is chicken-feed…


Vincent Tan’s RM525 million donation to the Better Malaysia Foundation is chicken-feed compared to the enormous potential market for sports betting.

The donation is actually a small ‘investment’ compared to what is at stake.

Berjaya Corporation paid RM525 million for Tan’s 70 per cent stake in Ascot, which was controversially awarded a sports betting licence recently.

Tan’s donation of the proceeds comes in the wake of growing disquiet about the impact of sports betting especially among low-income workers and their families.

Some random thoughts come to mind:

  • The sports betting market is worth anywhere between RM7 billion to RM20 billion annually. So what is a one-off RM525 million donation compared to that?
  • How much is Robin Tan’s 30 per cent share in Ascot now worth? Will he sell it to the public and donate the proceeds to charity too?
  • Ascot is likely to be another cash cow for Berjaya Corporation. Even after the sale of his 70 per cent interest in Ascot, Vincent Tan holds a 25 per cent direct interest and a 28 per cent deemed interest in Berjaya Corporation, according to Berjaya Corp’s 2009 Annual Report.
  • Vincent and Robin Tan are among the five trustees of the Better Malaysia Foundation.
  • Vincent Tan has promised that the accounts of the Foundation will be audited and transparent with more independent board members roped in. So where is the website for this foundation (formerly VTCY Foundation), which was established in 1995? The audited accounts should be put on this website, and in the interest of transparency, an audited list of the previous recipients of aid from the foundation should be uploaded as well.
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Anil Netto

Latest: RM525m donation is chicken-feed… http://bit.ly/bOtYT2

pop wire

says: RM525m donation is chicken-feed compared to the enormous potential market for sports betting http://j.mp/a9x2lm

Niraj Sanghvi

RT : Latest: RM525m donation is chicken-feed… http://bit.ly/bOtYT2


Gerakan K? , Gerakan Kotor.


M$525 million is really chicken feed if you realise the Malaysian ringgit today got no value. You want to buy a good house in P.J. already cost you $M1 million plus. You want to buy a house with all the extras then you are looking at $10 million ringgit. So what is 525 million. it is just kacang puteh only. You want to buy a Beemer 750i you are looking at $500,000 plus. Ok lah another example. Lets say you want to spend an evening with your kakis. You go to a pub with a band already you are paying… Read more »


Mufti of Selangor release an edict declaring any Muslim who approves or legalise sports betting is acting against the religion – see FMT report.
RM525million??? – Small money must be given out in order for BIG MONEY to come in !!!!What donation ??
LATEST – PM JIBBY to be referred to Committee Of Rights and Priviledges for misleading the House on Ascott sports betting licence.


That includes Chinese Muslims who intentionally, emotionally, mentally and spiritually support in words and deeds sports betting to the detriment of others. It makes no difference whether this supports BN Gomen or the opposition. The crux of this argument is it brings no good nor benefit to this nation.

Gerakan K

More tax money also bad ???


Gerakan K,
We are not interested in SIN money. Only BN, UMNO Najib and you encourage it.

Thats why they are willing to stoop so low to use … money to corruptibly buy over election…


This is like a rapist saying: I help this poor girl to bear a child to propagate the earth. So what’s wrong with my SIN crime?
This beast of mentality is the worst kind we have around. God is watching closely! Don’t worry, don’t be angry, be happy.

Gerakan K

Yes, God is watching closely. That is why PR failed in GE12 and BN won it. Bravo BN !!!

Your example is too bad. Let’s us condemn any rapist !!!


You understand what is metaphorically speaking? God is watching people with these like-mindedness and (abuse) against Rakyat like BN and Gerakan!


Geraka K,
You are forever in a state of denial. PR nearly wipe our BN if not for Sabah and Sarawak that save them. Sibu is now the first stage of the change that will come at the next GE13 election. Yes God is watching to wipe out that 52 years of sin committed by BN & UMNO

Gerakan K

No buy election. Development activities coincidence with by-election. This scenario had explained by the EC Chairman many times. So stop listen to baseless propaganda.


hi, Gerakan K, where is your half brother, you always jump to his defence, how come the good debater just senyap-senyap only when you are being bashed by the readers left right and center? Is he unfit now, consumed by his own anger and bitterness? I have told you to advise him to “see open” as the whole nation loves Lim Guan Eng now – Yes, NO to sports bettings, No to you help me i help you… Lim Guan Eng, a Chinese said NO to betting and Mr PM, a … muslim wants to legalise betting. O!!! I afraid… Read more »

Gerakan K

To legalize betting, the people gain extra tax money.

To not legalize betting, the people gain nothing and instead the illegal bookies gain TOTALLY.

Let’s examine the motive of the government and the opposition. I cannot accept PR policy that benefits illegal bookies.

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, By Gerakan K’s logic, then the BN Govt should start legalising prostitution, lest the pimps and human trafic lords gain TOTALLY. The BN Govt should also legalise drugs abuse, lest the drugs lords gain TOTALLY. Why only stop at legalising sports betting? Morevoer, there’re places/countries where sports betting, prostitution and drugs abuse are legal! So, why not in M’sia as well? BN(read UMNO) should answer Gerakan K’s call to legalise sports betting, and then extend it to prostitution and drugs abuse!! That way, the UMNO-led BN Govt would gain in taxes collected! After all, Gerakan K’s contention is… Read more »

Gerakan K

The government there tries to gain something out of “surely happens things” for the people. Just like installing solar power panel to capture free energy. Protest or not, legalize or not the sports betting, prostitution, drug abuse are still there.

While the opposition is taking advantage of the situation. In their mind is just to fish non-gambling voters’ votes.


BN government cannot fight illegal gambling, then you legalize it.

How about drug taking, prostitution, rape, robbery, etc? BN also cannot fight them, then you legalize them for extra taxes?

Gerakan K

A popular mantra by the common people:

“if you can’t beat them, join them”


Another saying, “you cannot do the job, let other more capable person do it.”


Not only capable, but responsible, ethical, principled, caring and financially prudent. Also, not the kind that twist and turn with words and deeds.

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi nkkhoo,

You’ve got it right. Enough is enough of 53 years of mismanagement, corruption, cronyism with intent to cause leakages and attrociously over-priced projects through direct negotiations. Now, the people are asked to accept removal of subsidies and to tighten the belt when they’re already suffocating!

All this while the leakages continue, overpriced mega projects continue, and latest, a move to build a RM800 million (which is (almost) certain to balloon to over RM1 billion) Parliament!!

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone,

If the sports betting license has not yet been reissued, how’s it that VT and his Ascort Co. go around giving the impression that the license is already in his bag? Now, we’ve the Finance Minister and PM saying that the sports license has yet to be issued! Who’s telling half-truths or not the truth, the PM or VT?


I believe Vincent Tan will be sacrificed as a wrong side by Najib’s regime after overwhelming objection from good rakyat on sports betting.

He has to eat “dead cat” finally.


Hoi… Najib, with his Finance minister hat on, issued a written reply to parliament today stating that ” the government has not yet concluded its discussions and terms regarding the legalisation of sports betting” and “has yet to issue a licence to Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd for bookie operations in Malaysia”. And the ministry was “still open to feedback from various parties”. Source: Finance Ministry denies giving betting licence to Ascot http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/finance-ministry-denies-giving-betting-licence-to-ascot/ So is Najib and his govt NOT going to issue the sports gambling licence? And before folks start shouting ‘Flip flop!” or “Kostan”, whatever the reason(s) may be,… Read more »


Gerakan K,

We really need to know your I.Q.

Be transparent and walk the talk.

Lu cakap tak serupa bikin.

Vincent is donating to himself via his foundation.


Talking about I.Q.? Some seem to don’t have it! Especially on matters that matters the Rakyat! B’Cos Talk Is Cheap-lah!…

tan, tanjong bungah


Berikan saya lisen berjudi sukan atau sebarang lisen berjudi lain. Saya akan menandatangani persetujuan/kontrak dengan kerajaan pusat untuk mengagihkan 10% keuntungan bagi diri sendiri dan memberikan baki 90% kepada kerajaan pusat. Lu bagi saya apa yang saya mahu dan saya bagi mu apa yang mu mahu. Adakah kami ada satu perjanjian?

Tambahan 90% bahagian anda boleh ditubuhkan satu Tabung Kebajikan bagi mengamalkan kebajikan kepada semua rakyat Malaysia. Bagaimana kau akan memberinya kepada umat Islam ialah masalah kau!

Gerakan K

Wow! You can write decent BM !

Saya berharap O tidak akan menganggap “tan, tanjong bungah” sebagai Gerakan K. Baru-baru ini O suka menganggap saya sebagai Tan, Ang atau Ang Tan. Tapi, biarlah dia syiok sendiri cukup-cukup.

Dimana sumber, bukti, atau contoh konkrit yang menyatakan bahawa terdapat pembahagian keuntungan bersama diantara kerajaan pusat dengan pihak yang berkenaan ??? Atau ini merupakan andaian kosong yang sengaja dibuat untuk memburukkan nama baik pemerintah negara ???

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi Gerakan K, Baca dengan teliti komen saya. Ini ialah cadangan perjanjian antara saya dengan kerajaan pusat! Saya boleh berunding secara terus dengan kerajaan BN untuk meningkatkan lagi peratusan kepada kerajaan. Cadangan saya lebih memanfaatkan kerajaan pusat berbanding dengan yang diberi oleh Syarikat Ascot! Baru sahaja saya terbaca kenyataan VT bahawa kerajaan akan dapat ratusan juta RM daripada cukai judi sukan. Maksudnya, syarikat Ascot akan mendapat berbillion-billion ringgit pendapatan! Katakanlah lisen judi sukan ini diluluskan, bagaimanakah kerajaan nak gunakan cukai itu, iaitu cukai judi itu hanya untuk digunakan oleh masyarakat bukan Islam sahaja? Dan jika cukai sedemikian digunakan untuk membina… Read more »

Gerakan K

Syarikat itu bayar cukai juga. Jadi rakyat akan mendapat keuntungan juga. Jika larangan terhadap pertaruhan dilaksanakan, tiada keuntungan daripada cukai.

Oleh itu segala bantahan terhadap pemberian lesen pertaruhan yang sah hanya memanfaatkan pusat pertaruhan yang tidak sah.


Yes, when i read that i was thinking how can Star published that damn article by Y C Chong…

He gives the non Chinese the impression that Chinese are all gamblers, how wrong…

Star chooses and picks articles that favour their master, it has been a known fact now.





The Star dares not publish my objection on sports betting. I refer to opinion by YC Chong in “Gaming not haram for non-Muslims”. (http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2010/6/3/focus/6389432&sec=focus). I disagree with him that gaming is an entertaning pastime for the majority Chinese in Malaysia. Gaming or betting is never a morally correct thing or culture for Chinese from any religion background. Besides, there is no such concept of haram or not haram for non-Muslims. It’s ridiculous to assume haram for Muslims mean not haram for non-Muslims. His argument is in fallacy in the first place. Legalize gaming or gambling by the authorities does not… Read more »

Gerakan K

What is culture anyway ???

According to Concise Oxford English (CD version),

culture = the customs, ideas, and social behaviour of a particular people or group


Notice the social behaviour of chinese which like to line up at 4D shops, horse gambling, big sweeps, “ji fah”, etc.

In my opinion, gambling really is the chinese culture.


The laws prohibited Malays, the largest group of race in Bolehland to queue up in the 4D, big sweeps outlets or enter casino.

How you draw that law intervention scenario as Chinese culture?

Have you seen Mainland Chinese in China queue up to bet or gamble like Chinese here?

Gerakan K

In China, there are people betting on chicken fighting, insect fighting, etc.

Culture thing also specific to certain region due to many factors.

Look at how chinese in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, and Malaysia celebrate CNY. Each has own specific ways.


Malays in Kelantan, Thailand, Philippine and Indonesia are often betting on cock fighting.

Are you telling me that cock fighting betting is Malay culture?

I only say gambling is a social ill in our Chinese community due to strong encouragement from BN government and lack of enforcement on illegal gambling.


Culture is something being taught and inherited from generation to generation.

Did your parent teach you to gamble or play 4D?

If yes, gambling is Chinese culture.

If no, gambling is unwanted social ill.

Gerakan K

One well known example is the mahjong. This type gambling inherited long long ago during ancient war time in China. No need for me to provide lengthy explanation about this game. This game also nicely INHERITED to Malaysia for generations.

Just do a quick search on mahjong history and you will know what I mean.


My deceased father is a habitual gambler for mahjung, etc, but none of my siblings are inheriting his “culture”. He had never taught us on how to play mahjung or other type of gambling.

Long history does not mean mahjung or other sinful activity is a culture rooted in the community.

Many Chinese (still the number is in minority!) taking marijuana since Ching dynasty, no historians say taking marijuana is Chinese culture, except to label it as a social ill.


Correction. It should be taking opium, not taking marijuana.


Gerakan K, Your sick opinion is an insult to the Chinese community. Gambling is a culture to the Chinese from MCA/Gerakan and all mosquito parties from BN, not the general Chinese populace. What “ji fah”? In the 50’s 60’s? Now it is “ji bat” and 4d, dude! All house of vices, prostitutions, gambling, karaokes with women, foreign women you name it, and all those big taikos from (certain Chinese parties) are involved. There are far bigger crimes but the blog owner will not allow it to be listed here. No? Have you forgotten where all the underworld big bosses were… Read more »


Penang biggest Chinese secret society, “Peng” had a cabinet minister not long ago. I do not disclose who was the fella, guess it out yourself.

Gerakan K

Well well well, I do not agree with your intention to differentiate the chinese based on political allegiance. Branding the chinese ??? Caste thing ??? I’m so sorry to tell you that this is Malaysia and certainly not in middle east which you can twist and turn. We (“kami” ok, not “kita”), the Malaysians are the peaceful one. You can try again but I can assure you that you can’t do it in Malaysia. Regarding to “ji fah”, I wanted to prove that gambling has deeply rooted in Malaysia. Nothing new for the locals except foreigner. Save for yourself the… Read more »


Gerakan k or Mr Ang Tan, i thought you have emigrated to Singapore, according to O(?) Already admit defeat even before GE 13? Yes, the RAKYAT want to know how the millions of Ringgit will be used to help the poor, hence, transparency is needed here. The RAKYAT can no longer be fooled since 308 !!! What has it to do with Anil’s account? To begin with, have your ever donated? If not, lu nak cakap apa? Mr Ang Tan, please come good and dont simply cakap-cakap la. I must ask O whether your mulut bau busuk ah? Salam and… Read more »

Gerakan K

Just to clarify few things,

who is Ang Tan ??? If there is Ang Tan then he must be “pengundi hantu”. You have been cheated by the foreigner.

Our discussion slightly touched on the concept of transparency, either in public institution, charity organization, etc.

Noticed that this blog also receive public donation money (the term used by PayPal). So just walk the talk and publish the all donation records. This is also transparency.

He possibly has made billions from us and evade tax ??? Who knows ???


Gerakan K, You are a dude. What has contribution to someone who honestly work hard for his living and someone who gets a massive haram license with hundreds of millions in immediate gains because of his connections? Yes, all your comparisons of late really makes me wonder what your IQ is, can you please intimate? Mr. Tan made his first appearance on May 15th at 7.31 am. I was sorry I was unable to attend the auspicious occasion where you took on a new identity and surname, a belated congratulations. Mr. Ang made his appearance on 8.10 pm on 29th… Read more »


Gerakan K,

Sorry, Mr. Tan made his appearance on the morning of Sibu by election at 7.31am. I think it is 16th May, the date of the Sibu miracle.

Anyway, once again congratulations, Mr Ang Tan, literally translated means “red eggs” to commemorate a joyous occasions. Marriages do occur very often with you.

PAS for All. Salam Reformasi.

Gerakan K

I can feel your anger. Look at how lowly you have commented. Tan or Ang has nothing to do with me. But look again, you have touched on ancestor, surname, IQ, etc….

Gerakan K


my wife has complained to me regarding to your statement:

Marriages do occur very often with you.


What lah you, O. Don’t use cheap tactic to cause problem in my marriage life. My wife is so sensitive regarding another women as claimed by you.

O, you owe my wife and me an apology. Retract your ill intended statement now !!!


Gerakan K,

…You had maintained in your comments previously, that you are a woman, young, pretty and wealthy? Forgot that? You are really such a liar! No apology for liars! However you can send my regards to both Mr. Ang and Tan….


Gerakan K


forget it, I managed to calm my wife. I have forgiven you but not sure about my wife. My family and I will go to Genting this Saturday, capitalize on school holiday about a week long.

So, I will absent in this blog and you will enjoy Gerakan K-less in this space.

O, wish me good luck as I have prepare a great amount of “ammunition” to face Lim Jr in Genting.


Gerakan K, I wish you good luck but if you continue to tell lies, then do not blame me. Luck deserts those who tell lies, though I hope you will plough as much money as possible…. Afterall, that is “tua Pek Kong’s money”. Another thing, when you are caught you conveniently say forget it. I do not mind, but, please understand that I am not used to telling lies. I do not wish to get involved in such exchanges when all proofs are at hand, yet, you dare to deny and continue to lie. Anyway, you make your bucks and… Read more »


Gerakan K,

Another thing, if you wish to dwell in sordid lies, please do not engage me. I am not used to it, please.

I interact with cultured and honest people during the course of my work and if I were to go down to your level, then I am afraid I may lose the respects of my associates and friends.

Gerakan K

dear Anil, please do not delete this message as this is my final reply to a commentator named as O [In serious tone] O, I think that you are finally resorted to underhand tactics when failed to exchange opinions with me or exhausted of fresh ideas. By the way, I’m not a good debater. K is the great one. I feel that you are telling many lies everyday in this blog. I also feel that Tan and Ang creatures and thus comments made by them actually created by you. Anyway, as suggested the blog owner, we should focus on the… Read more »

Gerakan K

sure Anil, let’s stick to the issue.


i never touvh him with a ten-foot pole. remember… the Ling family in Berjaya Industrial Group fiasco? Thousands of people lost their savings when the company collapsed without a trace. where was SC? as usual, sleeping when tycoons are involved. did you all remember how Ling (allegedly) used the Star paper to promote the counter before it collapsed? you are right, anil. yes, he may seem to be giving up the RM525m but imagine the yearly benefits that accrued to Berjaya Corp. being teh largest shareholder, this fella will enrich himself by the billions. And he (may) use some of… Read more »

Gerakan K

Who told you the Perak story ??? RPK again ???

You are so Malaysian in style, do not how to appreciate the helping hand.


Lembu punya susu, sapi dapat untung!!! Popular Malay saying applies in this case.
I really pity the general public hell bent on being oblivious to simple logic.
A) Vincent was an ex-insurance salesman,
– max IQ 90(?)
B) Always decorate the peacock with dazzling
titles and blind all detractors.
C) Camouflage the cow well enough, and it will
look like a kitten…( Sun Tse)
D) Which ex-PM advocated that Sun Tse — Art
of War, as compulsory reading for his
E) Who was UMNO treasurer then?

Who is the Cow, who is the Ghee?


Yes, that’s the first thought that came to mind when I read the news of his ‘oh-so-generous’ donation. Compared with the revenue from the sports betting business, it’s indeed chicken feed, consider the revenue he will receive and the lives it will destroy!


Seriously the ban by Pakatan Govt will not be effective. To overcome this, the Govt has allowed Ascot Sports to under-take telephone betting. So all these punters will just move from a “physical Shop lot” to a “e-shoplot”.
That is why Vincent Tan is so confident.


Gerakan K,

What about you? Can we audit your daily income to validate if there is any contribution from UMNO or Gerakan to work as their cybertrooper to spam this blog?

Gerakan K

Why me ??? I never ask / use public money. I just highlight a simple example of “talk is cheap”. To walk the talk is very difficult.

Look at Obama. Chanting Change ! Change ! Change ! slogan before election. What happens to Iraq + Afghanistan now after so long in power. The unwelcomed army still there for what ???


Why public donation to personal pocket need to be audited? Are you silly or what?


Yes Gerakan K, yes talk is cheap is what you are. You said, I never ask or use public money but you ask and want all the benefits that come by being a bumi. Isn`t that asking for and using public money. You said it yourself, I did not frame you. As for me, I have work hard. What I am today I work very hard and I don`t expect or want any benefits that come by being a bumi. What I want is just fairness not when those with lousy results can be selected over those with better results.… Read more »

Gerakan K

That is my birth right. Don’t jealous, OK.


Gerakan K,
That is not your birth right. You are a Chinese Muslim as claimed by you earlier. You are a wannabe bumi.
I will never betray my own for some pittance. If indeed I did convert to Muslim, it will not BE because of the privileges but it will BE because I believe in that religion. Why should I be jealous. After all I believed I am better off than you and with DIGNITY.


Yang, your ‘Chor Kong’ and mine the same. We stand proud and dignified. We know how we make it in life, with total pride, courage, intelligence, perseverence and resourcefulness, and no short-cuts, shameless thick skins nor debilitating with clutches.

Gerakan K

I’m not a muslim. Same old thing again. Did you read the constitution before shooting me again ??? It is very cheap and available at any Popular bookstore.


I have a right to be proud and dignified according to the constitution. That’s my way of life. And I find alot of kinmans of my kind, Richy dude. So what’s wrong with that?


Gerakan K,
Why do you always have to lie. You said it yourself self you are a muslim chinese. Do you want me to check through the old posting and show it to you.

Gerakan K

Haha Yang,

I know what is your problem. You need clarification, isn’t it ???

But I had said earlier, I will not give you the exact answer because of your attitude. Remember, you have call me wannabe numerous times until today.

The EXACT answer can be found in the Malaysia Constitution. No hints for you. But I never lie to you, it is just because you have limited knowledge in this issue.


Gerakan K,
Yes in a way that is our birth right. We are all Malaysian and our birth rights whether Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan etc are Malaysian. But the PM and his deputy claims themselves to be Malay first and Malaysian second … in their eyes you are only second (?)…

But to PR all Malaysian whether Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan etc are all Malaysian first…….

You have been sold and yet did not realize it

Gerakan K

In the interest of transparency, an audited list of the contribution to you, ie Anil Noel Netto should be put on this website.

How much do you earn monthly from contribution ???

How do you feel now ??? Have the strong urge to delete my comment ??? So it is just the pot calling kettle black.


Yes Anil, let’s be transparent. Give us a complete list of the contribution you receive. We want to know how the hundred of millions ringgit of contribution is spent.


hahaha… K and M. u both r just trying to protect your master’s plan by distracting the attention. it is not working anymore… how much profits u got … under ur master control… perhaps u both too need to list out the complete list of sponsors u got (?)… kakaka…


Try looking up “sarcasm” in the dictionary.


Gerakan K,

At first I thought you are just being silly, now I’m convinced that you are an imbecile. What has contributions to a blogger got to do with a contribution that is going to be made by a person who just received the football gambling license from the Malaysian government, made because he was under fire by ordinary Malaysians?

Now let’s be transparent and tell us what your IQ is.


This is akin to comparing a lion’s share with a chicken-feed share! Moreover the contribution is a matter of moral principle, which I will any time give my credits to Anil. Come to think of it, why can’t so called ‘clever people’ figure it out that gambling is a no-no?

Nancy lee

Donating to his own personal foundation? How much of the RM525 million will be actually given to the needy? Five percent a year? And the rest? Will it be re-invested under the name of the foundation and withdrawn after a few years? This is the trick employed by the mega-rich worldwide.
… He did not commit on how the cash would be disbursed; neither did he say to which segment of the society. To me, this is just to hoodwink the rakyat….


Nancy, this is a TRICK. No matter how much is the donation, it’s been figured out to be a win situation for them and we the Rakyat will be the fools and losers. Just imagine how many families will go bankrupt, children will have to stop their education, boyfriends lose girlfriends, increase in snatch thieves, hara-kiri, etc.


Vincent is never known for his charity…. This man is a master of using politics in business strategy…. I would say No to his offer. How can you accept a gift…and not expect to loose your soul?

Simple Truth

The government wants to reduce the national debt by getting rid of the subsidies which benefit everyone and yet see fit to gift RM 750m to an already rich billionaire and his son, all at a stroke of a pen. The issue here is why no tender of the license which would probably have raised more than RM 750m and why should it be given to just two individuals. The RM 525m is not for Vincent Tan to donate as he sees fit. It should have gone to the state coffers for the benefit of all Malaysians. And how about… Read more »


I was thinking along the same lines as you, Anil. I was pondering on the likely shy-high future value of the remaining 30% Ascot Sports shares. Wondering whether it was in some company which was held by Vincent tan’s family or some nominee, and you ended the mystery with the info that his son Robin holds that 30%. i had also been mulling over how Vincent tan had qyuickly capitalised on the sports gambling OK by selling the dormant Ascot Sports’ shares to Berjaya – so even if the sports gambling OK is withdrawn due to public outcry or political… Read more »