Report: CBI likely to summon AK, Ralph


The Central Bureau of Investigation in India is likely to summon Maxis group chairman T Ananda Krishnan in connection with the controversial Aircel-Maxis deal case as he has not been questioned by the agency so far, The Hindu has reported.

The agency is also reportedly likely to summon Director of UK-based Astro All Asia Networks Ralph Marshall, Director SUN Direct TV Kalanithi Maran and former Telecom Minister Dayanidhi Maran who have been made accused in the case, CBI sources said.

This case could have far-reaching repercussions. It’s not often you see powerful well-connected businessmen having to account for their actions.

The Hindu adds in its report:

The agency has registered a case against Maran brothers, Ananda Krishnan, Marshall and three companies Astro All Asia Networks, Sun Direct TV and Maxis Communications under relevant sections of criminal conspiracy and Prevention of Corruption Act.

After registering the case, the agency on MOnday carried out searches at the premises of Maran brothers in Delhi and Chennai and at the residence of Executive Director of Apollo Hospital Suneeta Reddy in Hyderabad.

It has been alleged by former Aircel Chief C. Sivasankaran that Mr. Maran as the then Telecom Minister favoured the Maxis group in the takeover of his company and in return investments were made by the company through Astro network in Sun TV owned by Maran family.

Sources in the CBI claimed quid-pro-quo on part of the then Telecom Minister has been established during the probe.

It has also been proved during the CBI probe that there is direct evidence that files of Sivasankaran were deliberately delayed, the sources said.

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12 Oct 2011 4.14pm

Dear Anil. I cannot help but to change subject. There is another case of missing engines, this time from the Marine Police store in Penang. (Bernama). Apparently an inside job. Dont it sounds familiar.

12 Oct 2011 11.51am

this brings to mind that if TM (telekom Malaysia) is well managed than Msia can provide valuable internet access (yet economical to reach out to the nation in need of knowldge-based growth especially among the youth).

however, this could be wishful thinking as TM is now profit-oriented just like Maxis and we likely to see more lawsuits here and there (eg when high speed broadband being deployed very soon) because of commercialism dealings ?????

12 Oct 2011 6.08pm
Reply to  rilakkuma

Checking wikipedia , Singtel did $16.87 billion SGD revenue (2010), hiring 23k employee, While TM revenue for 2007 merely RM17.84 billion. with 30k in payroll.
Using your “well managed” wording, perhaps Singtel can be call “heavenly God managed” company?

Andrew I
Andrew I
12 Oct 2011 10.10pm
Reply to  moo_t

You see, all three comments have got nothing to do with the topic as some blogger from down south might point out. The problem is, if we stayed on topic, we might get arrested… never mind best democracy.

So, on to Singtel. Singtel, like Singapore Airlines, have good case studies on how NOT to run a business.

In our quest to be an educational hub, perhaps we could offer courses on how NOT to run businesses. Then we don’t have to protest about our university world rankings.

And Gherkin can be the Chancellor.

Syiok Syiok
Syiok Syiok
13 Oct 2011 2.14pm
Reply to  moo_t

Rilakkuma said “if TM (telekom Malaysia) is well managed”

the word is IF.

just like IF Malaysia ….. then the rakyat can enjoy …..

so IF can set us thinking for the future ???

Pretty Obvious
Pretty Obvious
13 Oct 2011 7.21pm
Reply to  moo_t

Perkasa has demanded that our GLCs behave like an extension of our bloated civil service whose workforce outnumbers the number of taxpayers. You guys and girls should read the interview given by the Khazanah CEO to the London Financial Times a couple of months back.

14 Oct 2011 11.20am
Reply to  rilakkuma

TM’s Streamyx services still well below par – may be sub sub sub to many levels that it does not even has a database of its subscribers !

see letter in NST :