Razaleigh on MACC and Beng Hock’s death


Part 1 (above)

Part 2: Razaleigh on Abdullah Badawi, ISA and Zaid Ibrahim’s invite to join PKR (below)

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Tengku Razaleigh would make a fantastic PM Malaysia. He understands the rot that has set in Umno/Bn Suspects are beaten … custody many innocents or not even proven guilty. …For a paltry sum of few Thousand Ringgit, MACC officials questioned Teoh non stop for over 8-10 hrs. … remember Anwar case? (The police) extracted a confession from Munawir & others that Anwar was involved in homo acts. Yet,MACC officials DID NOT EVEN ASK ONE QUESTION from (many BN leaders)… It stinks to HIGH HEAVEN….the Dirty Umno/Bn politics–what more (the death of) an innocent good Man in Teoh Beng Huat who… Read more »

anna brella

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah seems to make a lot of sense. So it is a little hard to understand why he is still in UMNO. Perhaps TRH should just leave the Dr M-constructed UMNO Baru (to die a natural death with its current infestation of political lowlives) and go reconstruct his good ole’ UMNO Lama in a new multi-racial/Onn Jaafar thought-construct version and resurrect its original founding cause which TRH now talks of so fondly and somewhat wistfully. UMNO is a mere political party that TRH has chosen to be a member of and that political relationship is not a sacred… Read more »


Ku Li should be more vocal in his approach especially against the wrong doings of the UMNO led administration like Zaid Ibrahim. He then should resign and make a big hoo-hah if UMNO has deaf ears as usual…


Ku Li is still hoping for miracle happenning with UMNO go to his lap. I’m afraid He can’t wit any longer. My wish for Him is resign ASAP.At least in 3 yrs time He will be people’s champ again for the last time in His life.


The least tengku could do is resign from UMNO since he can’t do anything to change their mindset. Continue being an UMNO member is the same as being a member of the gang. Perhaps in the future (if there is any) when UMNO has reformed for the better, he can reapply to be a member.