Razaleigh: Conserve the little oil we have left


We have very little oil left and it is important that we conserve it instead of over-producing, says Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

Wise words indeed. Ever barrel we extract from the ground mean one less barrel for future generations. It also means one more barrel converted to fossil fuel emissions.

Razaleigh adds that if oil royalties that by right are due to the various states are not paid, the BN can kiss goodbye to its hopes of ever recapturing Kelantan and it may even lose Terengganu.

He also cites the case of a company allegedly siphoning oil worth a huge amount via a pipeline to a refinery some time ago.

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Ku Li can talk but no action.
That’s why nobody seems to care anymore.

He should revive his Semangat 46 spirit to give Tun M and umnoputera another fight.

dr mana

Tengku should leave Umno and be with Pakatan. Do it now and the country will see a stronger Pakatan. Tengku has no future in Umno.

Gerakan K

Ada apa pada pakatan ??? Hanya pembangkang persekutuan. BN semua ada. Ada 1Malaysia, ada Blue Ocean strategies dan banyak lagi.

Penang voter

Ada pencuri, pembunuh, penyamun dll juga


Ada banyak-banyak lagi. Salah satu yang memang/pasti ada – penakut hantu Mongolia!!!
Tak lama lagi penakut akan pindah!!!

Gerakan K

Wrong lah Kuli. Not so long ago there is report about new oil field in Malaysia. Ada banyak minyak lagi ~