Sarawak Deputy CM trumpets RM52m Salcra dividend


Here’s something that an analyst sent to me. The Sarawak Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority (Salcra) is a government statutory body charged with developing native customary rights (NCR) land in a bid to improve the lot of rural communities in the state. As you can see below, the figures bandied about raise all sorts of questions.

Sarawak Deputy CM Alfred Jabu is also Minister for Infrastructure Development and Communication/Minister for Rural Development as well as Salcra chairman.

On 30 Nov, Alfred Jabu made a big deal about the RM52 million to be paid out as dividends for 2008 to the 16,480 participants in Salcra oil palm land development schemes, and he lambasted Dayak NGOs for their criticisms.

But a simple division will show that this dividend payout amounts to the grand sum of RM3,155 per participant for the year, or an average of RM263 per month.

According to Salcra’s own figures, the total land area under management amounted to 48,700 hectares. Let us assume a low yield of 15 tonnes per hectare, and a mean cost per tonne of RM200. Going by MPOB figures, the mean FFB price/tonne for 2008 is around RM600.

Then Salcra should have netted RM292 million for 2008. This translates to an average net earnings of RM17,731 per participant, or around RM1,500 per month.

In the announcement, DCM Jabu mentioned that another RM22 million had been set aside for loan re-payment. So, total net balance, after dividends and loan re-payments, should have amounted to RM218 million, or RM13,240 per participant.

So, where did that go to? Even if we allow for a withholding of 50 per cent to allow for re-investment and re-planting, that would still amount to RM109 million or RM6,620 per participant to be accounted for.

Given these figures, the Dayak NGOs are perfectly entitled to question the benefit of Salcra. Without any explanation for this balance of RM218 million, DCM Jabu has no call to lambast those NGOs.

Footnote: If the participants had managed their own average holding (average of 3 hectares each), they would have netted RM17,731 in 2008, on the above assumptions instead of RM3,155 in dividend (per participant).

I have tabulated the above information as follows. :


FFB price Cost Margin
RM/tonne RM/tonne RM/tonne
600 200 400

Actually paid to each participant

Per Per

Total No of participant participant
dividend Participants RM/per year RM/per mth
52,000,000 16,480 3,155 263

Unaccounted surplus

Total Per
Land area Yield Margin expected participant
ha t/ha RM/t surplus (RM) (RM)
48,700 15 400 292,200,000 17,731

Less: Dividends

-52,000,000 -3,155
Less: Loan repayment

-22,000,000 -1,335

Unaccounted surplus per annum

218,200,000 13,240
Less: Assumed replanting/reinvestment (50%)

-109,100,000 -6,620
Unaccounted net surplus

109,100,000 6,620

Unaccounted net surplus per participant per month

9,091,667 552

Would Salcra care to clarify?

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Doni nyisun

Terima kasih krn perihatin terhadap nasib rakyat buni kenyalang lebih2 kaum bidayuh dan iban. tetapi saya rasa muskil kenapa pihak salcra susah henda memberi penyata berapa keluasan tanah dan berapa perolehan dari pada tanah itu? saya berharap pihak pengurusan dapat menjawab pertanyaan saya ini. kalau tidak silap saya kami pun ada menyumbangkan tanah untuk dimasuki kawasan salcra.


those participant can get those low dividen as the others money need to use to pay those high salary ” people ” in the organisation. even heard that got officer take a high salary (allegedly) just to do a little clerk job. so of ccause all the money will no more for the participant.

iris ibrahim

Having said that, are u happy if u r one of the Dayaks involved? Don’t you feel that they were cheated? Wasn’t that like an old story of LD that bought scrap from kampung folk cheaply and sold them very expensively?The LD also sold daily needs expensively and gave hutang, if they can’t pay the debt, the kampung folk will need to sell their land grant and all.The lintah darah solely manipulating the ignorance of the kampung folk.


Anil, I say, you come to Sarawak and assist ALL the Dayaks to go plant oil palm so that they can benefit like what you have laid out perfectly.


Nothing to shout about. As usual, the Dayaks have been (taken for a ride) by none other than their self appointed “paramount chief”, Jabu. If you track back the history of Salcra, they have not paid out a single sen for many years until the opposition raised a lot of questions. Jabu is acting like Taib Mahmud. He is known as Taib’s bag-boy. He has risen from a poor agricultural officer to one of the richest men in Sarawak. … . Obviously the account of Salcra is “state secrete”.


dayaks deserve what they get, aint it? they just love to be screwed. PERIOD. stop complaining.


To our fellow bros and sis RAKYAT over in the East, we the RAKYAT here over the West have made up our mind to make the CHANGE in the last GE 12.
We need YOU to join us to complete the CIRCLE latest by the next GE 13 to rid these GOONS who have been leeching the RAKYAT of BOTH EAST AND WEST for too long.
We need to take back what is rightfully OURS so as to enable OUR future generations do not suffer any more!

Bunsu Tiong

These are only assumptions and they are very2 conservative, but even so it leaves a lot of unanswered questions. For far too long the people have been hoodwinked and manupilated and cheated of their wealth, rights and respects by these people (BN) and it is time every sensible-thinking Sarawakian and especially the Dayaks must abandon the BN in the next election, and give their total support to an alternative group or party. We cannot be any worse than we are now, so there is NOTHING to lose, afterall we have nothing left anymore. Jabu, Taib Mahmud and all the present… Read more »


Well, that’s a lot of work Anil, and thanks for your efforts.

What I would like to see is their accounts representing their figures; then we can have a meaningful comparison of the dividend. Are the figures available in the public sphere? It should…. but is it?

Their lack of transparency and then blowing their trumpet does seem to be their style of doing things……!!!

Adam & The Ants

why bother. Sarawakians like to be conned year in year out.
come next election a simple goody will buy their vote.
we west malaysian will bother about our own problem.


Fairdinkum ,
after all the ill gotten money is stashed somewhere in the Northern Territory.


Too long and too comfortable in their jobs… the entire Sarawak team has been there for >25 years — its time for CHANGE. But will Sarawakians rise to the occasion or will they continue to subject themselves to being continuously conned of their rightful earnings? Sarawakians – you decide next year!