Whistleblower Rafizi’s arrest: Aliran responds


Aliran has responded strongly to the arrest of whistleblower Rafizi Ramli under the charge of violating section 97(1) of the Banks and Financial Institutions Act (Bafia), which carries a maximum jail sentence of three years and a fine of up to RM3m.

This is bad news not so much for Rafizi but for the Najib administration – especially with the timing of the announcement yesterday that the contract for the Ampang LRT extension had been awarded to a consortium led by George Kent (Malaysia) Bhd.

Read the Aliran statement.

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Najib’s government must go. It’s time for change. Malaysians should be able to differentiate between ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. Najib is desperate. That is what is happening now.
Selangor and Penang have made it under PR. It’s time for PR to handle the country.

Gopal Raj Kumar

This is a case of form over substance. Sensationalism and the worst kind of sensationalism of the Ambiga Sreenivasan kind. There is more than just Aliran, Anil Netto, Ambiga, the Malaysian Bar, the DAP and other highly vocal groups that wish to see a more efficient government at any time. It is in fact both a duty and right of citizens everywhere to take an active part where possible in government and in its activities. And to do so they must act lawfully. Neither Ambiga nor this man nor Aliran are acting in a responsible and lawful manner that Aliran… Read more »


What is wrong with this country can be seen from reading the response to my comments. Instead of focusing on the issues I have raised,most have chosen to attack me for daring to criticise the DAP govt. It just shows the pathetic state of so-called our civil society and its proponents. It merel reinforces the view that most of these NGOs and their suppporters are merely using the mask of democratic reformers purely for political purposes. While they are quick to raise issues far away like Sarawak, KL & Sabah, yet they are blind to the wanton destruction on their… Read more »



tan tanjong bungah


False democrat – YES!

On top of that, Man (is he man enough?) of DOUBLE TALK!


WikiLeaks asked : Why do governments of the world not understand yet? Censorship only further motivates us and draws more to our cause. – It’s not that they don’t understand, they just don’t want to. Corrupt govt makes sure the law is there to protect them and their crooks and once exposed, these corrupt and hypocrites will be in deep s…! We already see the double standards here – WhistleBlowers Rafizi Ramli was handcuffed when Police arrested him this morning but the husband of ex-Women Minister Shahrizat Abd Jalil – Dr Mohamad Salleh who was charged with CBT in the… Read more »


Oh Aliran… There are so many issues facing the state….environmental destruction, rape of the hills, waste of public money, loss of green and open spaces,uncontrolled development, lack of public consultations, evil nexus between the state govt and the Big Development…Yet Aliran choose to be so vocal on the issue of Rafizi. I am sorry but organizations such as Aliran has failed themselves and Penangites. Rather than being a voice of the people, Aliran and the other NGOs have become the voice of the state govt. It is no surprise that some of these leaders have more than close relationships with… Read more »


Do you recall Penang Forum 4 Anil ? Have anything changed or happened after that ? I recall the old days when Aliran and other NGOs were so vocal and even organized protests and demonstrations to oppose projects and policies that were anti-people.But these days all we get is talking shop. Nothing but more empty talk. You guys take the streets to support BERSIH but while our homes are being destroyed and our hills being raped, you call for a forum and talk to death. Look at Taiping and Bukit Kiara,the people’s power has brought results and saved environment. Yet… Read more »


hahaha look at Taiping.
A serial liar without blinking an eye.
Anil has just highlighted Taiping lake and either you are just too blind or just a serial liar without a blink

Sze Tho

So whose homes are being destroyed? Take a deep breath and pause before you start tossing nonsense about.

Our hills being raped? Geez….you are being melodramatic here.

So ALIRAN is not allowed to discuss other important issues because you can’t get to grips with yourself?

Please. Grow up.


Clap Clap Clap!!

Andrew I

Haha. He thinks we were all born yesterday.

tan tanjong bungah

Hi Kometenmelodie, I beg to disagree! Aliran is rightly vocal on the Rafizi issue, as why should rent-seekers who “waste … public money, … ” and “evil nexus between ‘Federal Govt’ and the Big Development” be protected, but Rafizi who bravely tries to expose malpractices in order to prevent further ‘swindling’ of taxpayers’ funds be arrested instead? On the other issues that you claim that Aliran should take up: Are you not aware that Aliran has spoken against authorities, State or Federal, on issues like ” …environmental destruction, rape of the hills, waste of public money, loss of green and… Read more »




Dear, dear Kometenmelodie,
For many decades now Aliran has been championing issues that not only affect Penang but the country, the region and the wider international community. However you, as a likely BN cybertrooper, evidently have blinkers on and this parochial need to attack the Penang state government – and only this Penang state government – for rather obvious reasons. Maybe you should crawl back into that sewer you came out from.


Aiyah Kometenmelodie….. so many Penangnite shooting at you. Do you think they are ungrateful or they are too smart to know what you are up to !

tan tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, Rafizi’s arrest is not just for his exposure of mismanagement and lack of fiduciary duty by UMNO Baru cabinet ministers, that resulted in the possible complete loss of RM250 million of taxpayers’ funds, gifted to the family of a senior minister in the COWGATE Scandal!! It has to do with Rafizi’s exposure of the award the Ampang LRT project to a known crony and friend of the PM!! This exposure has hit the RAW NERVES of the PM!! Despite Rafizi putting forth evidence that a letter of intent has been awarded George Kent & partners, and that the… Read more »

Sam Yap

Eh? Whatsup? If I remember correctly, the “whistleblower” was in fact the Auditor General’s Office which uncovered the lack of due process in the disbursement of the loan and also the suspicious application of the funds. Rafizi came in the picture only later. So, to label him a whistleblower is incorrect. And please note that Rafizi is being charged with violation of BAFIA which, in fact if no details of the bank accounts were released, there was already sufficient facts revealed by the Auditor General to trigger a thorough forensic audit of NFC’s financial affairs. You don’t need to be… Read more »

Ahmad Sobri

Master of double talks? You trust them you die! As simple as that, literally speaking! It has reached a stage where the whole administration is in a big big mess. Who is calling the shots? Why say one thing and do another? This will be a big big blow to the image of Malaysia, of the Najib administration, to the world. But, do they care? Why are the good being arrested and charged? Why is that culprit allowed to go scot free? Why is Chua Soi Lek still allowed to roam the country a free man? He committed, he admitted,… Read more »

Super Senior

Rafizi’s arrest was because of the report confirming that the Ampang LRT extension project had been awarded to a joint venture between Lion Pacific and George Kent, the latter a company which Rafizi earlier (supposedly alleged) as having failed an evaluation test for the job?


Seriously, something is very wrong with Najib’s administration..The move is just so stupid. There is no way Najib could not have stop this even if the zealots wanted to do it.. Its so dumb. AND Najib is going ahead with the George Kent LRT award with controversy swirling around it..

Supposedly Rafizi has more proof that he was waiting for the George Kent LRT award to go through to disclose.

Honestly, I wonder if anyone, including Najib, knows what is really happening..