Quit rent and Penang Structure Plan


Just looking at the law relating to land matters.

Under section 100 of National Land Code, the Land Administrator shall by order declare the land forfeited to the State Authority if the arrears in quit rent is not settled within the period stipulated in its notice of demand (issued under section 97).

Section 100 further provides that the Land Administrator shall not during the period specified in the notice of demand accept the tender of a lesser amount than the sum thereby demanded.

Regarding land use or zoning:

The State Planning Committee/Town and Country Planning Department can propose a review or alteration of the structure plan at any time before five years if it is “expedient” to do so under section 11(2) Town & Country Planning Act.

s.11(1) of the Act states that a structure plan shall be subjected to review every five years. (The Penang Structure Plan was gazetted on 28 June 2007; hence it must be reviewed in 2012.)

s.11(2) states that “Notwithstanding subsection (1) …. the State Director [of TCP Dept] may submit to the Committee [SPC] ….. proposals for such review or alterations to the plan as appear to the State Director to be expedient or as the Committee may direct…”

There are enough errors in the Penang Stucture Plan for the state government to review it.

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16 Apr 2010 1.37pm

… Lim Guan Eng (may) lose if he takes on the PTC, and all Penang taxpayers gonna end up liable for whatever lost incurred.