He quit after arriving late at the House of Lords: Would our frequently absent MPs do likewise?


A member of the UK House of Lords sparked disbelief when he resigned after being a couple of minutes late and for not being at his place to answer a question from a peer.

International Development Minister Michael Bates began calmly enough when he said:

I want to offer my sincere apologies to Baroness Lister for my discourtesy in not being in my place to answer her question on a very important matter at the beginning of questions.

During the five years in which it’s been my privilege to answer questions from this dispatch box on behalf of the government, I’ve always believed that we should rise to the highest possible standards of courtesy and respect in responding on behalf of the government to the legitimate questions of the legislature.

Then came the shocker:

I am thoroughly ashamed at not being in my place and therefore I shall be offering my resignation to the prime minister . . . with immediate effect.

He then left the house, leaving behind stunned peers, some of whom exclaimed in disbelief, “No! No!”

A friend of mine wrote to me: “Can this (a resignation for arriving late in Parliament) happen here?”

“In your dreams,” I replied, as long as there is no change.

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Peoples Power
4 Feb 2018 6.25pm

They have moral obligations unlike malaysian politicians

13 Feb 2018 12.01pm

The East Coast Railway Line Najib awarded w/o tender to CCCC is another scam. The whole project is being funded by Communist China and ALL involved, the consultant,contractor and subcontractors are all from China. They only have a local consultant for signing their plans. How did this happen? The cost will eventually blow up to Rm100 billion from Rm50 billion now because of (alleged) top ups by MO1 to settle the money stolen from 1MDB by him.If BN loses the GE, then it will be Mayhem for … his 40 thieves… Where is Pekema and the other protectors of Bumis?

4 Feb 2018 6.27pm

U bet! Those thick skinned … once they get your votes, think they are VIPs, can do anything, owe u no apologies!

5 Feb 2018 8.12am
Reply to  Jong

Thick skin, arrogant, not answering the phones until the last few days before polling behaving like thick skin beggars & snake oil merchants!

7 Feb 2018 10.07am
Reply to  tunglang

Here adun is the jack of all trades and one leg kick. They have to stand on one leg. Oz and pommy are better staff and rich in resources and levels of gomen. Orso many NGOs and volunteer organisations funded from income tax payers to help rakyat. Here dumno engineer and calvin (criticise) us and any funds received, we must thank you tuan and be grateful.

11 Feb 2018 12.02pm
Reply to  tunglang

Like the cow lady in NFC , tak taku malu.

26 Feb 2018 3.18pm

Medical devices manufacturer Japan Lifeline Co Ltd is investing ¥2 billion (RM70 million) to build its first overseas factory in Penang , through its Malaysian subsidiary JLL Malaysia Sdn Bhd, the company announced today.

The factory, which will be built over the next two years and scheduled to be completed in the third quarter of the fiscal year ending March 2020, will be sitting on a 16,211 square metre plot of land at the North Penang Science Park on the mainland.

5 Feb 2018 1.51pm

If he had shed tears, they might have begged him to stay on.

In Bolehland, (a) turning up late shows you are important (b) not turning up at all may mean the other party is not important (c) “development” including personal development and travel for “consultations” are far more important that the legislature.

5 Feb 2018 8.09am

In Malaysia Boleh, Tak Malu Punya MPs!
The same for ADUNs, one of whom an ADUN in Penang could skip an appointment without first informing me so much so that my Aussie friend (who was with me) shook his head in disgust for waiting more than an hour!

5 Feb 2018 7.01pm
Reply to  tunglang

Ah pek, this adun is no good. You are better. Run for adun so easy . Just be there on time. Orso ask your oz mate to tell gomen why no funding for adun’s expenditure? Mr OZ opposition gets extra $$$ why not here?