Protesters march to Malaysian embassy in Beijing


Emotions were running high among the family members of the Chinese passengers on board MH370 as they marched to the Malaysian Embassy in Beijing to demand answers.

These few articles are worth reading:

A disease that could kill Malaysia – Faisal S Hazis (Aliran)

How will the MH370 saga affect Malaysia’s relations with China? – The Diplomat (Thanks to AH for the link).

German magazine, Der Spiegel, has a slightly different and more technical take of what could have happened to MH370. (Thanks to AH for the link).

An Inmarsat official explains how they managed to zero in on the area where the plane could have ended its journey. (Thanks to Salak for the link.)

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Already our hospitality sector is counting the loss from the canceled trips from the tourists from China in Visit Malaysia Year 2014. If only our government could be more transparent… Sigh!


Some analysts are projecting losses of up to RM4 billion in earnings from China because of the manner the government has handled the press conferences for MH370. Definitely Visit Malaysia Year 2014 has taken a body blow. Palm oil exports may be badly hit if China switches entirely to Indonesia as their main source.

Andrew I

CNN cannot be believed, according to some readers in this blog.


The truth is out there, and Najib is so afraid to confront it?

CG Hong

According to a Hong Kong TV report on Phoenix Info News, the chinese want to know exactly what happened between 1.30am and 8.15am on the fateful day as they suspect the Malaysian authority is concealing the truth i.e. the plance has been taken hostage (possibly the pilot?) and it is politically-linked.

Phua Kai Lit

“Apa lagi Cina mau ?”


Apa lagi macam you orang mahu

Andrew I

Spa lagi Gopal mahu?

Komtar Moa

Apa U semua orang mau-mau???


All due to Mohammad Najib’s blunder. Perhaps a major blunder to avoid more blunders. It is too early to issue such statement and especially without a single evidence on hand. No doubt that not a single soul would be able to survive at sea after a few days. By common sense, there is not a single survivor. Agreeable to that. However, that is not the point. There are more than a thousand rescue personnel and navy boys out there rushing and putting their lives on this mission. Our Malaysian prime minister doused out their hope and dedication with a mere… Read more »

Stylo Logan

If you believe in the conspiracy theories floating around internet, then Najib has done a great job in (allegedly) hiding the truth to the world. Unprecedented!


People from all races and social classes whom I have met since the PM’s announcement are not convinced that MH370 has crashed at all. The government has lost credibility and unless there is concrete physical evidence to prove a crash did take place, many people believe the plane may still be intact and held somewhere for some future use. They fear the worst for the passengers and crew, however.


Our First Lady Rosmah and Mrs Liow Tiong Lai should join the high level team to Beijing to console the families of the victims.

Andrew I

Might as well bring along some kueh mueh for them to eat.


The families are in grief and I hope the opposition do not use this to stoke fear and hatred for their political mileage. Like Najib and Hisham said, this is above politics.