Protest in Penang against deaths in custody


A protest against recent custodial deaths was held outside the central police lock-up in Bayan Baru on Mothers’ Day, Sunday, 11 May.

Outside the Bayan Baru police lock-up - Photograph: Suaram
Outside the Bayan Baru police lock-up – Photograph: Suaram

Among those attending the protest were representatives of Suaram, Aliran, Bersih and relatives of victims of custodial deaths.

Suaram released a memorandum after the protest. The memo contains the names of nine recent victims of custodial deaths – six of them died in police lock-ups and three in prisons.

We continue to call for the Independent Police Misconduct and Complaints Commission (IPCMC), a key recommendation of a royal commission of inquiry.

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14 May 2014 1.41pm

The journey to ‘polis lokap’ is a one-way ticket?

najib manaukau
14 May 2014 8.47am

This is what the Malaysian police is famous and good for instead of protecting the very people they are supposed to. Now you know why the Malaysian police are giving the excuse that the Chinese Malaysian do not like joining the police force. If that excuse is true why are so many Chinese Malaysian in the Singapore police force ? Another valid reason is just look at the top ten police personnels in Bukit Aman, is there a non Malay amongst them or look at all the CPO of the 13 states in Malaysia, is there also one non Malay… Read more »