Problems at the Penang Botanic Garden


The Penang Botanic Garden is close to the heart of many Penangites. But the following photos suggest that its maintenance leaves something to be desired.

Photos by a regular Botanic Garden visitor – Click icon at bottom right to expand to full-page slideshow

I just hope whoever is responsible for the upkeep of the Garden will look into this.

In particular the dead trees or branches need to be removed before any passers-by get hurt. (Two people were killed some time ago from falling branches.)

Until this trees is felled, the nearby walkway needs to be barricaded. Is the tree dying because of improper pruning (or hacking?) or maintenance?

Also palms with diseased stems must be removed and the soil treated to ensure that the disease doesn’t spread to neighbouring palms.

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BN itself approved prawn raising (I think abandoned now?) in sensitive mangrove area in Balik Pulau. But at leaset Hilmi is now playing good opposition. We need more from you.


You cannot stop landowners from selling their land in balik pulau, if this is what Hilmi is up to.

Hasnt he realised RSNPP2020?


This is another shocker…Anil, again need your help to get into the bottom of this issue. If this is true then it is another case of blatant P & R (Plunder & Rape) of the state. This is taken from today’s NST. =================================================== On a related matter, Dr Hilmi wanted Lim to explain the Auditor-General’s Report that stated Penang had gained an increase in income following land conversions in Balik Pulau, the Seberang Prai Tengah and Seberang Prai Utara districts respectively. “I want to know which plots of land in Balik Pulau had been converted. “This is because Balik Pulau… Read more »