Probe alleged RM10m donation: MCA divisions


Suspend Ong’s authority until the truth is established, urge Perak MCA reps at a press conference this morning – Photos by Kinta Kid

Representatives of half a dozen Perak MCA divisions today signed a memo addressed to Ng Cheng Keat, the chair of MCA’s disciplinary committee, calling for a probe into the alleged RM10million donation to party president Ong Tee Keat.

The memo calls on the committee to “to grant an order with immediate effect to cease and suspend (Ong’s) authority” until the truth is established and his name is cleared.

The memo was signed by Lee Kon Yin, the deputy chairman of the Batu Gajah MCA division, who was also the spokesman during a press conference this morning. The other MCA divisions that signed the memo included Ipoh Timor, Ipoh Barat, Tambun and Bagan Datoh.

Ong has denied receiving such a donation and filed a RM500 million defamation suit against Sarawak tycoon-cum-politician Tiong King Sing.

Meanwhile, check out a speech by Nizar here.

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The fireball has started in MCA. Can the Phoenix rise from the fire?


someone is being sacked laa !

agadam magadam

GOOD NEWS..!! Chua Soi Lek SACKED from MCA….
We should support Tee Keat in the PKFZ scandal. B’cos it will eventually lead us to the TOP… That’s when the fun begins… Then … will be too busy covering his … and and neglect Teoh Beng Hock’s case…
The MAAC will falter then…. All Hell will break loose and … will be swept away……..
DAWNING OF A NEW ERA…!!! Nice or not, cerita ini…???


Meanwhile … our ‘esteemed’ MACC is busy investigating a RM112 ‘commission’ …**** (pardon my french) Price of 1 lunch or 2 cups of coffee in some parts of the world. Is this how they are utilizing taxpayers money? How much manpower, time, salaries, expenses … has MACC spent and will continue spending in order to ‘investigate’ the petty sum that was alleged taken. No sense.


With all this fiasco, why MACC didn’t act swiftly? Why no investigation carried out? Why wasn’t the offices of both parties raided? Why wasn’t the political aides being questioned to help in the investigation? Why? Why? Why? Are they too big a fish to swallow? Or is it ok for BN parties to have corruption?
Now the answer is clear..MACC only (appears to go) for the oppositions and not BN. Get it! So everybody stop commenting. The two of them only ‘wayang’ lah!!!

telur dua

Why?… What a useless … bunch. When the President need their support the most, they turn against him instead….

There is no 10 million. It is only a figment of TKS’ imagination.


Someone makes a public statement that the president of a political party has received cash donation from him but he cannot produce any evidence…The members of this political party go amok and ask the party to suspend their president..Then in this Bodohland we can have all the party presidents suspended because many people can make a public statement against them that they have received cash donations but without documented evidence…And we the rakyat would like to put our fate into the hands of this group of amok party members???

Pala Richie

Why don’t suspend Najib for making rakyat money to be drawned out like ATM machine.
MCA guy, why don’t you propose to suspend Najib!

BTW, MCA guy, did you started to talk about droping the race column in your MCA form?… BN are done after droping the race column! Your Najib was so right to promote 1-malaysia, yet so stupidly causing his party out of business…


it’s nothing new

it’s a fight between the ang moh sai and the chinese educated

the ang moh sai have been wanting to get mca back to the old days…, like what tan siu sin did and what ling liong sek did


Ah! Sammy Vin. Now it makes things more interesting. Now the former … Minister who signed some of the letters and who is implicated want to stop the investigation. He and his son are trying to protect their interests.

These silly MCA people. Don’t they realise they are being used to block this PKFZ action. Wake up you MCA people.


OTK,we are following your systematic approach to combat CORRUPTION.Firstly, Pricewaterhouse Report, Special Task Force,RM1billion suit against Kuala Dimensi,RM500 million suit against Tiong.WE,RAKYAT BANGSA MALAYSIA will support you till you get the whole truth and nothing but the TRUTH!


Why taking so long with this PKFZ issue…????
Are they afraid that certain names will be named…..?? We are talking about “billions”. Not millions, mind u all…..!!!

Sure, everybody wants it…!!! Now everybody wants to back away from it..! A scapegoat will be slaughtered, for sure.

I don’t believe anyone of them as a matter of fact.


Ai ya …. OTK is no difference to other MCA big gun…… it is just another politic umno (guy).


Just make sure the money is returned to the government.
MCA can fight to their own death for all I care.


aiyoh another bunch of bad losers. instead of defending their party against the allegation, they want their president suspended so that the deputy can take over.can they be so navie or are they trying to stop the investigation on PKFZ to protect their friends? anyway why are the divisions chairman not at the meeting? is lee kon yin speaking with the approval of his chairman or is he the de facto chairman of his division?


…perhaps… ong isn’t their leader…

ONG goes all the way!!! rakyat want the truth of PKFZ


Chua Soi Lek, if you cause the exposure of PKFZ to cease at this moment, you will become the biggest SINNER to the nation.

Shame on you, caught with your pants down, still want to be the next President of MCA?

(This bunch of jokers are (allegedly) all gang of Chua Soi Lek)


Tiong had called on Ong to declare his assets if he (Ong)is not lying. Ong suing is no big deal.
It is Tiong`s defence Affidavit-In-Reply that counts.

dr. amir husni mohd shariff

This is the first X, a MCA leader is willing to open up the pandora box. Kudos to OTK. To make public a ruling government scandal is unthink of in the history of any MCA leadership. What more since this case links leavily on UMNOPUTRA members (allegedly) going for the PFKZ pie too. Many names have not been revealed as yet but coming very soon. This exposure must be stopped according to the BN members but OTK must be supported by all Malaysian seeking the the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I will pray for your safety, OTK… Read more »


Here ,

The game starts.According to Chua Jui Ming many Amino
top guns are also (allegedly) involved in the PKFZ scandal. Its logic.

Not even one AMINO UBN top Guns defended Ong.
That M…din just advise these Tiong Sarawak ang Ong not to continue their verbal fight and spoit the UBN image….

Najib… the UBN Regime head also never seen to come for aid.

Its is believe that they are plaaning to the (force out) Ong… and replace him with that Labis Cd guy.

Wong Ka Wai

While I agree that investigation must be carried out, but to suspend Ong authority based on unproven allegation is unwise.

I felt strange for MCA secretary Wong Foon Meng to ask the complainant to face the disciplinary committee instead.

Why to dismiss a case outright without any investigation?

Sammy Vin

I think you’re wrong, LBJ.

These divisions are strong supporters of a certain past past Transport Minister whose son is now chief Youth Perak.

Guess who?


These are Chua Soi Lek’s supporters. They are (probably) trying to slow or stop the PKFZ investigation. Lousy…