Privatisation of traffic cameras


The RTD is coming up with a new scheme to encourage traffic offenders to settle their fines early. Has this got anything to do with the impending privatisation of the installation and maintenance of hundreds of traffic cameras across the country?

The Edge recently reported the impending privatisation to two obscure local firms, which will be given five-year concessions. The firms will be buying the cameras and other equipment from Germany and Australia.

Under the financial model, the two firms would reportedly be paid a percentage of the fines – but only when the fines are actually paid or collected.

Malaysiakini reported the RTD deputy director-general Ismail Ahmad as saying.

“The concept that we are introducing is that the more you delay, the more you pay, but for offenders who pay quickly, for example within the first two weeks of the compound being issued, they only need to pay RM100.

“But if you delay to within 15 to 30 days, the compound becomes RM150 and if you delay further to 30 to 60 days the compound can become the maximum RM300, depending on the offence,” he said.

He added that an offender will only need to go to court and face the possibility of the maximum fine if they opt for it, fail to pay the compound within 60 days or is a habitual offender where the offence is committed thrice in two months.

Why privatise the traffic cameras in the first place? I suppose the answer to that is obvious.

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Tony Buah
3 Jul 2012 11.54am

The main issue here is about reducing traffic offenses and by extension trying to prevent more Malaysians from ending their life on our roads. Its a preventive measure, a deterrent or what ever you may want to call it..but its about disciplining our road users. The supplementary issue is about collecting millions and million of RM from traffic offenders who seem to think that it is ok to commit traffic offenses and not pay for it coz the policemen are busy with other more pressing matters like handling crime. Its about professional future planning Mr.Anil Netto. If you don’t know,… Read more »

1 Jul 2012 1.27am

Those morons won’t be satisfied until and unless they have bled this country dry and leave nothing behind when they go. Enough, let’s … flush them down … come GE-13.

30 Jun 2012 5.49pm

This type of piratisation is best confronted by non-conformity en masse. Once the operators realised that they shall be saddled with umpteen unpaid ‘fines’ destined for the courts, the judges will simply throw their hands up and stopped the nonsense.
BN must be punished for their blatant grab of public assets and facilities….

semuanya OK kot
semuanya OK kot
30 Jun 2012 2.19pm

I think this is attempt #2. The usual approach when these scandals hit the fan is to like low for a year of so and then try again.

30 Jun 2012 1.58pm

Mahathir is the father of all piratisations !!! A land full of pirates !!!

Andrew I
Andrew I
29 Jun 2012 8.04pm

Probably the most efficient is Astro when it comes to collecting their monthly dues. Perfect score for them.

29 Jun 2012 7.15pm

As been reported earlier, its been given to their cronies