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A developing story at Port Klang customs….

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“From what I hear, there appears to have been a work-to-rule in Port Klang over the last few days,” said Klang MP Charles Santiago, when contacted.

“Emotions seem to be running high there,” said a forwarding agent who overheard the hoo-ha over the phone when speaking to an associate at the scene.

The forwarding agent told me he was informed that forwarding “boys” are now gathering at Wisma Kastam in Port Klang. “I don’t think they are protesting against the Customs though. Many of them deal with the Customs officers and are sympathetic towards them.”

He said the MACC had conducted a series of raids on forwarding agents, shipping companies and the customs over the last week, and questioned their method of investigation.

Santiago meanwhile called for a public inquiry into the death of the Customs assistant director at the MACC premises this morning. “All the MACC officers involved in that investigation should be suspended pending the outcome of the inquiry,” he said.

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Customs are a law unto themselves….they bring billions in revenue to government….

After this death……they (may) now blackmail govt and MACC to lay off or no money comes in….siapa rugi???????..especially now since Jibby’s govt is pokai….

Everything will be buisness as usual in a short time…

And as usual…Malaysians will forget….until the next death comes..

Andrew I


Just wondering, is there a KPI for MACC, as there undoubtedly is for Gherkin K?


Beyond a certain level of wealth, you must pay tribute. This is the law of the jungle.


My comment was off the mark. As the protest by forwarding agents shows, this honest officer was too straight for this hellhole of a country. The freight industry has been infested by bloodsuckers for decades. This is a leading reason for our loss of competitiveness….

Remember Jamaluddin, the BMF auditor strangled in HK when he got too close to the truth?

Andrew I

Off topic:


I bought some eggs recently and found they were partly frozen…sitting in the fridge. Threw them out. Didn’t have this problem before nor now.

Helen Liew

Now forwarding agent (blame) MACC… do forwarding agents really care about the decease who jumped from MACC building? Of course no, i dont believe all these agents are so kind, they are concerned coz their containers are stuck in the port. MACC now having a tough anti-graft jobs now.

tan, tanjung bungah

Hi everyone,

By a certain date this month, I understand that some former board members of the PKFZ RMbillions fiasco may escape prosecution due to time statue if the Govt and current PKFZ does not initiate legal suits immediately.

If this is true, could it be a real case of no legal liabilities of these former board members or is it a case of foot-dragging to allow these people to escape prosecution through default?

Andrew I

Don’t think that there’s a Statute of Limitation for criminal acts. Fraud is also a crime as well as a civil law violation.


What is this … I hear about in the Port Klang Customs Building? And another person falls off MACC HQ? I think the MACC should be more transparent about their ‘procedures’. They SHOULD NOT be just like the police.


Ooh you tease! I look forward to reading this article when it has some content. Those fellows look jolly happy. Are they filming the next Anwar video live on location?