Pornthip in Crime Scene Bangkok


National Geographic Channel features Thai forensic pathologist Pornthip Rojanasunand’s role in the investigation of the sudden death of a Thai parliamentarian.

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Nathaniel Tan

RT : Latest: Porntip in Crime Scene Bangkok


Dr Pornthip is God Sent …. to over come Evil. And to fight Justice for the Dead Poor Innocents alike.
Thank You GOD for such a Gift to the world.

Only Respect for Her

She works and defends the rights of the death.

Cannot say the same for (certain) other pathologists or doctors whom are worried about recrimination….

Doesn’t the wrong doers know they will face the wrath of God in the next journey.


Hat off and my highest respect to Dr Pornthip !!!

A person’s countenance tells whether he/she is truthful or telling lies.

I can see the difference in Dr Pornthip’s face and the police…

Some people they take the form of human but they have no souls… sad…

Shame on you, K !!!


My utmost respect to this lady. Despite MACC’s belligerent attitude toward her she has remained dignified and proffessional. The joke is on Malaysia with their incompetent people in government. Why pay APCO with the people’s money when clowns are running the show.


K – u must watch this. Hangthong Tumwattana dead body positioning… Still want to stand by your opinion on this dead man per your postings in ‘Porntip Most trusted in Thailand’???

Do give the Dr Jekyll in you a chance to breath buddy!


K is a diehard Gerakan supporter. I doubt he is able to understand this.


It is simple. Thai policemen (allegedly) wanted corrupt money. No money, no dead bodies (of Tsunami victims). Thousand of Tsunami victim bodies (perhaps) meant a lot of ransom business opportunities. That was (allegedly) part of the reason for the long delay of identification and surrendering of dead bodies. Pornthip insisted her way of autopsy and identification to prevent bribery. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back. No money bribery, no kang tau = broken illegal rice bowl. This (allegedly) angered the Thai police who then gave bad press release against her works. Pornthip. Unconventional woman with uncompromising manner.… Read more »


My dedication to beautiful Dr.Pornthip Rojanasunan with this song one more time:
999 Roses by Kai Punnipha [Thai Version]
(You can get it in YouTube)