Pornthip: Teoh alive during fall


Dr Pornthip has testified that Teoh Beng Hock was alive when he hit the ground, though she was unable to determine if he was conscious during the fall. But she says his neck injuries raise questions.

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The days of evil are numbered. The days of lies are diminishing. And the day of a dawn of a new century is approaching (very, very near).
The dead shall be raised. The righteous shall not hide in fear, rather will come out joyously to celebrate the coming Dawn of A New Century of Peace, Justice, Love and Truth for all Mankind.


Why wasteing the Tax payers money having this (inquiry), Why they can do? Take my word its just going to be same like VK Lingam case, Nothing happen right? …

very shy to be Malaysian

Gopal Raj Kumar

For the truth to emerge and to reveal how Teoh Beng Hock actually died whilst in the premises (not necessarily custody as he may have been released prior to his death) and for the circumstances that surround his death to be analysed then understood, reliability and credibility of all participants and their respective testimonies, comments and findings is a key pre requisite. An open a forensic mind of the inquirer is the other. Neither unfortunately appears present. Dr. Pornthip a person whose ‘expertise’ and credibility as an ‘independent expert forensic pathologist’ had not been properly established before any proper tribunal… Read more »


Before you open your orifice, you are already prejudging her strong credentials and credibility as a forensic expert worthy of our respect for helping to conclude a difficult criminal case based on unbiased professional investigation and not spiritual seances. This is not to say Dr. Pornthip is unquestionable in court. At least she didn’t self-suffocate her findings in answering to incisive questioning to validate her every point of view. She is not one to deliberately misled 10,000 souls into falsehood just for notoriety or fame from the unfortunate dead; that would have been a grave, grave Karma consequence for Dr.… Read more »

Andrew I

Verbosity and red herrings are not going to change public perception. It’s that simple.

The fact that this case has dragged on for so long only confirms what the public believes and has come to expect.

Why wasn’t the RCI established when it was initially suggested?


What suspected criminal case a normal court could handle and wrap up within months can turn out to be a long and winding road of rehearsals in the courts of warped reasoning and self suffocating lawyers?
Anyone following this case would jump out of the nearest window in sheer delirium of the way it is handled.
The engine of judicial deliberation looks set to truck along further down the long and winding road to nowhere:

(if you can, play this in slow speed mode)

Gerakan K

Is that finding important ???


The complementary finding would rule out some explanations for how Teoh’s fall was initiated.

“Yes” is the short answer.


Now we see a difference between a PAID pathologist and one who volunteers to speak for the dead!

Is the MACC lawyer Muh Shafee Abdullah trying to protect … MACC when he attacked Dr Pornthip’s professional integrity in ref to a high profile case in Bangkok of a multimillionaire’s brother?

Go ahead address those issues and challenge her evidence on TBH death at RCI rather than attack her personally. What Muh Shafee did was unbecoming, how low can he go?!!!

Shame on YOU Muh Shafee!



I had a dream…TBH told me, “Do you think I am so irresponsible and stupid to ump off a window when I am going to marry a wonderful lady who is bearing my son?….
Let Allah be my witness……


Actually it’s a simple straight forward case; no necessity for RCI which is mercilessly a waste of public funds!

Even the blind can ‘see’ it but our Polis Di-Raja Malaysia chooses not to, and look elsewhere!

Had the late Teoh Beng Hock(TBH) been one of BN’s men, the whole of MACC would have been carted away, locked up and hauled to court in quickest time with no hope of seeing the next sunrise!

This is BN-PDRM 1Malaysia at its best!!!
People, come GE-13 let’s show them the power of our votes!

Raj Kumar

MACC staff can surf porn in the office using tax payers’ resources. How do you expect them to do their work with integrity?


An integrity was thrown out of the window, even if it means having to shift to new location. Nothing’s change, still integrity will be thrown out of the windows.
Seeing the ways of our law enforcement speaks volumes of these public servants.


Dr Pornthip chose to speak and sought justice for the dead but some abused the dead as they can no longer speak and obviously, money speaks louder…

To all the other pathologists, there is Judgment after that awaiting us.

Dr Pornthip taking chances and risk her life of attending the Inquiry, may the angels protect her all the way.


… The battle here is … fought y way gossiping, ceramahs and blogging…….change may come…..but its going to be a long, long , loooooong wait….

Pinang Boy

One thing I learnt from the movie Sucker Punch is the tagline:

“If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything”.

I guess that’s the reason why many people fall for 1 Malaysia slogan.

Please think for your future, exercise your vote to bring change!
Stand for CHANGE!

Gopal Raj Kumar

Perhaps you too have fallen for something if not everything but are unaware of it. It cuts both ways.

Andrew I

Since no one is sure of anything, why not try something new? A clean slate versus one filled with excuses?


It takes a blind man to see the truth.
But not an all seeing, all circumspect justifier to understand the word justice.