Pornthip “most trusted” in Thailand: Survey


Dr. Pornthip Rojanasunand is the most trusted individual in all of Thailand, according to a Readers’ Digest Trust survey.

This survey in October 2009 found that out of 80 individuals in the country, the Director of Thailand’s Forensic Science Institute was the most trusted.

Have a look here.

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Anil Netto

Latest: Pornthip "most trusted" person in Thailand: Survey

Tricia Yeoh

RT @NatAsasi: word. am planning article.. RT : Latest: Pornthip "most trusted" person in Thailand: Survey

Thong Weng Hon

RT : Latest: Pornthip "most trusted" person in Thailand: Survey

Adrian Hoe 

RT : Latest: Pornthip "most trusted" person in Thailand: Survey


ok, ok….
let’s have a survey on the razak feller n see what malaysians say.
since their own thai people trust their own dr. pronthip.


Why worry so much of the grievance of David Carradine’s family?

The fake Kung Fu star died of mysterious circumstance while trying to attain sexual pleasure by depriving himself oxygen..

K should investigate the background of our Senario joker wannabe Abdul Razak.


K, The innocient has no say, closed case. If TBH you son or your brother, will you keep your mouth shut??

Nobody deserved to die, included you, K. even a physcopath killer don’t deserve to die, they still have to go for trial or counselling to save their life.


I don’t like to talk about politics but after reading all these msgs….I guess Mr K, (do you get paid for this?)…

If all the nation in Malaysia think like you, K, the rich getting richer and the poor, poverty getting poorer!


You might as well pick any … from Thailand and claim the best forensics in Thailand. Her credibility and qualifications is below accepted standard.


Dr Porntip is also the most trusted in Malaysia, The least are the govt doctors, who are giving the profession a bad name.

Come to think about it. Any professional with a govt in front is immediately a suspect.


K….Wonder (if) they pay you to spin all this stupid stuff???
Are you trying to imply that TBH strangled himself??
You are no different from Riduan Tee…taubat lah…


Just like in Malaysia, there are many in Thailand who died under suspicious circumstances while under custody.

Dr Porntip’s impartial work gives them a finality and an answer for the families to move on.


It is so obvious that a certain someone here is a … crony … (posting) negative news on Pornthip.

Malu lah, and so sad. A very sad person… to injure a character of another. How low can you go?

In summary, read this and you will understand better.


Malu lah ? Isn’t she’s ashamed for claiming 80% homicide without even examining the body ? And now she has backtracked ??

Rom Nain

K – I took the trouble to look up the links you provided. One is some discussion forum that really contains opinions rather than what anybody would call `evidence’. The second, the Bangkok Post piece, says nothing at all that leads me to doubt the good doctor’s ability. If anything, the line about her is quite complimentary. I quote: “Chief forensic investigator on the case is Thailand’s chief pathologist, Khunying Pornthip Rojanasunand, who is director of the Forensic Science Institute. She is well known internationally, and considered a highly credible state official.” So, really, K, what are you trying to… Read more »


Selective reading dear Rom ?

The Reader’s Digest is hardly a source of scientific data. As for Nicol David, she’s nice and humble and so succesful. But would I trust her ? I don’t even know her so how to make an objective assessment ?

Rom Nain

Selective reading? That’s rather rich, coming from someone who provides links that indeed contain selective and one-sided views and which are far from objective or scientific. And nowhere did Anil or I – or anybody else here – even suggest that the Reader’s Digest is `a source of scientific data’, so it’s rather silly of you to assert the obvious. You’re not a close relative of that sad excuse for a lawyer representing the MACC, are you, K? Because you certainly sound like him.


Some oxymorons don’t, can’t, unwilling, are scared to accept in good faith, good credentials of good people.

The obvious truth becomes the twisted self-serving lie to further a big lie.

Arguments border on … stupidity, perfectly synchronized to dark age manipulation of society, culture and politics.

So-called ‘facts’ of majority are unashamedly shoved and embraced behind which are supportive of sadistic deeds and hidden crimes unimaginable in broad daylight!

Karma is breathing one step behind these unsuitably up-right standing and walking sub-species…


I watched Dr Porntip on Discovery Channel 555. She has a successful husband. She has cancer (remission or cured). She is a staunch in her religion. Does she need money? Fame? What she need is good ‘karma’ to extend her life or after life or another life…. (her religion beliefs). The Hangthong Thammawattana Case – she stood by her findings because, the victim has a shot-hole on the left side of his head but the pistol was held in his right hand! Right hand shoot left side????? Hahahaahahhah – I watched all these in Discovery. So are you also saying… Read more »



Discovery Channel is a documentary channel and not a platform for scientific evaluation. The court itself ruled Dr Porn was wrong.


Duh K – Discovery has to mantain its worldwide reputation as a Documentary channel with high integrity (also validity/honesty) as its social responsibility to worldwide followers!

Actually except for your cronies, most of us who read your comments label you as TOTALLY “not a platform(=person) for scientific evaluation’.

This is not an attack to your personality, but come on ‘janganlah cemar blog Anil with your myopia’.


Because we have people like K, that is why the Nons (have a hard time)…

We have the kind of K in Gerakan and MCA, these bunch of people are only interested in themselves…

They are only good at one thing, that is … carry.


K…follow the teachings of Buddha and stop your bitter bull…, you will be a better man!…definitely and absolutely, another BN creep!


Hello wandererAUS

Truth hurts ah ??

I am merely posting news reports and not creatings stories or making allegations without basis.

Talking about being a better man, I would kindly like to suggest yourself to do some self-examinations on some of the comments yourself had made against others whom you despise here and elsewhere.

Pak Sago

Halo, … K, up to no good again, are you?


Up to no good ? It depends on your point of view. I would hardly call Dr Porn to be up to something good either.



Darling, why are you so abusive? Please have some respects for Dr. Pornthip ok? Do not call her the way you do.

Please, in politics, we can have differences but, do not be so personal, after all we are all committed to doing the best for our country.

You may have your views while others may have theirs.

Take care darling.


Yadda yadda yadda.U seem to have the nose of a hound.Why dont you go dig out those BN politicians’ skeletons?


Haha… so typical, you think we are all so stupid meh?

All this for our reading pleasure hoh?!

K — please tell us (if) you get paid for all this research and hard work?


What about Dr Porn ? Did she get paid to make up stories too ?



Darling, do not be so biased against Dr. Pornthip ok? If you are referring to Mr. Porn, well, he is in the … Government, and you know who he is from the MCA. Now, even in the MIC, allegedly, there is a Mr. Pimp.

Change darling, for your own good.



Mr Pimp ? Not sure about that but I do know another politician who has been jailed for unnatural sex before and now fighting from another similar charge now.

No prize for guessing right ok, yang ??



Darling, unnatural sex? Millions of Malaysians had seen what Chua Soi Lek did, is that natural sex according to the law of Malaysia? Why is there no action taken against Malaysia’s porn superstar. Even Perkasa said so. You still do not know who he is?

I am really too tired and too busy to comment nowadays, just couldn’t be bothered, do what they want, seeing how our country had deteriorated. It is so sick and so sad. Take good care darling.


Dr Pornthip has gained fame because she’s more of a celebrity than a scientist.

She’s famous with those Thais in the middle class because her glamorous appearance and publicity seeking approach.

In all her cases, rather than pursuing the truth, she takes the path that brings her publicity.

And that’s what happened in the TBH case.


K talk like a typical Gerakan fellow in a loser way.


More…just to make your weekend more..hmmm… meaningful… =========================================== The family of the late actor David Carradine have launched strong anti-Thailand criticism touched off by the death of the TV and movie star. They are “profoundly disturbed” by publication of a forensics photo in a Bangkok newspaper, claim that the Thai pathologist is incompetent, want to go around the Thai police with FBI investigators – and threaten to sue any Thai media printing additional photos of Carradine after his death. Chief forensic investigator on the case is Thailand’s chief pathologist, Khunying Pornthip Rojanasunand, who is director of the Forensic Science… Read more »


K, So what wrong with it. You call it gaining publicity, I call it TELLING THE TRUTH.

The Carradine family wanted to sue is because they (allegedly) wanted to cover up the case…



Just like DAP don’t want the truth to come out in TBH case ??


More for your kind reading pleasure.


Most trusted ?

Here’ some sobering information on her for the reading pleasure of Pakatan fanboys and gals.


The Hangthong Thammawattana Case

In September 1999, Hangthong Thammawattana was found shot in his younger brother’s (Noppadol Thammawattana) bedroom clutching a gun in his hand. Hangthong Thammawattana was the administrator of his family’s vast fortunes.

The first autopsy conducted by the Thai police found that Hangthong committed suicide. The case was closed as a suicide.


This is what the news says…


Nopadon then sued Pornthip. The court says Pornthip did not break any academic principle in doing her work and her statement was made in a professional capacity.


It means she won but not because she was right but because she made the comments in a professional capacity.

What I m trying to show here is that she has a history of making mega blunders. Not only in this case but even in the case that propelled her to stardom,ie, the Tsunami case where she was heavily criticised.


Anil, do an online Public Poll: Trust Dr. Pornthip or Trust MACC?


One up for Pornthip with my vote!

telur dua

….and in comparison we have Abdul Razak – the Most Laughed At.


Can trust any Thai more than our BN fellows.