Pollution and dumping: The price of Penang’s progress?


This monsoon drain lies in the heart of Silicon Island – next to the Bayan Baru and Bayan Lepas industrial zone, home to many blue-chip MNCs. The black water pours out into the blue sea near picturesque Pulau Jerejak – Videos by citizen journalist Jimmy Leow

Illegal dumping near the hillsides of Bayan Baru

Like Jimmy, I have noticed this stretch of black water near the free trade zone many times. I am sure many Penangites and visitors would have seen it too.

Isn’t it about time that the environmental factor is considered in our cost-benefit analysis of pursuing economic growth at all costs? Who is responsible for the pollution? MNCs? Local firms? Or the residents?

It is great that the Penang state government is trying to clean up Sungai Pinang while penalising those who discharge untreated waste into that river.

How about doing the same here?

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tan cairong
tan cairong
12 Feb 2010 8.16pm

“i have been telling all DAP state assemblymen to organize more gotong royong … except charles santiago the king of gotong royong …”. Any politician listening to your plea must be crazy. Gotong royong is a Malaysian invention, you don’t find in anywhere else in the world. Politicians here love litter bugs. If nobody threw rubbish around, they will have no opportunity to organise gotong royong and have their picture splashed on the front page of newspapers. It cost a lot to buy advertising space. In Singapore, they make litter bugs do the clean up. In Malaysia they get suckers… Read more »

26 May 2009 9.15am

To be fair, we should not blame LimGuanEng or any of the leaders. What do you want them to do? Station a policeman by each and every river to monitor? WE SHOULD BLAME OURSELVES!! Ask ourselves, how many times have we reported a case of littering, or have we ever reported a case of littering? Do we litter? Go to any of the flats, and you can see rubbish thrown all over the place. It is the value we should have in ourselves, which unfortunately is not there. Why is it not there? Because we don’t care. We don’t care… Read more »

26 May 2009 1.02am

When the people dumping are cronies and big shots, or even son of big shots and politicians, nothing much can be done.

Like in KL, you see some buses emitting thick black smoke, until the street constable himself cannot breathe (when the bus passes him), nothing will or can be done as these bus companies are owned by cronies or big shots.

Andrew I
Andrew I
26 May 2009 12.18am

When it comes to good old Kuan Yew, there are no ifs or buts. Take it from him, it’s the only way forward. A socialist dictator is what we need. People say we shouldn’t compare Penang with Singapore. It’s not that we shouldn’t. It’s we can’t.

25 May 2009 11.17pm

Compare to the above, it pales in shadow to the BTN that is polluting the mind of young malaysians. Anyway, I have just heard a comment from my business associate from KL. He told me that the Penang beaches are much cleaner now compared to the last time he visited Pg. This I have to judge for myself. Whatever, it is nice to hear such good comment from someone outside Pg. Keep up the good work. Credit should be given where it is due. Now back to the above post, I hope the culprit should be brought to book the… Read more »

true malaysians
true malaysians
25 May 2009 6.34pm

there is not a part of this country that is clean neat and in orderly fashion…NS is no exception…..

i have been telling all DAP state assemblymen to organize more gotong royong and win the hearts of the rakyat but it has fallen on deaf ears.

come next general election DAP will lose like s…

we voted for changes but where are the changes..

except charles santiago the king of gotong royong..he knows how to win over new customers/voters…

25 May 2009 6.21pm

so much hype for DAP taking over the state. penang is deteriorating since march 2008. what a bunch of crappy leaders we have in penang right now.

25 May 2009 4.59pm

Lim Guan Eng only talks and talks about improving things in Penang. But it remains just that. Talk. Big, empty talk… What a useless CM. We can replace him tomorrow with a broom and things would not be any different.

25 May 2009 4.41pm

Malaysians dumped rubbish because they don’t care. They don’t care about the country which does not care for them. Malaysians dumped rubbish because they are not afraid of enforcement. They are no afraid because $$ can selesai everything. MNCs dumped rubbish because they do not respect the country. They know they can get away with it here. It is the reflection the country gives to them. One of the good things the British has done was the left Malaysia with a very good set of law. The country does not lack law. It is the order and enforcement that we… Read more »