Poll: Is Transparency International Malaysia relevant?


Many Malaysians are bewildered by recent developments in the Malaysian Society for Transparency and Integrity (Tranparency International Malaysia).

First there was the controversy surrounding Paul Low being drafted into the cabinet.

And then the controversy that erupted following Josie Fernandez’s resignation as secretary general. (The TI-Malaysia website still shows her as elected secretary general during the group’s last AGM on 28 April 2013.)

This was followed by the hoo-ha and bluster in the above video.

Now Josie’s supporters have come up with an online petition calling on the Transparency International HQ to act against the current ExCo of TI-Malaysia.

What is happening in TI-Malaysia is most unfortunate.

But there is a larger question, which you can help to answer:

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Dear Anil and readers Here is an excellent article by Tan Sri Muhammad Ali Hashim Presiden, Dewan Perdagangan Islam Malaysia (DPIM), on Sinar Harian (15 July): Ajar Melayu pancing ikan http://www.sinarharian.com.my/kolumnis/muhammad-ali-hashim/ajar-melayu-pancing-ikan-1.182531 Pengajaran pertama buat Melayu-Muslim ialah mereka mesti sanggup berhijrah pandangan hidup dan memperbaharui diri. Sikap dan minda pendatang minoriti sanggup menghadapi segala ketidakpastian wajib Melayu budayakan, atas realiti mereka sebenarnya juga warga minoriti dan pendatang baru. Melayu-Muslim minoriti dalam ekonomi negara dan pendatang baru dalam dunia bisnes, justeru memerlukan kekentalan mental dan pembaharuan jiwa luar biasa. Majoriti Cina datang ke Tanah Melayu dalam keadaan sangat miskin, berhutang dan bergadai… Read more »

don anamalai

A very thought-provoking article for the malays in answering their long-standing malay dilemma. Unfortunately Utusan did not carry the article. The writer was the former CEO of Johor Corp who advocated ‘Bisnes Jihad’, but was ousted for his views not accepted by the Umno goons not believing in open and transparent business practices.

Ong Eu Soon

is aliran or the great anil still relevant after all out to support lim guan eng and attempted to sabotage those who opposed the tokong administration?

Plain Truth

GE 13 :-
MCA kosong
MIC kosong
Gerakan kosong

Aliran and Anil are simply reflecting the wills of the vast majority of Penangites.

Nothing wrong with that.

Ong Eu Soon

nothing wrong except zero respect from the tokong after all they are just a bunch of …


Things are never transparent in 1Malaysia. The IGP has declared at a press conference that the case against Zul Nordin for insulting Hinduism has been dropped on the directive of the Attorney General’s Chamber due to “lack of evidence”. This is really a double standard. Alvivi duo was charged and even denied bail on the basis of Internet postings. Zulkfli’s seditious statement was also all over the Internet too. And he indirectly admitted it publicly when he claimed made this seditious statement when he was still a member of PAS. PM Najib also cited this excuse when he picked Zulkifli… Read more »

Anton NG

as of now their efforts have not been fruitful and disappointing.


DAP is much much more transparent , hence has the right to question TI transparency!!


What’s new, jumping board.

Batu Ferringhian

Great stuff, Anil!

I was just talking about the irrelevance of TI-M. The question is though, as concerned citizens, what can we do to curb the embarrassment?

MACC and now TI-M are not performing as they should

Mr Smith

That Rosli guy is a clown. If such idiots can become a TI member then then God save us.


TI should tell us if there is any transparency in the admission criteria to IPTAs as many students with excellent results (CGPA = 4) could not get coursed of their choice or ot admitted at all.


Brain Drain is not a concern for Umno as it helps Malays easier to compete and survive even with tongkat!

Ah Beng

Members comprise mainly self serving individuals best exemplified by T. Aziz and P. Low!

don anamalai

TI is just a sideshow, a toothless dog that cannot even bark.