The PM’s spouse and the government VIP jet


A heated exchange of words took place in Parliament when Azmin Ali asked whether the PM’s spouse Rosmah is eligible to use the government VIP executive jet, whether the PM was involved in the approval of the use, and if it is proper for Rosmah to represent the country or government in foreign affairs.

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gk ong

Last night Taiwan CTI (Astro 316) reported that Jokowi and his wife flew by economy class on his own expenses to Singapore to attend his son’s graduation, claiming that he could not use tax payers’ money for his personal trip.

Najib can certainly emulate the behavior of his Indonesian counterpart.

Ed G

Why need to look beyond our borders to find someone to emulate? After all Najib’s father is purportedly legendary for his thriftiness; and this validation came from the mouth of none other than Nazir Razak, who is Najib’s youngest brother.


This is on Youtube:
Indonesian President Jokowi Flies Economy Class to visit Son’s Graduation in Singapore

Jokowi confirms his return to Singapore was a private affair , so the 7th President of the Republic of Indonesia did not use state facilities , including the presidential plane . Although some paspampres with him in lion country for the sake of security .

” I came to Singapore for a family affair , not a state visit . So I do not use state facilities , ” said Jokowi


Here we are in a country that is.going through some hardship and Kak Rose is oblivious. And more so she is wasting the resources of the nation treating national assets as her own. She should be brought to account to send the strongest message that the Rakyat are displeased. BTW, also setting a poor example to all the Girl Guides.



if its official trip, well and good. nobody is going to make a noise over it.
ah jib kor came back to be with the flood victims while the plane flew elsewhere.
from hawaii to indianapolis to LA, london, Dubai and Thailand, as alleged.
why dont you try to explain that?


Please give credit to our First Lady as Bernama has reported that she wants parents to teach children how to save money. This will help to reduce our household debt in the future?


Even by wearing a very high “songkok” , he refuses to give a straight honest answer.
The question was in simple and basic Bahasa Malaysia .
Look at the body language and the type of replies from the minister with a high songkok.
Don’t expect any direct answers when it comes to 1MDB


It has been said that “if you give a man enough rope, he will hang himself”. It is certainly beginning to look like Rosmah is strangling the political career of her hapless husband with all the rope she has been given, or simply taken on her own. From the bombastic “groundbreaking” TV slot to delover her own Raya message way back when Najib had just ascended to the premiership, to all the hundred of millions sucked up by her Permata organisation, to her usurping of the “First Lady” title (complete with FLOM Dept within the JPM), to the aggrandising award… Read more »

Sam yoong

Toe the line to care for rice bowl is well understood. Bravery to speak or write sadly being curtailed hence lose the credibility?


The real thing to notice is that the defense is unusually loud and confined to limited largely to these two MP. The other BN MPs are actually relatively quiet. Its well known among insiders the link between Shahidan Kassim’s post-MB Perlis career and Rosmah besides being a flexible point man for Najib in the Cabinet. The real curousity is Bung Mokthar who has consistently stood up for FLOM. The link is not obvious but insiders will tell you that Bung Mokthar has at least desire aligned business interest.. In other words, even among UMNO/BN, they think badly of her even… Read more »


Every PM, President and head of state usually have their wives accompany them on official trip. Now what is the problem Azmin. Now what happen to Kidex, Langat and the 2.6 millions that you have been cracking up. Are you going to sweep it under the carpet. You have done that with the Bible & Allah with the words being stamped and considered as solved. Has it ???.

Ed G

Are holidays considered as official trips? Why didn’t the 9M-NAA turned back to Malaysia from Hawaii with the PM inside for his highly urgent official duties which is to oversee the management of the massive flooding that had displaced over 200,000 people from various states? Why wasn’t the spouse of the PM accompanying her husband for this official trip back to Malaysia as ‘what the wives of every PM, President and head of state usually do’ but instead travelled in the opposite direction in the state owned jet for God knows what reasons?

gk ong

Anil should have touched on this issue long ago but only dare to pick it up when it is discussed at Dewan Negara. A sign that bloggers are toeing the line due to pressure by MCMC?