PICC petition handed in to Chief Minister’s office


A petition against the proposed Penang International Convention Centre (PICC) was handed in to the Penang state government on Friday, 15 January.

Engineer Tan Seng Hai handed over the petition to Lim Guan Eng’s political secretary, Ng Wei Aik, who received it on behalf of the Chief Minister. Copies were also handed over to the personal assistants of the Secretary and Acting YDP of the Penang Municipal Council, Patahiyah Ismail, and Penang exco member Abdul Malik at their offices.

A total of 347 signatures were collected within 12 days, and Tan expressed satisfaction with the awareness and publicity generated by the petition.

The following are a selection of comments found on the petition here:

“There are more urgent improvements required for Penang.”
– Namasivayam Elangovan

“Please cleanup and improve existing infrastructure”
– Lim Guan Bee

“What percent of the total MPPP budget is the 50mil expense?”
-Chan Siew Ngai

“A project not befitting the Penang Govt and what it stands for.”
– Loh Lim Lin Lee

“The design also lacks sufficient storage space, working and staging areas pre and post-exhibition, the kitchen will be too small to cater for any banquet functions, F&B support will be totally inadequate for a foreseeable large crowd to cater to the exhibitors, no one will come to a convention centre without enough supporting infrastructure and entertainment outlets. Cannot develop convention centres as an isolated event centre.”
– Chuah Lai Long

“The budget should be used to improve transportation system.”
– Chin Yan Ning

“Those carparks in D Piazza Mall are for the mall’s business operation. The mall does not plan the car parks to cater for your convention centre.”
– Michael Chin

“Look at what happen to Pisa, Pesta & Komtar Dome. It is vacant/underutilised most of the time.”
– Lee Chin Ark

“The Penang Times Square project close to Komtar has provision for an International Convention Centre in Phase 3.”
– Jessica Chen

“Conduct an architectural competition for the proposal to find the best solution.”
– Tan Khang Hung

“There is no integrated plan linking public transport, local accomodation etc. Such a project should be public/private partnership and not burden the local authority.”
– Lim Hooi Siang

“The State Govt should work with the Times Square developer on the convention centre project. With the convention centre near Komtar, it will benefit Komtar. That includes Prangin Mall, 1st Avenue, Komtar and Times Square can be a shopping haven like Bukit Bintang and KLCC. Don’t forget about the monorail running through there.”
– Lim

“The IJM Light Waterfront project already has a proposed convention centre.”
– Khoo Lay Wah

“Why spend money on new convention centres when there are developers who will build them with their own money?”
– Fong Siew Lan

See also this Business Times article: Is Penang lacking in international convention centres?

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19 Jan 2010 10.42pm

I fully support this PICC from my experience of staying in Penang for over ten years.

In fact, Penang needs a bigger PICC, but more suitable site is at the refill land opposite Pantai Jerjak. The site is formerly designated for small Putrajaya.

Anyway there is a pro by building at the stadium site, PICC can be used for sports.

An Investor
An Investor
19 Jan 2010 4.41am

The feedback process in the form of a petition initiated by the locals are great. From the broader perspective of sustainable growth and development of any State/City, it has to look some 5-10 years ahead of the ‘market’ and ‘economic shifts’ in the surrounding region. For example, have a good detailed assessment of Jakarta, Singapore, HCMC-Ho Chi Min City, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Bangkok. While each city has its fair share of pride(competitive edge)and beauty/attractions, each of them is always at its unique stage of development, or for the case of Singapore and Hong Kong which are considered as… Read more »

19 Jan 2010 1.03am


Are You people still blind about the (alleged) conspiracy between DAP-DEVELOPER( BN Cronies) – BN

It is all about money….

Penang People voted for change… The Change is only the Benefactor of the … money!!!!

After all BN earned so long…

After all its only Rakyat money.. who cares!!! …


SH Tan
SH Tan
18 Jan 2010 9.19pm

To Iron:

There was only one version of the petition, the on-line version. If you had signed it, that was it. Thank you. What was handed over to the CM office was the printout of the on-line petition with all the signatures and comments.

18 Jan 2010 8.44pm


They need to make ‘extra income’ ? Like (leaking funds belonging to) the Rakyat ? Like UMNO has been doing ?

If that is so, what’s the difference between DAP and UMNO?

18 Jan 2010 6.48pm

Wait for the state government’s response on this. What if the state government can come up with a very detailed explanation just like Lau Bee Lan on Allah issue. Then, how? 3/4 of petitions would do a U turn.

1 glance at the petition I can smell BN cronies. Downsize PGCC & PORR to be used instead. Hahahaha! I smell a rat here
Anyway, I agree on the part of budgetary control. Hey, as for KBP, Great Anil is willing to waste plenty of money. Remember!


18 Jan 2010 6.21pm

Penang’s approximate population – 1.5 million.
Only 347 signed ???

lim kah cheng
lim kah cheng
18 Jan 2010 4.10pm

dear bigjoe
of course there is a common theme in the criticisms-347 objections to the building of the convention centre at PISA at RM50 million to be borne by MPPP. alternatives have also be given. To allow such a mistake to take place is too costly for MPPP and the rate payers. we deserve better.

Loh Yeow Boo - Penang
Loh Yeow Boo - Penang
18 Jan 2010 2.36pm

Well, they need to make some “extra” income too.

18 Jan 2010 2.36pm

Was there an announcement for the petition?

I did sign the online petition but unfortunately didn’t sign any of the “real life” edition of the petition. šŸ™

18 Jan 2010 1.01pm

347 out of the planned 1,500, not bad for 12 days efforts, the State Government has a reason to look into it, but as it is Penang is a difficult state to govern. Basic needs must be looked into, like improving Pisa and bringing back the glory back to Botanical Gardens. Transport system needs to be looked into, public transport that is. Whatever, the PICC is necessary to move Penang out of its listless situation. We cannot afford to lack further behind, the convention centre must be properly utilize and ensure that it will not be like all those structures… Read more »

Ong eu Soon
18 Jan 2010 11.38am

The CAT has transformed competency to collusion, accountability to arrogant, and transparency to tit for tat .
Time to kill the CAT of collusion, arrogant, tit for tat. Why?
We don’t want a state government that cooperate with developers for their own mutual benefit. We don’t like an arrogant CM who can’t accept criticism. We don’t like a CM who prefer equivalent retaliation when deal with the criticisms.

18 Jan 2010 2.39pm
Reply to  Ong eu Soon


We are still waiting for your action against the PR Government over the foreshore issue. Where is your sufficient evidence and now has become a rubbish bin?

20 Jan 2010 7.24am
Reply to  kingkong

He just like Gerakan K and the UMNO BN coalition are just sore losers who can`t accept the realities of the last GE. Just like (a certain leader) and (his party) cronies, they have to use the most devious means of using corrupted people and ways to topple or discredit a government.

18 Jan 2010 6.31pm
Reply to  Ong eu Soon

Ignore NGOs at your perils. Also a smack of arrogance. Please do not equate yourself with the public masses

18 Jan 2010 10.37am

These criticims lack one thing – there is not a single common theme. Its sound too back seat driving.. A series of small criticism is NOT good enough not to do the project. Penang govt has to lead and that comes with risk. So long as there is no major complain about it, they have the right to make the decision take the risk. If they are wrong a few times, they will pay for it..