MPPP chief says “No” to funds for PICC


The newly appointed Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP) chief, Patahiyah Ismail, has come out to say she is not in favour of using Council funds for the controversial RMR50 million Penang International Convention Centre (PICC).

Site plans showing the proposed PICC (in brown) located directly in front of the existing Penang International Sports Arena (Pisa)

“I would not want to spend the council’s money on this project. This is my opinion,” she was reported as saying in The Star today.

Patahiyah, who joined the MPPP as an architect in 1985, said it would be better if other parties built the PICC using their own funds. She said it was still not certain if the project would actually take off, adding that it was now being handled by the state government.

“There are proposals for developers to undertake the project or the project be implemented elsewhere.”

Well done, Patahiyah!

It is a relief that the MPPP has taken a firm stand against the use of Council funds for the project. The Council’s budget is slightly in the red this year.

In a way, this could actually be a blessing in disguise for the state government as it will allow the Council to use extra funds on essential services and improve its delivery in more visible ways that actually benefit the rakyat.

For example, the funds could be used to upgrade public markets, improve the Council’s antiquated computer system and clean up rivers (the land along the Sungai Pinang river bank belongs to the Council.) Politically, such tangible improvements will benefit more people than the PICC and actually help increase support for the state government.

The Seberang Perai Council nearly went bankrupt because of its building projects. (The Batu Kawan Stadium is now virtually a white elephant, while the council spent millions more on a new multi-storey office complex for itself.)

If at all developers now build the PICC, the state government must ensure that any state land allocated to the developers is at market price. In this way, we will know whether the project is really viable in the first place. (But remember, other developers already have plans for convention centres on the island.)

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Kee, don’t waste time talking to the self claimed smart ar.. There will be no end in arguing. Alot of us agreewith you.


I guess, some people they just grow old but never grow up!!!

And these some people they think they are very clever, they think they know everything but in fact, the reverse is true.

I hope these some people are the minority of Penangnites (after 308).


“Penangnites are the only force in Malaysia… kick out whoever dare to play play with us.”

My foot !!! You had been dragged around with head buried in the sand under Gerakan/BN for 18 long years !!!

Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh had been fighting for you all in the Parliament all their lives and PENANGNITES turned their backs against Kit Siang and Karpal out in the 1990s GE…

This shows that how ungrateful PENANGNITES are, you funny poeople !!!

Iron, I feel very “geli” reading your comments !!!


Before you want to …, please study the voting record of Penangites. All the facts that I posted up there are valid. On the other hand, the lies you posted up there, are lies. Karpal Singh (hardly serves) his constituents. He is one of the most famous “ABSENTEE REPRESENTATIVE” since his main concern is his law business. Karpal Singh is a very famous lorya after all, and he (probably) makes more money defending drug traffickers than serving the people. Lim Kit Siang? Don’t make me laugh! Kit (rarely) works for the people… Look at (his) house … in Island Park,… Read more »


I am sorry but I think with this statement Patayah has made a career ending move.

LGE and his DAP/Pakatan supporters will not take kindly to this statement and MPPP head will pay the price for sure.

In my view, having a non politician as MPPP head was already a big concession on LGE. But with such principled actions, I won’t be surprised if DAP will bring on a political crony as the next MPPP head.

However I am pleased to see such brave statement that made by MPPP which puts public interest as paramount.


“I won’t be surprised if DAP will bring on a political crony as the next MPPP head” If DAP dare to do that, we will bring down the Lim Guan Eng government. Penangites are the only force in Malaysia which successfully kicked out whoever dare to play play with us. The first time the Penangites kicked out the “alliance” and voted in the Labor Party. The second time the Penangites kicked out the “alliance” again and brought in the United Democratic Party. The third time the Penangites kicked Lim Kit Siang out of the Dewan Rakyat, along with Karpal Singh.… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

Yes! Ask LGE to use his own money to build PICC somewhere else.


Be it as it may, Patthiyah represents MPPP through her capacity as President of MPPP. Hence, it’s indirectly state government’s decision. Tan from Tanjong Bunggah, private sector would look at the bigger pie. The PGCC, remember. However, I agree with Tan on this. Penang state government does need more revenue. People, I have an even radical proposal. Abolish MPPP & MPSP. Put all council power under the state government, that means all revenues, be it assessment rates, land taxes, land development fees, parking charges & fines would go direct to state. Thereafter, regroup Residents’ Association & Village’s councils into CCC… Read more »


Abolish MPPP & MPSP. Put all council power under the state government, that means all revenues, be it assessment rates, land taxes, land development fees, parking charges & fines would go direct to state.

Not now !!

If we do that now, the state will automatically get the RM 50 Million from MPPP and they will waste it on that PICC white elephant !!

Until we Penangites can be ensured that none of our Penangites’ tax money be wasted by the Penang state government, I do not think your proposal should become reality, not yet for now, at least.


I commend Patahiyah for voicing her principled opinion. Thanks, Anil, for showing us the plans of the proposed building. Looks like a monstrosity done by an architectural student. Notice how the layout is cranked into two, essentially halving the use of the whole space. Worse than that, it is cranked opposite to and in defiance of the site parameters [you can also say perimeter]. The result is lots of unresolved space and odd external corners. If you need to crank the building into two portions, the site would suggest you do it the exact opposite way, to be in harmony… Read more »


Sybas Patahiyah. This is what CAT is all about. LGE should listen to the rakyat. Don’t be so arrogant. Penang don’t need any other convention center. Upgrade PISA and ultilize and promote it to be world class. Don’t know how to do? Then ask Ong Eu Soon & Gerakan K for advice.

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, I’d like to congratulate the MPPP President for putting forth her personal opinion that she’s not in favour of using MPPP’s funds to finance the PICC project. It’s good that she voices her misgivings and the State Govt should find out the reasons for her opinion. The State Govt should relook the proposal for the PICC project. If it is feasible, why not consider PFI for this project? The private sector initiative and funding that undertakes this project would be able to undertake a thorough study on the time taken to break even, bearing in mind that such… Read more »


Let it be funded by private sources. If it is really viable, there would not be any problems with funding. Just get the approvals in place. Council money is better spent on improving the service of garbage collection/disposal.

Fair enough?


Private sourcing?

Not many private sources would fund the PICC project as it is.

No matter how you do the math, the PICC thing does not make any sense.

The building itself would become a white elephant. It would never generate enough revenue to cover the expenses. And it would not be large enough to hold any world class event.

And most important of all, the infrastructure surrounding the PISA does not offer any supportive function.

In other words, there would be no private source stupid enough to dump RM 50 Million in PICC.

Tan Seng Hai

Anil: The MPPP was reported last week to say that they do not have budget to upgrade the Chowrasta Market which is already in a sorry state of disrepair. RM50 mil. could definitely go a long way to upgrade this and many other infra projects in Penang. I have been reliably informed that this is not the end of the PICC yet. It has been put on a low profile, cooling off period. The State Govt is still looking at means to get the project off. However, I have to say kudos to Pn. Patahiyah for her principled statement and… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

MPPP can’t even take care of the railway of the old tram on Penang road. No money and totally nelected!


Engr – what is your plan for the SINGLE track tram in narrow Penang Road and the low overhead pedestrian bridge? Spend billions or millions?


MPPP’s chief opinions must be seriously considered and respected! Do not use political power to push your way through DAP. Find alternative financing!


Why don’t you think it’s a “face saving” way of gracious exit from the project for DAP led government. I am sure Gerakan K (and others) would be very supportive of this.

Again, if this PICC is off, I am sure some clowns would claim credit for it.

I got to repeat again NGO does not represent Penang masses. Otherwise, you might have to agree that Perkasa represents all melayus


Looes 74 I am for the PICC as this is necessary for the development of sms industries in the northern region! We do not have to compete with the best and the biggest, understanding we can always create our own niche market, but, one thing is clear, the environment and areas surrounding the PICC must be protected! There is no compromise on this as the trees and greens, make the place more livable. Just why should they mess up the area? No, this issue should not be politicized but, genuine efforts and studies must be conducted before bull dozing with… Read more »


Dear O, I am never for BN. Never in my life I supported BN but this time I am thinking of giving support to BN, at least to make sure that PICC — in its present form — will never be build. Actually I am feeling very very dirty even thinking of helping BN, but Lim Guan Eng is leaving me no option. I’ve talked to my friends in PKR about it, a lot of them do not like PICC but they can’t do anything. Their HQ in KL has given them a clear order — do not rock the… Read more »

Gerakan K

Dear Patahiyah Ismail,

you better ready for counter attacks from the team rocket or find a new job. Your honest opinion may not appreciated. Why not use that money to run local election alike program ???


Thank you, Lord, for giving us a voice of sanity in the MPPP !!


Thank God too. Very well said and spoken in simple report here. She spoke very clearly and has no objection as to the complex to be BUILT but against the objection raise here NOT TO be built!!! So she support the complex but not the financing.


she support the complex

Got meh? Where?

This is what she said:

“There are proposals for developers to undertake the project or the project be implemented elsewhere.”

In no way Puan Patahiyah offers any support nor objection to PICC.

Hence, IMO, her stance is neutral on the building, but negative on the financing.