PICC: Political motive or genuine concern?


More on the Penang International Convention Centre.

Tan Seng Hai, the person spearheading a petition expressing concern about the PICC, sent the following letter to The Star – but it apparently has not been published.

I refer to the report “Council will announce successful bidder of PICC, says CM” (Sunday Star, 14 March 2010) in which Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng was quoted as saying critics of the PICC have their “own political motives and agenda behind their criticisms”.

I do not belong to any political party and have no affiliation to any organisations. I initiated the on-line petition against building the PICC on my own initiative out of love for Penang and in the hope that the Penang State Government will do the right thing and do it right.

It is disappointing that the Chief Minister has taken such a defensive and arrogant stance to lambast all the critics of PICC regardless that the much of the feedback and input given was sincere and genuine. Many who signed the petition and gave their inputs are apolitical professionals and genuinely care for the State. After all, the Chief Minister himself requested for feedback and input to the PICC project.

I have sent two emails to the office of the Chief Minister requesting a response to the feedback and an invitation to a dialogue with resident associations committees and management committees of Bayan Baru, Sungai Ara, Bukit Jambul and Relau. These are the major stakeholders affected by the PICC project. I have still not received any response from the office of the Chief Minister. I would expect at least the courtesy of a response from the Chief Minister’s office.

Tan Seng Hai

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Someone must be really frustated and just cannot take. All he does is COMPLAIN and COMPLAIN.


True, we Penangites are frustrated with this Lim Guan Eng guy.

Kata satu bikin lain.

Tells the world that his administration would be “CAT” but when it comes to PICC, “CAT” tu sudah lari kuat-kuat, kot?

Back to Penang

To all the comments read, have to be fair to LGE. To date, nothing is final. I have been away for more than 10 years, I can see BIG difference between now and then. MUCH MUCH BETTER that I am thinking of settling back here for good. At least LGE asks for feedback and listens to ‘logical’ arguments. That matters. During the BN days, try talking and they will shut you up the moment they see your teeth. Alone, PISA is already a ‘white elephant’. Why not improve on it by bringing some life back to this gigantic monster that… Read more »


“To date, nothing is final.” Yeah, right ! If nothing is final, why then LGE announced the bid for PICC, huh ?? You want to be fair to LGE, fine, you can have that, but please, please ask LGE to be fair to the Penangites as well ! The way LGE is doing on the PICC thing tells much about what LGE is made of. He thinks he is a big bad bully, that he can bulldoze anything down the throats of the Penangites. On one hand his kakis tell us that the “commentary period” is still valid, but on… Read more »


“Alone, PISA is already a ‘white elephant’. Why not improve on it by bringing some life back to this gigantic monster that was built by who else…..BN !!!” Oh yeah, I almost missed that !!! Typical Lim Guan Eng style of BLAMING THE BARISAN NASIONAL FOR EVERY SINGLE THING !!! And one more thing —> When was the last time you had an insanity check ? PISA is a white elephant, and you want to “improve” that gajah putih BY WASTING RM 50 MILLION MORE to build YET ANOTHER WHITE ELEPHANT ??? Is that what you called IMPROVEMENT ?????? I… Read more »


Your must be a ancient fool, who is so set in your stubborn OLD ways and think only you know best, your time is up and get out of the way you pre-historic. Let us young fellow do something better. Stop behaving like a BN goon mowing everybody else out the way.
Stop talking … Iron! There are many of us in Penang who do travel all over the world for exhibitions, and I am not living in Penang.



Please remove your blinkers and open your eyes and mind.

Your argument is so lame that I cringed when I read it. People have destroyed whatever the Cheap Minister gave as excuse to build the white elephant. There is absolutely there is no reason to spend public fund to build PICC.

CAT – Convention Centers, Apartments and Townhouses


Whoa ! “Your must be a ancient fool” Am I surprised at the above quote? Am I surprised at all? Nah … to me, it’s the typical compliment from DAP samsengs. Them DAP samsengs are just like those from UMNO. The UMNO goons, when losing an argument, will evoke the “May 13” thingy… The DAP samsengs, when losing an argument, will resort to name calling, such as the “ancient fool” as quoted above. I mean, what else is there for the UMNO goons and DAP samsengs? They share the same level of arrogance, the same level of ignorance and the… Read more »


I visit every other major Industrial fair in the world and Anil can vouch for it, as he keeps seeing me coming from the airport once so often. All these countries also started some where. IF we want to promote Penang industries, we need to have exihibition centers. If we don’t have such places we can never have a chance to attract anyone. Such centers take time to develop and grow in fame and reputation. So IRON, you try to force everybody to shut up and listen to your views but when some else a different view, he is wrong.… Read more »


You said: “IRON, you try to force everybody to shut up and listen to your views but when some else a different view, he is wrong” Oh wow ! You must be THE ONLY PERSON FROM PENANG WHO GOES TO CONVENTIONS ALL AROUND THE WORLD !! Guess what ? I have been doing that since the mid 1970’s, and I’ve been participating in many world class conventions which were held in all the continents, with the exception of Africa and Antarctica. From my decades of personal experience (actually only 37 years), I know what type of convention centers that are… Read more »


Richard Loh: Try writing to the Office of the President of the United States, or for that matter any Govt agencies in Australia or New Zealand. You will get a response and it is not one of those computer auto-generated crap (“Thank you for your feedback. We value your feedback….” or someting of that effect). This is just basic common courtesy. This sets us apart from the developed nations where our politicians and Govt. officers have the attitude that they do not owe the taxpayers and voters any answers. And we have some commenters in this thread who agree to… Read more »


The other day I replied something on Haris Ibrahim’s blog and long and behold some DAP kakis hammered me left right and center. You know what my reply was to that guy? “Lim Guan Eng is not better than Koh Tsu Koon and your reaction to my message is not better than the UMNO goons or Perkasa goons’ reaction to those (minorities)”. Basically what those DAP people react just as bad as the UMNO goons. Every time when people say things that do not conform to their liking, yeah, those critics would be automatically labeled as “UMNO supporters”. Grow up?… Read more »



You also another samseng. You can opinonate but you go to the extent to insist those in governing to FOLLOW what you say.

You grow up. As you have the right to say. So does others. If you cannot defend yourself, they your opinion is weak and why should they listen to you then.


You think we don’t read your message meh, Mr. … Kingkong?

We read them all and we know that other than personal insults and character assassinations you have nothing.

Now that I am called a “samseng” by another “samseng” I take that as a compliment !!




You can see that happening here. The moment one speaks against Chairman Lim, then the pack converges on and attacks you.

What is more interesting is those who are posting are not just typical DAP cyberbullies and goons but those in the state admin as well. If you notice, you will see these folks who use multiple anons to support DAP policies and defend their leaders.


That’s the fun of it, K.

The more they want to protect their Emperor Lim & Son, the more fun it is to see them doing the self-destruct dance in front of all of us.

Haha !

Readers of this blog and others will get to see the TRUE COLOR of DAP the more them DAP samsengs show off their arrogance online.


I find DAP and BN have the same way of arguing with those who disagree with them. They are more concerned with WHO say what rather than giving serious thoughts to WHAT they say. If it were Gerakan or UMNO who oppose PICC then there must be a political agenda and therefore nobody else should oppose it further as this will help UMNO and Gerakan…Richard Loh has a subtle way of arguing which reminds me of BN’s or DR M’s style of government. Our projects are the best (for our pockets) we can’t please everyone. Continue this way LGE, all… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

Why LGE allowed the failed architect of PISA to present him the idea of this mini convention without going thru’ any open tender. Why this … architect?

… a substandard PISA that does not meet international standard.


Ong, we have thoroughly discussed this before.

We know that PICC will be wrong.

We know that PICC will be underutilized.

We know all that.

But Lim Guan Eng doesn’t care.

He just doesn’t care about us, the Penangites.

All he wants is to waste our RM 50 Million on yet another white elephant !!

Richard Loh

I find this argument very interesting. One group is against the construction of PICC and another group for. If the government were to listen to those who oppose and scrape the project the other group will jump and vice versa. Let us be real for a moment, tell me which project or any action taken by the government is agreeable to all parties. Every project there will be pros and cons so what is the government going to do. If the government stop all progress, some people will be happy and those who want progress will jump. Everyone is now… Read more »


It is most disappointing to hear from LSH & Jessica that CM has not even bothered to acknowledge their mails …… such a simple courtesy gesture.

Can Jeff pls inform when & where public consultations have been held if any, as he so claims “views from Penangites are still welcome and meetings will be held”.

If no meetings have been held, how to “factor them in”?


I too registered my disagreement to MPPP through email but received no response. However, as this is not a specific complain about service or breakdown of it but rather an expression of opinion or a feedback, I do not expect the government to give a reply to every complainant other than a short note to inform him/her that his/her opinion has been received and noted. I really don’t see why Mr Tan should be so upset about not getting a response to his feedback and his call for a dialogue. Perhaps the state government has already responded through public announcements… Read more »

Loh Yeow Boo - Penang

Don’t understand what this Jeffrey is talking about. On a different topic, until now the State Government is unable to uphold the law about the illegal conversion of residential to commercial in Jln Sungai Kelian. There are more illegal busineesses coming up, instead of reducing. What happened to CAT?

Oi Jeffrey !!!, u blind ah? You passed thru this road a few times daily!!!!


I must give credit to Jeffrey. I didn’t know who he is until I asked around. Gosh – very proactive.I am quite skeptical about Gerakan K..hiding behind a veil…strange

Gerakan K

You never know who is good/bad guy until the end of story. You will probably thank me after next GE.

Tan Seng Hai

Jessica: The Star quoted LGE as saying that tenders will be announced soon. He did not indicate that feedback and inputs are being considered. I sent in the petition and followed up with 2 reminders for a response. There was none. I am not throwing tantrums, just expecting some simple courtesies from the office of the CM. I don’t give 2 hoots about all the others jumping on the bandwagon to capitalise on this issue. LGE could have played it right by doing the right thing and not allowing them to capitalise on it. Jeffery: Thanks for the clarification. If… Read more »

Jeffrey Chew

Anil – thanks for publishing Mr Tan’s comments. The feedback process is still ongoing and we hope that Mr. Tan and others will take the comments from CM as not one that are directed to them but more towards those who are from BN as well as Dewan Perniagaan Melayu Pulau Pinang. Views from Penangites are still be welcomed and meetings will be held when all are factored in. Hence, that is the reason why the replies are taking still taking time to be responded. Thanks Anil.

Jeffrey Chew

Ong Eu Soon

What kind of non sense is this? Why called for tender if the feedback is still on going? The decision already been made! The feedback is just for show no value! LGE never sincere in wanting any feedback, the more he got the most angry is he. Just look at the out burst shown by LGE, you can draw your conclusion. He … just the way KTK did. Why still continue all the bad policies of KTK? No brain?


It’s not “no brain”, it’s “don’t care”.

LGE just don’t care about Penang or the Penangites…



Please stop trying to fool us.

I know you work for LGE and have met you couple of times on the 28th floor.

You are a nice guy, Jeff, but please, we Penangites won’t be fooled no more !

Not by Koh Tsu Koon and definitely not by Lim Guan Eng!!


Want kind of comment and reply is this from the so-called Special Investment officer of the Cheap Minister ? Is he implying that the state govt will not listen to the input from BN and the Malay Chamber of Commerce just because they are critical of the state govt ? Is this CAT and democracy as preached by DAP ? Looks more like dictatorship to me. If the input from Penangites are being considered, why then LGE did not say so and kept on track to build this white elephant of a project ? I am sorry the CAT of… Read more »


Hey, it’s not that they won’t listen to BN. They won’t listen to the non-BN people either. They just won’t listen. Our RM 50 Million will be wasted for that white elephant. Just wait and see how under utilize that white elephant will be. Me as a rakyat is very tired of white elephants, no matter the gajah putih is from BN or from Lim Guan Eng. The irony is, BN never stresses the CAT thingy. BN just do whatever it wants to do, wasting rakyat’s money. But that Guan Eng guy? He was singing the “CAT” tune everywhere, telling… Read more »


I have been following very closely the arguments on PICC. I am not sure if the writer actually got it right but feedback is still being taken in and I did also send mine in – negative ones too. But, I believe BN and Gerakan fellas as well as the Malay Chambers fella. Seriously, I think we should be mindful that these folks are politisizing the issues at hand and we are not. So Tan and Anil – be mindful. I also wrote in and have yet to get any reply. Rather than showing our tantrums, let’s not be cowed… Read more »


As a person involved globally in Out-sourcing and related work, we need A PICC. However, all I say is the location needs to be strategic and do not have a major impact on the traffic dispersal system.



Now show us the proofs on your claim of “the need for PICC” !!

Gerakan K

Zahrain was correct. His action also proved correct.

Ah Lim, please show your moderation and be a people government. Prove your middle Malaysia concept now. Your CAT already injured because of Kg Buah Pala.


Actually what are you trying to prove. How right is Zahrain, an opportunist who tried to favour a RM2.00 company for a 40 millions awards. Kg Buah Pala is history so don`t keep trying to politicize the issue. Those 9 folks who did not sign up will not get any sympathies anymore. Wait another 2 years and the 15 who signed up will be moving into their 650,000 brand new home.


And by the way, what are YOU trying to prove??

I may not agreeing with Gerakan K but Lim Guan Eng has thrown away all his CAT thingy in the PICC matter.

Stop using strawman to save your idol.


Dear Anil, I am troubled with the title you put in this thread: Political motive or genuine concern? Are you saying that those of us who are against PICC do it out of our political motive? Are you saying that anyone who oppose to LGE – no matter what we oppose – must have done it out of our selfish political motive? Is this the way you are treating the Rakyat now, Anil? Or must the Rakyat kowtow to YOUR MASTER LGE? There are reasons why I never support DAP — and no, I do not support BN either —… Read more »