PI Bala’s wife Selvi speaks out


A Santamil Selvi, the wife of the late private investigator P Balasubramiam, has spoken out about their life in recent years.

Note (12.20pm): Are you able to view these videos? It seems like they are no longer working, after I highlighted them on my blog. I have informed the Malaysiakini editor, who said he will refer the issue to his technical people.

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ken destino

Go to KiniTV facebook and watch the video.


What happen to the video ??? Blocked again by you know who ?


Private eye Bala’s wife Selvi breaks silence
INTERVIEW Almost five years after fleeing the country, the widow of the private eye P Balasubramaniam, A Santamil Selvi, has given her first interview to the media.

She was driven to do so, Selvi said, after receiving anonymous phone calls offering her money and education opportunities for her children in exchange for “evidence” that PKR paid her late husband to make his infamous statutory declarations.

And a few example of recent sudden turncoat are Waytha and a few DAP people. Have they recd anything. Your guess is as good as mine