PGCC: Council to hear nearby residents’ concerns


Feelings against the PGCC are running high. Despite the mainstream media’s almost total blackout of dissenting views, emails have been going around, highlighting the adverse implications for Penang if the project goes ahead. Concerned activists have begun a campaign to raise public awareness of the PGCC and its horrendous implications for Penang.

In the midst of all this, some welcome news: the Penang Munical Council (MPPP) has given an assurance that it would be transparent and accountable in vetting the project. MPPP president Zainal Rahim Seman said the MPPP would ensure all the requirements are met before approving the project.

theSun reports:

Commenting on the complaints raised by several NGOs in Penang after the project was launched by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on Sept 12, Zainal said a public hearing will be held in three weeks time.

“The developer has submitted it’s plans for the PGCC and I want to assure everyone that the MPPP will be thorough and open in deliberations on the project,” he told theSun.

“We will invite those in the neighbouring areas to come for the public hearing and they will be given an opportunity to air their views, which will be considered in our decision-makings.

“The developer will have to fulfill all the criteria, including traffic impact assessment in the area and the EIA requirement. The relevant departments, including the Public Works Department and Department of Environment, will also submit their reports on the project.”

Zainal said the approval for the project will not be given “so soon”.

He said although the project had been launched even before the approval was given by the MPPP, the initial assessment had been carried out by the Prime Minister’s Office.

So I gather that the Council will be holding a meeting for neighbouring residents to hear their concerns, perhaps on 27 Sept. And I hear the NGOs are also thinking of a public forum. All of a sudden, the path to the promised PGCC land doesn’t look like like it’s going to be strewn with rose petals.

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First stop, the call for an independent and thorough EIA.

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28 Sep 2009 4.02pm

Dont panic. This PGCC will handle professionally, I believe. Hope it sets an precedent to all future projects in Malaysia. I like the MPPP president’s words, “the MPPP would ensure all the requirements are met before approving the project”.

All parties must weight the pros and the cons. There should not be politicians involvement. The project should benefit the Penang people and not the developer or the politicians alone.

21 Sep 2007 12.09am

We made a call to council today to request that I be allowed to attend this meeting with the council on the 27th .. based on the fact that I am a resident with an adjoining boundary to the project .. although I didn’t receive any mail “registered or otherwise” from the council. Guess what they said? They tried to send us the letter but there was no one to receive it. Can you believe that statement? It’s a REGISTERED letter. If the person is not around, leave a notice to collect at the GPO. How hard can that be?… Read more »

21 Sep 2007 12.59pm

daydream if you think that this guy from the municipal council will to follow the regulations to the “T”. come on, one call from the promoter of Islam Hadhari will be enough for him to toe the line as drawn out by Patrick Badawi. Afterall, it is a known fact that Patric and Ahmad are close buddies; if not Ahmad and his family would not have stayed in Patrick’s family bungalow while holidaying in Perth.

Future PM (not KJ)
Future PM (not KJ)
21 Sep 2007 11.15am

Well, lets all see how transparent the Council shall be. Don’t forget you are talking about Patrick Badawi here. Remember “Monsoon Cup”? Then again, how are we to know the true development when approval was from KL. How many towers? This is the era of Pak Lah. So those of you who wanted change from Mahathir, truly deserve what they are getting now. Thanks a million guys!Imagine NCER being a government project but a private project like PGCC rides on it and being the centre of NCER. PGCC – Penang Golf & Country Club, would have been ideal (but let… Read more »