People’s Solidarity Suspension Bridge


Here is an example of what’s possible when a community feels empowered. They can even build bridges – like this new suspension bridge for an Orang Asli community in Sungai Siput to replace the old rickety one.

The People's Solidarity Suspension Bridge in Sungai Siput - Photo courtesy of Ipoh Echo

There are several things we can learn from this suspension bridge project:

  • We (and that includes MPs and state assembly members) can do things without having to wait for government funds, which for political or other reasons, we may not be assured of getting. In this case, the MP working behind the scenes was Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj.
  • Small is Beautiful! A project may be small in value but it can generate benefits for an entire community. This is money well spent – and there’s no toll either!
  • Infrastructure that is sustainable and beneficial for the people can actually blend with the natural environment.
  • When a community takes ownership of a project, participates in decision-making and understands that the project is for the common good of all, opportunities for corruption or cronyism and ‘leakages’ can be reduced or eliminated altogether.

To find out how they built the bridge, have a look at the Ipoh Echo here.

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18 Mar 2011 2.02pm

If it is a Satu Lagi Projek BN then it will have a ground breaking ceremony and an official opening. This may cost more than the cost to put up the bridge. Then of course, the usual cost overrun even after the extra costing to pay every one along the chain. and one thing for such the project will not complete on time

Penang Voter
Penang Voter
18 Mar 2011 12.20am

I am impressed. Indeed I am. This a ‘GOOD SLAP’ to BN.

YB Jeyakumar, May you hold Sungai Siput for a long time.

17 Mar 2011 7.55pm

A Gomen project ‘sincerely’ for the people must be a ‘Kang Tau’ one otherwise no point having project! It can be in the deepest of the rainforest or in the wealthiest surburb, it makes no difference. For whom – Orang Asli or wealthy folks in Subang Jaya – it makes no difference.
If there’s no +++top up in satu lagi projek, you and I can wait till heaven comes.
Time for satu lagi kopi-O kau, kau, kau at my favorite kopitiam, not at the narrowest, traffic dangerous Lorong off Macalister Road.

17 Mar 2011 6.09pm

Only those outside UMNOsaja can do such noble things for the Rakyat! Do not hope UMNOsaja will do such things for the people. They will … do things to benefit their cronies! And in the end, cost overlaps will definitely be on the table for more funds from the Government, using the Rakyat’s money. Syabas! Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj! It only goes to show what a politician who has the peoples interests at heart can do! Syabas PSM, and syabas Pakatan Rakyat too, as Dr, Jeyakumar contested on a Pakatan ticket the last time around and is Pakatan friendly! Only Pakatan… Read more »

17 Mar 2011 3.49pm

That type of bridge is for very remote areas otherwise why cant we have such bridges all over malaysia include Spore third crossing and penang bridge or across all schools to reduce risks around the school

17 Mar 2011 3.36pm

A wonderful example of people coming together for a cause. Many are ready if the situation is right to lend a helping hand. If everyone could have such working ethics, even bigger obstacles can be overcome.

Bowen Liu
Bowen Liu
17 Mar 2011 3.27pm

This is a good lesson to all rural folks.

You do not need ‘Satu lagi projet BN’ as you can elect a good government to help you to build these basic amenities without escalated price tag.

18 Mar 2011 11.27am
Reply to  Bowen Liu

Not only a lesson for rural folk, but to everyone!
Just stop waiting for the ‘government’ to do everything, there are a lot you may do yourself,and most likely at a fraction of the cost!
Had this been a ‘government’ bridge it would have been boosted as a RM 500.000 project!