Penang’s latest tourist attraction!


Now you don’t need to visit Pisa in Italy.

This is what happens when you unthinkingly come up with and agree to ‘upgrading’ projects for the sake of  ‘development’ (to benefit contractors? certainly not to benefit the people, in this case).

Check out the latest attraction in the Penang Botanic Garden: an arch that is reportedly leaning. It was first reported in Kwong Wah, followed by a report in today’s Sun.

A consultant engineer told me he took a plumb-line to check it out for himself a few days ago and found the tilt to be a couple of degrees. “Any tilt in a structure of this nature is unacceptable,” he said.

Another independent engineer used a surveying instrument (theodolite) to check and it was observed to slant away towards the right by about five inches at the top, at about 40 feet high.

Photo here.

Another reason to dismantle those ugly arches.

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Samuel Goh Kim Eng


Oh how the arch really aches
With a visible tilt at its edge
When will there be its final stage
Without it tumbling down like an egg

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 170610
Thur. 17th June 2010.


Federal project sure one. Rocket man not to be blamed but LGE can make it a win-win situation. Just let the lie slowly to the ground and we have the 1st sleeping arch in Malaysia and it is here in Penang. An icon to a Federal project blunder. Wonderful work of art.


Okay, those who blames PR and Lim Guan Eng for this you are barking at the wrong tree.
The baby belongs to Ng yen yen.
Satu lagi project dari BN !

GEORGE TOWN: The Botanic Gar­dens concrete arch will be demolished if it is unsafe, says Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen.


Penangnites needs money.. DAP/ LIM DYNASTY needs money to run the State.. DAP/ Lim DYNASTY needs money for Development..
AND further it is all done by KTK Govt and that is the reason ALL the PROJECTS in Penang was halted and UMNO was protesting against KTK.. LGE Govt is innocent and helpless..they just working along BN cronies for GREATER BENEFIT of Penangnites and to pay RM100 to every PENANGNITES … rgds


All the word a person contribute and write in this blog is the word “cheap and chip”. Try to glamourise his contribution but only cheap and complains.


Just imagine this. Our Malaysian contractors and engineers cannot build a stadium roof that wont fall, roofs that wont leak and now a pillar that is not straight. Is this Malaysian culture or what?


Someone apparently knows how to count.

For a mere RM 45 Million the priceless Penang botanical garden is damaged beyond recognition.

No wonder.

Cheap cheap leader always have the sokong of cheap cheap follower.


Someone does not know how to count. RM45M is cheap and more expensive than cakap2 ??? How does it compare to Council’s operating expenses. Why not ACTION and contribute 10% if RM45M is cheap


The thing is — this thing could have been prevented.

If only Lim Guan Eng is not so money face.

The Fed waves RM 45 Million and Lim Guan Eng agreed to let the Fed destroy the Botanical Garden.

For a mere RM 45 Million and our priceless Botanical Garden is forever destroyed.

Yeah, that’s how cheap Lim Guan Eng is.


Let Lim Guan Eng answer this. We still don’t know for a fact this can or cannot be prevented by him since it was agreed to under KTK’s administration. Projects approved cannot be so easily undone or shelved, but at the least the Penang Gomen should know what … are going on at Botanical Garden. This could be a sabotage project. (study Art of War)
As for the RM45 million, this is nothing to the Feds when they can spend millions for an ad in US.


But Danny Law sez it’s RM 45 Million, biiiiiiig moneh man !!!


Agree with you Anil, commenters should be more responsible with their comments regardless of political affiliations! It would make this blog more credible at the same time making those who comment and readers here accessible to credible information. Keep those lopsided views often used four decades ago to oneself without continuing to degrade anyone. And those cheap name callings are used during the elections of the 60’s which BN are bringing back, to oneself! Look yourself in the mirror, if you do not have one, look into a pail of water and see the reflections for yourself before you resort… Read more »


That is my damn tax dollars they just screwed up with. Must by KTK’s handiwork left behind for LGE to clean up(?)


No, it is not KTK’s handiwork. This happens when LGE is on the CM seat. KTK has already left since 308. This building was no where in sight at that time. In fact, the botanical garden was STILL the BOTANICAL GARDEN the day after 308. Now it is waaaaaay ugly, with concrete slabs all over the place. Someone sez something about “not easy for state to stop project” please tell that to Nik Aziz. He did stop the “East Coast Toll Way”, didn’t he? How come Nik Aziz can stop a project LGE can’t? How come LGE is so no… Read more »


Contractor ada taruh enough foundation for the arch kah?
Anyway the … arch is very ugly. The garden should be full of green atuff, not concrete.


Put the BN goons (under) the arch….


I suggest that the gate to made to tilt more. Then it can be a tourist attraction in its own right. Since someone made a mistake, take advantage of it. The tilting gate makes wonderful tourist story. They may learn a bit of Malaysian politic.


You have to love Google calculator:

Is it blowing in the wind? Your latest update (5 inches in 40 feet) is 0.6 degrees. The GIMP’s Measure Tool says 3 degrees for the image you’ve linked to. Do you know anybody who is a school teacher? I think this could make a brilliant ‘CSI’ trigonometry excursion.

Perhaps MPPP could establish a fact-finding trip to the wonky arch as part of the Mathematics syllabus. I’m inclined to believe that’s the cheapest solution.


I am actually surprised at Gerakan K respond to not check if its a BN project. He IS BRAINWASHED. GONE CASE! At first I thought he is/potentiallly well-compensated for his views but unbelievable how brainwashed and deluded he is.


Come on guys. Its not that Gerakan K doesn’t understand the issues. He is just playing politics spewing misconception. Since he is not doing a very good job at it, why are you all so worked up? Leave him be.

Penang Voter

Get those damn arches out and send it to Putrajaya main entrance.

No wonder those in Ministry of Tourism got their head up the wrong holes.


Suddenly Gerakans … is shut (unlike Saful …) just like his mouth because he now finds out it is a BN project.


It wouldn’t surprise me if it was done intentionally by the federal contractors to discredit the Penang state government knowing that there are brainless twits like Gerakan K who can’t tell the difference between a federal project and a state project. I’m starting to wonder about Iron as well.


These 2 … cannot think for the real facts. In the art of sabotage from foes, we Penangites know fully well what is good for Penang and what is donkey hubris pushed into our throats by the Feds!
That’s why Penang food is so good and nourishing to our clear thinking brains.


One of them is Wee. Talk very loud and complain only Penang but blind to what happen to Selangor Government running by PKR Parties and so many frogs and rent seekers in PKR


To me it looks like we are doing a very bad copy of
“napoleon arc de triomphe”.


Anil, whose project is this.
As some claimed that the project have nothing to do with the Penang’s govt.
Whose baby is it?


gerakan k,

why dont you go and check with the … Minister of Tourism.

First she allowed Raub villagers to be (exposed to) cynaide. Now she is doing this nonsense to Penangnites. …

Gerakan K

Providing allocation to enhance Penang tourism also wrong ???

Are you anti-Penang ??? Let’s save Penang from further deterioration. Support Penang now !!!


That is the way it will be and it will only get worse, as days go by.

The Federal Government are hell bent on destroying Botanical gardens – and they have the support of the exco of tourism from the DAP(?) And this (guy) supports football betting! Great!

Coupled with the likes of Gerakan K, where do you expect Penang to go?


(Is) the contractor … another two ringgit company (?)


But … Lim Guan Eng like it wat !!!!

RM 45 Million, big money you know ???

Gerakan K

Another big wonder in rocket state !!!

The project will go on and many eyes will be closed as well.

Will LGE do something FAST before registering the first casualty ???


Gerakan K,
Idiot, blame it on BN. Its a federal project.

Gerakan K

It happened in rocket place and the rocket has the absolute discretion in this matter.

Wake up Yang,

your idol already proven as not the “save the malay girl hero”. Thanks Iron for this info.

Will LGE does something FAST in order to prevent any mishap ??? It looks very unsafe and may falling anytime.


Stupid sore loser!

Just accept that Gerakan will never revive in Penang!