Penang Turf Club members sue committee over sale of land


Two Penang Turf Club members, Tan Sri Tan Kok Ping and Dato’ Lee Ah Hoe, on behalf of the other members, are suing the Club’s 12-person committee for substantial damages over various issues pertaining to the sale of the Batu Gantong land.

The civil suit summons comes up to over 30 pages so I will spare you the detailed grievances.

Basically, they are arguing that the three agreements signed with Abad Naluri were not in the best interests of the Club and its members.

The three agreements are the:

  1. Preliminary Agreement dated 21 March 2003;
  2. Restructured Agreement dated 12 May 2004;
  3. Supplemental Agreement dated 1 April 2008.

In particular, they argue that the first two agreements had already lapsed and the Committee should not have entered into the Supplemental Agreement to try and revive the earlier agreements – especially when the value of the land had soared to RM2 billion following rezoning (compared to the agreed price of RM488 million).

They argue that the Committee had earlier failed to require Abad Naluri to pay a 10 per cent deposit as is the common practice in Malaysia. And they point out that the Preliminary Agreement was aimed at allowing Abad Naluri to proceed with the sale of the Batu Gantong Land even though the firm was not in any position to perform its obligations.

They contend that at the time the Supplemental Agreement was signed, the Committee should have known that Abad Naluri had not yet entered into any Sale and Purchase Agreement with the PDC for the purchase of the Batu Kawan land and therefore could not complete their part of the deal.

They point out that no diligent care was taken in ascertaining the exact nature, location, valuation and the precise details of the alienation of the Batu Kawan land.

The crux of their contention is that the Committee entered into various agreements that were “designed and calculated to benefit Abad Naluri in a phenomenal profit”. It was “a scheme put into place by the Committee Defendants in total disregard of the interest of the Plaintiff and the other members of the PTC”.

Update: The defendants named are Turf Club committee members Ong Eng Khuan, Robert Chan Woot Khoon, Dr Henry Ooi Kwee Lim, Oon Chong Kie, John Alexander Rodgers, Seow Chin, Tan Phaik Guan, Teh Choon Beng, and Ch’ng Chin Ghee as well as club consultant Muhammed Rizal Abdullah, club financial controller Tan Hock Lim and club assistant general manager and secretary Leow Khin Ming.

They are being sued for “damages equivalent to the difference between the value of the Batu Gantong Land as on the date of the Extraordinary General Meeting of 25 November 2002 and as on the date of execution of the Supplemental Agreement on 1 April 2008” . That works out to some RM1.5 billion plus other damages.

Alternatively, they are being sued for aggravated and exemplary damages, interest, costs and other reliefs.

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Kuda cakap
Kuda cakap
25 May 2008 2.16pm

A check at the PTC’s website shows the group photo of the committee members is no longer can be seen.

Oh come on! if they cant even have the gut to stand up for somethings they have done, what more to say to conduct those kuda races base on integrity & fairness.

24 May 2008 2.47pm

Teh Choong Beng,

Now this time you can run but cannot hide even in the stable !
You must think this is your stable and can do what you like !!!

24 May 2008 12.57pm

Dear Anilnetto, I personally find these turn of events very disturbing to say the least. Btw, would it not be better if there were names & photos of these Committee Members of PTC that are responsible this? I believe that many Penangites would love to know who these chaps are and stay away from them! My personal opinion is that they are “Low Class c** men” …

Free Spirit
Free Spirit
29 May 2008 3.21am

Hi Anil

Is there a reason why my last comment was removed?

24 May 2008 8.19am

Tan Sri Tan & Dato’Lee, thank you two Uncles. Sock it to them (implicated) Committee members, you have the support of both racing fans as well as the people of Penang. The whole deal was so badly stiched up it comes as no surprise the answer to reasonable questions don’t add up. Plain for all to see, this whole deal (appears to be) day light robbery for just a few to make off with a big pay day – money for nothing – UMNO style. To (the implicated) committee members … Land scams are out of your league – more… Read more »

Desmond Lee
Desmond Lee
24 May 2008 7.46am

Whoa..!!! Something is smelling fishy on the rational and illogical actions, taken by the PTC committee on the arrangement and dealings with Abad Naluri on the sale of PTC land. Mana boleh macam ini..? Penang State and it’s people suffer in the end.

artic turban
artic turban
24 May 2008 6.25am

Every time I read in the papers about all these mega deals,I ask myself these questions that begs answering, who gains? who got paid off? Is this deal actually benefical? why go into lopsided deals? Are these people dumb? With the alternates offered that, they will make bunglows on the land smacks on greed and a scam, thats the bottom line. Anyone who sits on a committee like the PTC, which went on to keep renewing deals which have lapsed, it goes without saying somebody or some people (may) have been paid off, another question these people should ask themselves… Read more »

onglai mali
onglai mali
25 May 2008 9.20pm

aiyah, the star reported that tan took the compensation of rm$20,000 for inconveniences and yet now he is complaining and wanting to sue the club..
mana boleh, duit sudah angkat dan lagi mau complain

artic turban
artic turban
24 May 2008 3.12pm

GO HERE AND LOOK AT THE ROGUES’ GALLERY, Look under, ABOUT US / COMMITTEE AND YOU CAN SEE THE PENANG TURF CLUB COMMITTEE Oon Chong Kie, Teh Choon Beng, Ong Eng Khuan, John Alexander Rodgers, Henry Ooi Kwee Lim Goh Su Yen (Asst Club Secretary), Robin Rizal PH Tan (General Manager), Tan Phaik Guan, Ch’ng Chin Ghee, Robert Chan Woot Khoon, Leow Khin Ming (Asst General Manager & Secretary), Tan Hock Lim (Financial Controller) TURF CLUB NEWS ITEM The Annual General Meeting of the Penang Turf Club was held on Monday, April 7, 2008 at 4.30 pm at the… Read more »

Free Spirit
Free Spirit
24 May 2008 9.21am

Can’t get the Police to listen so have to resort to civil suit? Tan Kok Ping wanted to join the committee and failed so this is just payback. The first agreement was signed in 2002. Why wait 6 years to complain? Did the change of government give him courage?

24 May 2008 9.16am

Anil it looks like all your hard work into this scam is finally going to court.To quote pat lim “makan buah orang lain lagi sedap daripada yg di tanam sendiri”now he will know the true meaning.Anyway keep up the good work Anil and may god bless u n yr family.