Penang trade mission reveals Korean trip expenses


Congrats to InvestPenang for revealing the Korean trade mission expenses and for not spending excessively.

The total incurred by the state for the five-day trip amounts to RM32,382 compared to the previous state government’s three day trip to India, which cost RM83,673.

The Penang state government should make such disclosures Standard Operating Procedure in line with CAT, without waiting to be asked by anyone.

Whether the trip was productive – apart from the golf course – only time will tell.

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Somehow, this may be out of topic but our forgetful EX DCM seems to remember things now about Batu Kawan land. Wow! What a breakthrough (cynical comments!).

With Dato Lee at the helm of InvestPenang(I still can’t figure out why Tsu Koon never realized the importance of this man), Wan Zalina as well as one unseen gentleman (he is everywhere but almost in the background – I heard he is very experienced in the industry) in the state govt, I am certain Penang has a future.



It’s not RM33k for 52 over 4 days….
It’s RM33 for 10 over 5 days/4 nights or RM3,300 per person.
The private sector delegates pay their own expenses.

In contrast, BN delegation to Chennai/Bangalore last year cost the state government RM7,000 per person for 3 days/2 nights.


With YAB LGE setting such high integrity on the use of public fund in travel, other governments, including state & federal, are bound to take notice and some may even emulate or at least try to be less extravagant.

I believe most Penangites are today thankful that they got rid of BN.

“We lead.”

Jason Loh

Majulah DAP! Majulah Pulau Pinang!


Accounting may take some time to verify the correct sum. Imagine trying to report a figure and then some items may miss out or added in, it can land like Koreancopter fasco instead of Eurocopter.


told you so.

figures don’t lie.

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, Just imagine spending 1/3 the amount spent by KTK & Co. to India in 2007, more so when the 2008 air fares, etc, being much higher in 2008 than 2007. Even Betty Chew, wife of LGE, paid for her own fares when she is entitled not to do so! The Pg UMNO deputy chairman should apologise for insinuating that LGE and Co travelled by First or Business Class when in fact they flew by economy class. Moreover, the contingent even stayed in 2- or 3-stars hotels! The suggestion by the ‘spineless’ Huan Cheng Guan that the Pg State… Read more »


Well done, LGE and team. I haven’t seen the mainstream media reporting – let alone highlighting – this so far. But that’s to be expected, I guess.


RM33k for 52 over 4 days….
Tht’s an average of RM635 per person per trip!!! It’s even cheaper than signing up for a Free & Easy 4 day trip to Seoul. In fact, I think half of the RM635 is probably due to air line surcharges.

Rm33k in return for a RM350m investment potential, and priceless network into the Korean market. I thnk tht’s an extremely good deal.

Well done Penang state govt!!!


why was the bill so miniscule for a 5 day trip to an expensive city such as seoul?
well, they travel economy. stay in “budget” hotels. and there is no 5 star meals with escorts in arms during night time.
For BN, its first class all the way. Imagine an imbecile mayor spending in excess of RM1.0 milion for his travels and his greatest contribution was to try changing a famous street name into nobody knows heavenly name. Did BN chastise him? Did Gerakan t…. (oops chiefs) in Penang criticise him?



Good start on CAT practice. Anwyay consistantcy is what the Rakyat wanted to see. YB LGE we have trust in you & the team.

Wrong doing must not be compromised, just like the Perak State Government.

We are with you.


Thank you LGE & your team. we respect & trust leaders like you.


‘Make such disclosures a SOP in line with CAT.’ What a wonderful suggestion Let us see and compare expenditures between PR and BN states.


ha ha, glad to know this. And i have trust on lim guan eng


Compared with the KL Mayor’s visit to many cities around the world which culminates with the renaming of Jalan Alor for RM1.5 million ( one person), the RM32K seemed a good business sense.

Andrew I

Well, knowing the previous administration, they could well claim that the standard of living in India is much higher than that of S. Korea.

Sorry, couldn’t resist that.